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1. Pentacle In-Out Board Pentacle is an in-out board for businesses and organizations that would like to know who's in and who's out of the office. It included exclusive Sick leave tracking system and Vacation Tracking system. You can see who is in, out, busy, sick,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot


2. Pentacle Gold In-Out Board 5.0 Pentacle Gold is an in-out board for businesses and organizations that would like to know who's in and who's out of the office. It included exclusive Sick leave tracking system and Vacation Tracking system. You can see who is in, out, busy, sick,... DetailsDownload 

3. Simple In/Out - An Easy to Use... Simple In/Out is the easiest to use in/out board in the App Store. It is great for offices
with people always on the go. Our easy to use interface lets you quickly set
your status and get back to work. We also have the ability to... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board 1.8.1 EIOBoard is not only an electronic in out board, it is an office communication tool. From quick status information to instant messaging, EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board does it all. If your company needs a well-designed office communication and... DetailsDownload 

5. WHOS-IN Pro In Out Board 2007-05B WHOS-IN Pro is an easy to use Windows in-out board program for businesses that need to keep track of who's in and who's out of the office. With WHOS-IN there is no more time wasted checking a wall-mounted Office Board to see if someone is In, Out,... DetailsDownload 

6. IOTracker Pro 2.0 IOTracker Pro is the premier in-out board with true client/server capabilities and unlimited users. Now, with just a click of the mouse, you will know where your employees and/or co-workers are at any given time. You will know when they are... DetailsDownload 

7. Phone Directory and In Out Board 1.1 The Simple Tools Phone Directory and In Out Board provides your organisation with both an online Phone Directory and a way for staff to indicate their movements. With the tools, you and your colleagues can quickly look up a staff phone number and... DetailsDownload 

8. PhoneMGR 2.0 PhoneMGR is an employee in/out board and message management for Windows based systems. Use PhoneMGR to instantly know where your co-workers are, when they will be back and how to contact them. PhoneMGR is perfect for receptionists or managers to... DetailsDownload 

9. Able OfficeView Pro 3.5 LAN-based OfficeView Pro is an in/out board that displays standard or customized remarks, such as: in, in but unavailable, on vacation until..., etc. In addition to knowing where your co-workers are, your receptionist can give well-informed... DetailsDownload 

10. 1 - Instant OfficeView 2.7 Instant OfficeView is a virtual in-out board that does not need a central server to operate. It is easy to install and requires no administration. It has an optional presence detector which indicates who are actively at their workstations. The... DetailsDownload 

11. OfficeStatus Windows Client 2.0 OfficeStatus is more than just an electronic in/out board - it provides an engaging, interactive workforce management and collaboration experience that you must try yourself to fully appreciate. OfficeStatus solves the problems associated with... DetailsDownload 

12. SwipedOn 2.01 Unique to the app store, an in out board and visitor book for the digital age. Just for employees, just for visitors - or both!

Designed to sit at your front desk. SwipedOn is the perfect interface for employees and visitors to register... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

13. FrontDesk by Simple In/Out 2.0 FrontDesk is a dedicated iPad app that runs on the Simple In/Out service. This app is designed to sit in on a front desk or accessible area so users can quickly check themselves in or out as they come and go. No more magnet boards or messy... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

14. Solutic BioAccess 1.0 Solutic BioAccess is a multitab In & Out board supports biometrics, RFID cards and PIN. Designed for businesses that require having a instant picture of who is in at all time. The Multitab feature helps regrouping staff on a category basis. DetailsDownload 

15. Check In/Out Organizer Pro... Check In/Out Organizer Pro for Windows. Track items that you check in and out in large quantities. This package contains databases with the minimum number of data fields. You can use the solution in the form provided (simple form) or you can... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

16. ScheduLAN 6.1 ScheduLAN is a network-based product that includes one of the most complete office schedulers available, an office sign-out board, a message center, and a shared phone book. Its scheduler will prepare calendars and other reports that display one... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

17. Check In/Out Organizer Pro 2.0 Check In/Out Organizer Pro is a flexible check-in and check-out transaction management software that you can easily customize to your specifications. Our Check In/Out inventory system gives you an easy way to build the following software... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

18. OfficeStatus OfficeStatus solves the problems associated with trying to keep track of who's in and who's out of the office. Any member of your staff can determine at a glance whether an associate is in or out, at lunch, on vacation, etc.

IMPROVE... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

19. Scotland Yard Employee In Out Board 2005 What do you do when you need someone in your office but they re not at their desk, not answering their phone, or simply can t be found? You spend 10 minutes looking for them, then leave a voice mail or email and hope you ll hear from them when... DetailsDownload 

20. 10-in-1 Board Games PRO 12.0 10-in-1 Board Games PRO

Advertising free app. Including Checkers, Chess, Dominoes, Mini GO, Backgammon, Battleship, Mahjong, Chinese Checkers, Mines and more.

Full featured games, play against the computer or two players.... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

21. Cake In&Out Kiosk 1.0 In & Out Kiosk is a Free all in one time and attendance tracking application available for Cake Members.

You will never have to manually clock in a child or staff ever again!
DetailsDownload - Screenshot

22. Able Web OfficeView 3.9 Web OfficeView allows you to use your web browser to run a virtual in-out board. The board displays standard or customized remarks, such as "in", "in but unavailable", "on vacation until X", and so on. Because the... DetailsDownload 

23. StaffCal 0.6 StaffCal is an enterprise wide electronic replacement for the whiteboard based 'Staff in/ out board'. It allows staff to show what your activities are during the working day and also view other co-workers activities. DetailsDownload 

24. Out n About! for Outlook 2.1 Out n About! for Outlook is an In Out Status Board add-in with integrated Phone Message Pad, Mobile Reminders, and Outlook Contact Synchronization.Out n About! is the ideal solution for receptionists or managers to track the whereabouts of... DetailsDownload 

25. EZ Call Mobile 3.0 EZ Call Mobile gives on-the-go access to on-call physician schedules generated in EZ Call. Access your group's call schedule and daily list, and initiate requests and switches. Board runners can use the app to clock group members in & out. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

26. Get Out 4 HD 1.1 This is a Fast, Unique and New maze game.
Unlike other maze or labyrinth game, the blocks of this game are rotating.
Your aim is to roll the crystal to the green hole by creating a path in the board.
Just tilt your device to move... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

27. CyberMatrix In Out Scheduler 1.10 CyberMatrix In Out Scheduler is a multi-user attendance tracking application that visually indicates which employees are out of the office and at what time and date they will return. It is an ideal solution for those companies wishing to replace... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

28. Subway in Korea Lite 1.7 Subway in Korea Lite is a subway map of whole Korean subway system.

- Subway map for Seoul, Taejeon, Daegue, Busan, and Kwangju
- Moving map with finger touch
- Zoom in/out with multiple touch (pinch zoom)Details - Download - Screenshot

29. Effacts Board Room 1.5.1 The Board Room is a tool that supports you to go paperless in the board room. To use the Board Room you need an online database of EFFACTS. The Board Room is also working for board members without a iPad.

The Board Room allows you... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

30. RSS Board 1.0 This is a RSS Feed Reader that composes a News Board with the feeds you select. For every feed there is a box in the board where the news titles changes. You can select the number of seconds every title appears on the board through the application... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

31. WinErrs 1.0 In current world of day in & out of technology world, computers have become integral part of our life, and where we talk about computers, windows based operating systems are backbone of our systems. For a lay man, it is very irritating... DetailsDownload 

32. priPrinter 4.5 PriPrinter offers support for printing to images, booklet and poster printing, duplex, zoom in/out and more! Using just your mouse, you can adjust margins and gutters in priPrinter by simply clicking and dragging, or remove blank spaces by... DetailsDownload 

33. WorkMaster 3.0 An employee management software program that tracks clock in & out time, stores employee and employer information, creates & edits work schedules and calculates employee paychecks with tax information taken into account.... DetailsDownload 

34. TripMan Elite 1.0 Transportation Management Software including reservations, confirmations, trip sheets, customer database, employee payroll, farm in/out's, billing, vehicle inventory and maintenance, dispatching, and much more! Online reservation and credit... DetailsDownload 

35. Auto Time Premium 6.0 The Auto Time Premium makes clocking in & out a simple and manageable task and is ideally suited for companies with up to 500 employees and for multiple site locations. With a choice of clocking terminals employees use the same swipe card... DetailsDownload 

36. Babya bSuite To Go 1.0 Babya bSuite To Go is a software tool that enables you to edit pictures, store memos and important notes, it has a built in clip board and can edit e-type files. Babya bSuite To Go has a friendly user interface and is very easy to use offering... DetailsDownload 

37. BDViewer 5.0 Functions available within the BD-Viewer PCB/Footprint data can be referred to on a PC in which Board Designer is not installed Display on/off and color of each layer can be specified The order of the display of each layer can be specified The... DetailsDownload 

38. OziExplorer3D 1.1 OziExplorer3D is an impeccable application for viewing map images in 3D, along with the options of rotating it in every possible direction, zoom in/out and lots more. The application actually creates grid of heights using the height data that has... DetailsDownload 

39. MP3 Surgeon 2003 Lite 1.0 A Visual MP3 editor which allows users to trim, join and split any number of MP3s to varying lengths and sizes, apply fade in/out effects, normalise their entire collection to the same volume level - and much much more besides.
Requirements:... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

40. Aquarius Soft BePunctual 9.2 Aquarius Soft BePunctual is an easy, elegant and comprehensive employee time and attendance tracking software system designed to replace mechanical time clocks, punch cards and attendance book sign in/out processes. This user friendly and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

41. Pick4 Wheeling Engine 3.0.3 Pick4 wheeling engine is the most advanced filtering method for playing pick4, it comes with a hot-cold counter for digits, filtering by Odd-Even, High-Low, In-Out, Consecutives, Pairs (boxed and straight), Sums, LDR, Root, digits, and much... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

42. Pick3 Wheeling Engine 3.0.3 Pick3 wheeling engine is the most advanced filtering method for playing pick3, it comes with a hot-cold counter for digits, filtering by Odd-Even, High-Low, In-Out, Consecutives, Pairs (boxed and straight), Sums, LDR, Root, digits, and much... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

43. Zooming XML Slideshow v2 1 Dynamic XML controlled image gallery with Zoom In-Out effects. FEATURES INCLUDED:* XML driven Flash image banner rotator * Supports multiple banners defined in XML file * Time period for each banner is set in XML file (second based) * TIMER CLOCK... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

44. Banner Rotator Ken Burns XML 1 Dynamic XML driven image gallery with Ken Burn's Zoom In-Out effects. FEATURES INCLUDED:* XML driven Flash image banner rotator* All data can be changed in the XML file* Displays JPG images, GIF images, PNG images and SWF files* Supports multiple... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

45. Bytescout PDF Viewer SDK Bytescout PDF Viewer SDK provides a visual control to implement your own PDF reader to view PDF file from your application. It installs a control that you may add from toolbox to the form in your application.

*... DetailsDownload 

46. Web IDE / Command Line interface 1.0 An Web IDE that enables you to edit, compile, cvs in/out, do file release and produce documentation from a single friendly user web page or out of a Makefile! DetailsDownload 

47. Devchekio Devchekio is a GTK+ 2 FTP check in/out code editor. It was inspired by the use of DreamWeaver's system to access files like a library system. DetailsDownload 

48. Sports Equipment Manager 1.0 Sports Equipment Manager is a system to manage non-profit athletic programs' equipment inventory, ordering, status, and check-in/out. DetailsDownload 

49. Artillerisk alpha Move your armies between territories in a board and dispute territories through 2-D artillery simulation. Soundtrack by Stabilizer (, every track is used with their permission. DetailsDownload 

50. EVE Mining Operation Calculator 1.0 EVE Mining Op Calculator

Time based mining opertion calculator based on clock in/out tracking. DetailsDownload 

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