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1. XMap3 3.0 When the XMAP software is communicating with an XEDE via the comms cable each map will show, at the top of the map display, an RPM and load value (x and y axis for the map) in real time. Also in each map a yellow highlighted block will show the... DetailsDownload 


2. CHT - Cartesian HTML Table 2.0 A JavaScript component that allows an ordinary HTML table to be visually browsed both in the 'X' and 'Y' axis, as a Cartesian Coordinate System. Highlights it's rows, columns and/or single cells and allows the user to mark and... DetailsDownload 

3. Runxt XY 1.1 With Runxt XY you can easily turn your favorite iOS device in a XY MIDI Controller.
Connect your iOS device via CoreMIDI to your Mac or via rtpMIDI on Windows.

Ableton users can easily attach the x- and y-axis to a parameter via... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. Graph Paper Maker 1.6.0 Create your own custom sheets of graph paper. You have complete control over the graph characteristics. X and Y axis can independently be set for linear or log scale. Selection from a dozen standard paper sizes, or custom create your own. Graphs... DetailsDownload 

5. Graph Paper Creator Software 7.0 This software offers a solution to users who want to create graph paper using a printer. There is a full range of options for page size, margins, orientation and position on page. The user can then choose from a wide range of measurement scales... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

6. VMIDIJoY 2.6 Converts joystick X and Y (and Z if you have it) movement into any of the MIDI continuous controllers, and you can define the fire buttons to be MIDI pedals, or trigger notes, or activate a few other functions. Axis range and polarity can be... DetailsDownload 

7. Icetips Window Fixer 1.0 The Icetips Window Fixer makes sure that the window's X and Y positions are correct so that the window always opens where the user can see it! If the window is outside of the monitor's visible screen, then the window is pulled in. The... DetailsDownload 

8. PsychroGen 2.0.4 Advanced, free to download, psychrometric chart and calculator software with numerous unique features. Number of types of charts: Over 60 in addition to Psychrometric Charts and Mollier Diagrams User-selectable X and Y axis parameters. Wide... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

9. ScopeShapes 32 ScopeShapes uses the left and right sound outputs of your computer to control the X- and Y- axes of an oscilloscope in order to generate 2D and 3D shapes. It reads AutoCAD-format ASCII .dxf files, and runs on Linux, Win32, and Mac OS X. DetailsDownload 

10. 1.0 Colombiana is a tool used to recover, from given strings X and Y possible functions F : F(X) = Y.
Very customisable, can recover a lot of functions. DetailsDownload 

11. Linear Calibrator 2.02 Linear Calibrator is to be used for a linear data converter such as Celsius to Fahrenheit Converter, and data correction for experimental data.
Suppose that two kinds of data, X and Y, are linear relation and that the data of two points, (X1,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

12. C&C Technologies Geodetic... The C & C Technologies Geodetic Converter can project geodetic coordinates (latitude and longitude) into grid coordinates (x and y). Latitude and longitude coordinates are accepted and displayed in Decimal Degrees (DD.dd), Decimal Minutes (DD... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

13. Pokedex Pro Elite 2.2 The most complete poked stats, including all up to date pokemon description also all X and Y new pokemon.

718 full detailed pokemon including:

+ Totally Offline, you don't need internet connection to use this app.
+... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

14. Grid Pattern 1.0.0 Grid Pattern is a simple app that gives the X and Y positions for a grid pattern program. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

15. Graph-Calc 1.0 Graph-Calc is a full programmable graphing calculator that can simultaneously graph multiple equations. Perfect for students of trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, and higher math.

- Zoom in on and scroll around the graph
- Tap... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

16. Roadkil's Graph 1.0 Draws a graph from an algebraic formula entered by you. Functions such as sine, cosine, tan, log, log natural and powers can be used. The x and y range displayed on the axis can be altered to zoom in and zoom out on the graph. Grid lines and value... DetailsDownload 

17. Creative Design ChartMaker 1.2.1 This software application is perfect for creating design charts for Knitting, Crochet, Beadwork, Patchwork, Cross Stitch and Graph Paper. Beginners as well as experienced designers will find this tool easy to use and a convenient way to create... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

18. TetriCon 1.0 TetriCon is a REAL Time Tetris game. Which means that the shapes have real time movement of the x-axis and y-axis, and real time spinning of the shapes. All shapes and levels are fully animated, and looks smooth. It has good sound and music. And... DetailsDownload 

19. Excel Profit and Loss Projection... "Excel Profit and Loss Projection Template Software" offers a solution for businesses which need to organize yearly profit and loss statements. Easy to navigate and simple to customize, with this program will save you time by... DetailsDownload 

20. Cocoa Emacs for OS X and GNUstep 8.0.2 A Cocoa port of Emacs for MacOS X and GNUstep DetailsDownload 

21. FieldNote Handwriting Note App -... FieldNote is a notebook with Graph Paper which have extensive applications.

It is easy to use, being that it has only one simple function which to meet your needs with minimum fuss.

We are assuming that you are using the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

22. Advanced Command Line PDF Stamper 1.6 Advanced Command Line PDF Stamper is a scriptable .exe utility that automates stamping of PDF documents with single-line or multiple-line verbiage. The application, aclpdfstamp.exe, has no graphical user interface, automatically locates all PDF... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

23. TrackXY 0.7 Track, in realtime, horizontal and vertical displacement of object in webcam. Log timestamp, x and y to comma-separated value (.csv) file importable to spreadsheet.

Uses Lukas-Kanade algorithm and based on lkdemo.cpp in OpenCV, stripped... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

24. JobTimer 2007.6.0 Just simple timer. Press «>» button to start count your job time, and press «||» to pause it. This program create JobTimer.dat file in same directory as JobTimer.exe file. Program store X and Y coordinate of its plase on monitor in... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

25. Plot Extractor 0.2 "Plot Extractor" allows manual extraction of point coordinates from an image. X and Y axes are manually defined by two points each. Axes need not be orthogonal and can be rotated compared to the image edges. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

26. Guilloche Generator 1.0 Simple guilloche generator. Editable x and y functions. Exports emf, wmf, jpg and bmp . Exports coordinate list as csv, useful for vector graphics apps. DetailsDownload 

27. Graph fx 1 Sketch mathematical functions in an easy and comfortable way. Up to 8 graphs can be displayed at the same time. Various functionality like zoom-in, zoom-out, save graph in album, modify x&y axis are included.

"Easy to use and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

28. OpenSilator 1.0 Simple music sequencer with main interface based around x,y axis on a mousepad. Keyboard would be used in addition to start/stop recording, sound selection, bpm, and in the selection of other effects. DetailsDownload 

29. Paper Pilots Screensaver 1.0 The Paper Pilots Screensaver is a cute 3D screensaver that runs on Windows, OS X and Linux. You can create up to 20 different screen configurations, choosing various combinations of airplanes, balloons and scenery. Watch the planes perform stunts... DetailsDownload 

30. SyncTERM 0.9 SyncTERM is a BBS terminal program which supports: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD, OS X , and FreeBSD X/Y/ZModem up/downloads Runs in full-screen mode on ALL platforms (ALT-Enter switches modes) *nix versions will run using... DetailsDownload 

31. Trimill TriLookup 2.2 TriLookup is an add-in for Microsoft® Excel for Windows versions 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, and 2007 and Excel for Macintosh versions 98, 2001, X and 2008. When installed, TriLookup adds eleven powerful lookup and interpolation worksheet... DetailsDownload 

32. GraphMage Demo 2.0 GraphMage TM is a Microsoft Windows and NT tool that allows users to design and create graph and hex paper for use in role-playing games such as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons TM or AD&D TM GraphMage creates several types of standard graph... DetailsDownload 

33. ParametricFunc 1.3 Displays and analyzes functions of type "f(x)" (in 2D), "f(x,y)" (in 3D) and "( x(k) | y(k) | z(k) )" (in 3D) with 0<k<1
(cylindric and cartesian coordinates are supported).

A slider and a clock... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

34. Tic Tac Toe by Ravens 1.0 TicTacToe for iPhone with Retina support

Tic-tac-toe, also called Noughts and crosses (in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India and the rest of the British Commonwealth countries), is a pencil-and-paper game for two... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

35. Health Graph 10.8.4 Health Graph shows your weight and blood pressure on a trend graph. Touch the Edit button to enter weight and blood pressure values, perhaps once a day or at your leisure. With that recording over time you can make informed decisions based on... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

36. Teeter Doodle HD - A Gravity Tilt... *** The Teeter Doodle wants you! ***

In Doodle Teeter, you guide Doodle Ball on a trap-surround journey on a sheet of graph paper,avoiding black holes, and using some of the most subtle and accurate tilt controls in existence to roll... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

37. Sports Drinks 1.0.4 Keeping up the beer kitty is now quick and easy! Enter your order into the app while waiting for the drinks and snacks. Just tell the app who is present and the app does the math.
Thanks to this app cumbersome Excel sheets and paper overviews... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

38. Cross Stitch 2 Go HD 2.2 Cross Stitch 2 Go is a design package in the palm of your hand.

It is intended to be a simple replacement for pens and graph paper, allowing you to create motifs and ideas for projects, and complete smaller ones.
Note that the app... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

39. Excel Compare Two Files & Find... Compare two Excel files and see a report showing the changes between the two. Excel 2000 or higher required. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

40. Magic Graph 1.0 Magic Graph is a powerful and easy-to-use graphing tool for plotting and analysing graphs of mathematical functions. It is fully customizable, supports wide variety of functions and provides you with great analitical capabilities and different... DetailsDownload 

41. Software To Repair Excel File 2.5 Software to repair excel file and other excel data rapidly. This software allows you to repair multiple excel file and provides utility of the files. If you have together lot of excel documents and all documents corrupt due to suddenly shutdown... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

42. How Do I Repair Excel 2.5 Our software easily work in excel 2010 and do not give chance for thinking that how do I repair excel 2010 files. A high quality tool provides high quality results without much effort. If your excel file is damaged due to virus attack or any... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

43. VeryPDF PDF to Excel Converter 2.1 VeryPDF PDF to Excel Converter is a useful files converting software which can convert PDF files to Excel, XLS and XLSX files easily and professionally. It allows users to customize the output content and specify the page ranges for different... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

44. 50-50 Manova 1.0 - Load your data. The program can read excel, ascii, and matlab files. Column headers can be included in the files. Use "load X=Y" if both X-data (design) and Y-data (responses) are on the same file. - Choose "Columns" for X... DetailsDownload 

45. Daossoft Excel Password Recovery Excel Password Recovery is proved to be a helpful software when you lost excel password and cannot open the excel file. Excel password recovery can recover ms excel password within a few seconds. Excel password recovery can recover excel password... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

46. Wise PDF to Excel 1.3 Wise PDF to Excel is a powerful and convenient application designed to switch PDF file into Microsoft Excel file, it supports different versions of excel files, including Microsoft Office Excel 2003, Excel 2007 and Excel 2010. Invoices, bank... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

47. Plot2D 32 Plot 2D (plotting X vs Y) scatter plots directly to a compressed image file. Platform independent standalone package. Plot up to 12 series. ASCII options file. Console/Terminal and win32 GUI. Code is ANSI C with C++ encapsulation. Try it on the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

48. Paper Train Reloaded 1.0 Don't miss the train! The world's most entertaining train controller game is back with 300 mighty levels.

Even the original version was awesome:
"Charmingly hand-drawn landscapes laid out on simulated graph paper" -... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

49. Kids learn data and graph 1.1 KIDS LEARN DATA & GRAPH is an USEFUL and EXCITING application helping kids to learn math by matching pictures with correct keys
DOWNLOAD so that your kids can learn math today!
KIDS LEARN DATA & GRAPH is... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

50. OFX2CSV Finally the solution to convert your transaction files into a readable format ready to archive or print. Convert OFX to CSV/Excel/PDF and import into Excel, QB Online, Xero, YNAB. Review transactions in a readable view before converting. Free... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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