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1. Visual C++ Express Edition 2010 Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition provides a complete integrated development and debugging environment making it the easiest way to create powerful applications using the C/C++ language. Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition also contains an enhanced... DetailsDownload - Screenshot


2. Java Library for C language (JLC) 1.0 What we do in this project is to implment Java Libary for C language.The goal is the imitation of java language's huge library.In some restricted situations that you only should use (pure) C language, this would be help to you. DetailsDownload 

3. JILearn:A audiovisual self learning... JILearn is a java based software for self-learning. It combines the audio and visual features of a presentation by preparing slideshows of presentations. The salient feature is the synchronization of speech and slides which gives a true lecture feel. DetailsDownload 

4. PIC 18F C language Tutorial 1.0 A set of easy to use C language tutorials for the PIC 18F processors. The primary target audiance is 12-18 year old students with no programming experiance. DetailsDownload 

5. A C Language Sudoku Solver 13 Another SUDOKU solver written in C language. A console based program that displays step by step how to reach solution of this famous game. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

6. C language API for TWS 1.0 Multiple platform C language API for users of the TWS application by Interactive Brokers DetailsDownload 

7. Dokdo C language Compiler 1.0 DCC is a acronym of "Dokdo C-language Compiler". Do you know what Dokdo is? For more details visit my blog : DetailsDownload 

8. CLUE - C Learning Undergrad... CLUE (C Learning Undergraduate Environment) is a software allowing students to work on assignments in the C language while benefiting from support for peer testing, hyper-linked tutorials to help them understand compiler error messages, detection... DetailsDownload 

9. TaxRTip 3.0f Beta 1.0 TaxRTip is designed as an exploration of the C# language by a novice programmer. It may be very simple and have a very small use factor, but it is designed for learning purposes. The code is fully commented internally.

You can now use... DetailsDownload 

10. TreeQ 1.4.11 The TreeQ package is a set of C-language applications that implement aautomatic machine learning algorithm based on a tree-structured classifier. This approach is particularly effective for high-dimensional continuous data such as audio and video. DetailsDownload 

11. HsAudio C Source Library 1.1 HsAudio C Source Library is an audio software library implemented in C language. HsAudio offers user applications a convenient API interface to the audio and sound functionality on Microsoft Windows, Apple MAC OS X and iPhone iOS. HsAudio can be... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

12. HS COM C Source Code Library 1.1 HS COM is a serial communication library implemented in C language. HS COM runs on Windows and interfaces to Win32 serial communication API. HS COM allows applications communicate with any device presented in the OS as a COM port. The physical... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

13. language learning aid 1.00.0 Language teaching/learning aid. Laid generates latex vocabulary lists, double side printed memorization cards from arbitarary utf8 encoded latex text.- latex based booklet generation- latex based vocabulary lists- latex based memorization cards DetailsDownload 

14. PythoidC 3.5 PythoidC is a C language for Python programmers and PythonWin IDE. PythoidC is braceless, whitespace sensitive, self-documenting, Introspectable. PythoidC is runnable inline with Python. PythoidC can be translated to C code and compiled in TCC,... DetailsDownload 

15. Baltie 4 C# 4.0 Baltie 4 C# (shortly B4) is a modern scalable object-oriented educational programming tool, based on C# language, DirectX and .NET. It allows easy programming of 3D, 2D and console applications. Thanks to various modes this tool can be used by... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

16. QA C Source Code Analyser 7.1 QA·C is the industry leading analysis solution for the C language; providing a comprehensive suite of features to enforce a range of coding standards. QA·C offers a simple way of analysing your code against your chosen coding... DetailsDownload 

17. WIZ C Professional 17.0 WIZ-C Professional is a complete PICmicro® MCU development, compiler, assembler and simulation package for the C language, with the added optional ability to automatically generate applications with user selected library components linked... DetailsDownload 

18. Introduction to CSharp Programming... “Introduction to C# Programming Language”, created by Rich Tebb from Content Master Ltd Company and available at the MSDN web site (Microsoft Developer Network), is an easy and fun way to get started with C# language.... DetailsDownload 

19. OGLplus 0.25.0 OGLplus is a header-only library which implements a thin object-oriented facade over the OpenGLT« (version 3 and higher) C-language API. It provides wrappers which automate resource and object management and make the use of OpenGL in C++ safer... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

20. Vortex Library 1.1.11 Vortex Library is an implementation of the RFC 3080 / RFC 3081 standard definitions, known as the BEEP Core protocol, implemented on top of the TCP/IP stack, using C language. It comes with a complete XML-RPC over BEEP RFC 3529 support, complete... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

21. qDecoder - CGI Library for C/C++ 12.0.4 The goal of qDecoder project is providing complete but simple and versatile CGI library for C/C++ language. It supports GET/POST query parsing including File Uploading, Cookie handling and Session management. FastCGI is also supported. DetailsDownload 

22. OO C Framework Framework written in C language using OO concepts. Pretty similar to Java. This is gonna change your way of programming in C. Feel free to contact me at DetailsDownload 

23. Panglossa Universal Language Course... The aim of the Course is to give to the beginner a solid knowledge of the basic expressive structures of a language, actually learning small useful things and using them to convey ideas, with an advice to focus spoken rather than written language. DetailsDownload 

24. aztree library 1.0 aztree library is an implementation of most types of tree data-structure in C language. The library will implement these different type of trees. Binary, Self-balancing binary search, B-trees, Tries, BSP, Non-binary and few used in Computer Graphics DetailsDownload 

25. Towers Of Hanoi in C 1.0 This is a simple towers of hanoi game done using stack concept in C language DetailsDownload - Screenshot

26. FPGA C Compiler 1.0.beta.2 FpgaC compiles a subset of the C language to net lists which can be imported into an FPGA vendors tool chains. C provides an excellent alternative to VHDL/Verilog for algorithmic expression of FPGA reconfigurable computing tasks. More info in wiki. DetailsDownload 

27. oi_simple C interface for iRobot... A simplified C language API / library for the iRobot Create / Roomba robots that eliminates the byte transfer oriented style of the original command and sensor data calls. Docs, reworked examples from the Create Command Module, build templates for... DetailsDownload 

28. Complete mail system in C 1.0 The complete mail system consist of mail client written in php and mail transfer agent written in c language. DetailsDownload 

29. C code cleanup 1.0 C and C++ parser, that intend to detect unnused code;C++ language used, and ANSI lib only, no OS specific code; DetailsDownload 

30. Open Object Oriented ANSI C 4.12.1 Open Object Oriented ANSI C provide API to build Object Oriented application in ANSI C language. It provide common base classes that allow inheritance to develop application with your own reusable objects, and smart exception recovery support DetailsDownload 

31. c software templates 1.0 C language does not have built in templates which can be conveniently reused for engineering/mathematics applications.The purpose of the project to create in one place easily usable templates/continers for lists, trees, graphs and matrices. DetailsDownload 

32. C++ Foundation Library 0.2 C++ Foundation Library is a general framework for C++ language. DetailsDownload 

33. CppSim 4.2 CppSim is a free behavioral simulation package that leverages the C language to allow very fast simulation of systems. Users enter designs in a graphical schematic editor, Sue2, run the simulations using a provided GUI tool, and then view the... DetailsDownload 

34. Adaptive Security Analyzer 2.0 Adaptive Security Analyzer combines conventional filtering and expert rule configuration capabilities with self-learning and neural algorithms to identify and provide insight about known and new threats hidden in user and system data. Whether... DetailsDownload 

35. OPJViewer 0.3 The OpenJPEG library is an open-source JPEG 2000 codec written in C language. It has been developed in order to promote the use of JPEG 2000, the new still-image compression standard from the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG). In addition to... DetailsDownload 

36. Exsense JetCSharp 1.0 Exsense JetCSharp is a simple code editor and compiler for c# language, JetC# created for new beginners that want learn c# language and compile then run typed code very quickly. Main Features: - Quick and very easy for beginner, advanced and all... DetailsDownload 

37. Homelab library 1.0 HomeLab library is composed of several C language header files (with ”.h” extension) and one static library file (with ”.a” extension”). Upon library installation, all these files are copied to the... DetailsDownload 

38. COSMIC HC11 Evaluation Kit 4.0 The Cosmic Software MISRA Checker is a standalone software utility that aids in the production of well structured and portable C language code using guidelines* prescribed by the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA). The Cosmic... DetailsDownload 

39. SPC Training Simulator 3.1 The SPC Training Simulator has been found very effective for training in classroom environment as well as for self-learning. It is being successfully used by Quality Managers, Facilitators, Trainers, and Consultants. Use this software to simulate... DetailsDownload 

40. Worminator 3 1.0 Worminator is a sidescrolling action game written in the C language. It is akin to many Apogee Software and ID Software classic action games such as Duke Nukem and Commander Keen. In it, you play as The Worminator (or as several other optional... DetailsDownload 

41. InteShapes 1.1 InteShapes is a CAD secondary development platform,its base on C/C language,through write C/C script and run it directly,you can through parameters driving to reach draw graphics and curves,pipes deploy,mathmatic calculation etc.... DetailsDownload 

42. Security Expert Pro Security Expert Pro is an advanced system security software providing defense from unknown threats with help of built-in self-learning identification system. It also provides excellent system tools for every work day. You can search, edit, split... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

43. nereid 1.0 Nereid is a framework for building robust and scalable telecom application servers written in native code (C++ language) with platform support of at least Win32 and Solaris UltraSPARC. DetailsDownload 

44. lib config files parser 1.2.0 A simple and easy to use configure file parser utility in C++ Language, which have only 1 hpp file. DetailsDownload 

45. BKC 20100305 Bkc is short for blade kit of c language. Bkc is a light-weighted platform which provides the most usefull and commonly used functionalites in the development of c language, especially for the embeded development. DetailsDownload 

46. CStr 236 String object manipulation library for C language - Objet de gestion de chaA®nes de caractA?res pour le langage C DetailsDownload 

47. JCPP 32 [english] - Jcpp is a libraries set that implement Java's class on C++ language. [spanish] - Jcpp es un conjunto de librerA­as que implementan clases Java sobre el lenguaje c++. DetailsDownload 

48. Criocampo software rc.0.1beta Development libraries set for programers of C and C++ language, multiplataform and free distribution. DetailsDownload 

49. conf_parser 1.0.1 A simple and easy to use configure file parser utility in C++ Language, which have only 1 hpp file. DetailsDownload 

50. Datastructure library 1.0 libxds is a library of frameworks for many types of data-structures, implemented in C language. And, it is expected to grow with the contribution of fellow Open Source contributors. DetailsDownload 

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