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1. EEG/MRI TOOLBOX FOR MATLAB 2.0 This is a public release of a Matlab toolbox for working with data from electroencephalography (EEG/ERP) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). It contains functions to process and visualize ERP/MRI data and associated electrode positions. DetailsDownload 


2. EMAP toolbox for MATLAB 2.0 This is a MATLAB toolbox for the quality control and scoring of EMAP and SGA genetic interaction data. It includes a graphical user interface and some automatic plot-generating tools. DetailsDownload 

3. Matlab VideoUtils 1.2 Matlab Toolbox to process video files, which consists on a set of classes for reading, writing, correcting light changes and generating gaussian pyramids in real time.

This toolbox is designed for Windows x64, Max OS X x64 and Linux... DetailsDownload 

4. Nonlinear Finite Element Toolbox 1.0 A MATLAB toolbox for linear and nonlinear static and dynamic finite element analysis. DetailsDownload 

5. Gait-CAD (Data Mining for MATLAB) 1.0 The Matlab toolbox Gait-CAD is designed for the visualization and analysis of time series and features with a special focus to data mining problems including classification, regression, and clustering. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

6. Randomized Algorithms Control Toolbox 06 Randomized Algorithms Control Toolbox is a Matlab toolbox, provides analysis and synthesis methods for control problems with uncertainties. DetailsDownload 

7. MarsBaR ROI toolbox for SPM 0.43 MarsBaR is a matlab toolbox for analyzing image data within Regions of Interest (ROIs). DetailsDownload 

8. The Neurophysiological Biomarker... NBT is an open source Matlab toolbox for the computation and integration of neurophysiological biomarkers. NBT allows for easy implementation of new biomarkers, and incorporates an online wiki with extensive help and tutorials. DetailsDownload 

9. BioSDP Toolbox 0.3 A Matlab Toolbox for uncertainty analysis of biochemical networks via semidefinite programming. DetailsDownload 

10. FieldTrip - the toolbox for EEG/MEG 1.0 FieldTrip is the Matlab toolbox for EEG and MEG data. It includes algorithms for simple and complex analysis, such as time-frequency analysis, source reconstruction using dipoles and beamformers and non-parametric statistical testing. DetailsDownload 

11. Biopsychology Nonlinear Toolbox 1.0 The Biopsychology Nonlinear Toolbox is a MATLAB toolbox that combines established analysis routines in one easy to use graphical user interface. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

12. Qu for MATLAB 1.0 Qu is a MATLAB toolbox for the visualization and analysis of N-dimensional datasets targeted to the field of biomedical imaging. It supports several microscopy image formats and offers a plugin mechanism and a consistent API for easy extension. DetailsDownload 

13. Kinect calibration toolbox 2.1 A Matlab toolbox for calibrating the Kinect Sensor. It provides functions to jointly calibrate the depth sensor with a color camera as well as to generate a depth map for the color image and reproject the points in metric coordinates. DetailsDownload 

14. Gait-CAD 1.6 Gait-CAD is a handy Matlab toolbox designed to assist you with the visualization and analysis of time series and features with a special focus to data mining problems including classification, regression, and clustering. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

15. DIPimage 2.3 DIP image is a MATLAB toolbox for scientific image processing and analysis. It is a tool for teaching and research in image processing. The principal design ideas behind the toolbox are : - ease of use, - simple expandability, and - compact notation. DetailsDownload 

16. iRobot Create Simulator 1.3 A MATLAB toolbox for simulating the movement of the iRobot Create. Contains multiple GUIs for creating maps and other input, showing the movement of the Create, and replaying a previously saved session. -Function output variables in the control... DetailsDownload 

17. eugen library 20120921 A MatLab toolbox with many simple and useful functions for analyzing data from Cluster, Champ and the future Swarm missions. Other functions for space science, magnetospheric and ionospheric research are included.

The toolbox is... DetailsDownload 

18. uvmat 1.0 This Matlab toolbox contains a graphic user interface to run the Correlation Image Velocimetry software CIVx and analyse its results (scan and visualise series of images and vector fields, statistics and various processing tools for these data). DetailsDownload 

19. snifflibtoolbox 0.3 A Matlab toolbox for interfacing with the pure JAVA numerical library Snifflib. This toolbox provides convenience m-files for interoperability with Snifflib from within an active Matlab session running a JAVA virtual machine. DetailsDownload 

20. BMELibpy 1.0 The aim of this project is to translate the geostatistical BMELib Matlab Toolbox ( into Python. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

21. RMBNToolbox 1.0 Matlab toolbox for generating random models for biochemical networks. DetailsDownload 

22. Stereo Vision Motion Tracking... SVMT: A MATLAB toolbox for Stereo-vision motion tracking of motor reactivity elicited by sensory stimulation. DetailsDownload 

23. mfBox 1.08 The mfBox is a Matlab toolbox for performing model-free analysis of multivariate data sets. It also plugs into SPM used for the analysis of multivariate brain recordings such as fMRI, SPECT and PET data sets. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

24. MVR Composer 1.0 The Multivariate Regression Composer, a Matlab toolbox. It generates a regression model of the optimal structure. Uses the source data set, the initial models and the primitive functions. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

25. Hytool 2.03 Hytool is a matlab toolbox for the interpretation of hydraulic tests in wells. The toolbox contains analytical solutions used to describe groundwater flow around wells, and functions for importing, displaying, and fitting a model to the data. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

26. State Space Models 1.0.1 A MATLAB toolbox for time series analysis using state space models. Supports fully interactive model construction with MATLAB objects and efficient Kalman filter backend implemented in c. DetailsDownload 

27. MatODE 1.0 MatODE is a simple Matlab toolbox for interfacing to the Open Dynamics Engine rigid body physics simulator (ODE, by Russell Smith), created by the Delft Biorobotics Lab (Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands).

The... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

28. BioSig for Octave and Matlab 2.52 BioSig is an open source software library for biomedical signal processing, featuring for example the analysis of biosignals such as the electroencephalogram (EEG), electrocorticogram (ECoG), electrocardiogram (ECG), electrooculogram (EOG),... DetailsDownload 

29. Matlab Toolbox 'Measures of... A set of Matlab functions which compute effect size statistics and (exact) confidence intervals for a wide range of data analysis situations, including two-sample-, oneway-, twoway- and contrast analyses as well as categorical data in tables. DetailsDownload 

30. matlab-test-to-csharp 1.0 FREE Download Open Source Code Simple Test of Microsoft .NET C# using MATLAB NE Builder Toolbox

This is a simple demo of this powerful Matlab toolbox with some M script algo examples

Download the ZIP package from
Details - Download 

31. MATLAB Audio Database Toolbox 1.0 MATLAB Audio Database Toolbox enables easy access and filtering of audio databases such as TIMIT and YOHO by their metadata. The database toolbox comes to replace the manual filtering and custom coding usually required for accessing such databases. DetailsDownload 

32. Netcdf-Java ToolBox for Matlab-njTBX... The NJ toolbox (njTBX) is a matlab object API, built on top of Unidata's Netcdf-Java API to facilitate netCDF model data manipulation. Development of njTBX is a part of 'An Open-Source Community Model for Coastal Sediment Transport'... DetailsDownload 

33. The Sick LIDAR Matlab/C++ Toolbox 1.0.1 The Sick LIDAR Matlab/C++ Toolbox offers stable and easy-to-use C++ drivers for Sick LMS and Sick LD LIDARs. It provides a Matlab Mex interface for streaming LIDAR returns directly into Matlab. Also included are config utilities, examples, and... DetailsDownload 

34. The Evil Toolbox 1.0 The Evil Toolbox for Matlab is a collection of scripts and functions that serve as useful snippets for learning or teaching Octave. The original toolbox was written in Matlab and is currently beind ported and tested on Octave. DetailsDownload 

35. The Psych-Toolbox-Wrapper 1.0 The major aim of the Psychtoolbox 3 wrapper is to provide a set of basic tools that allow programming novices the use of the Psychophysics Toolbox without limiting the power and flexibility
of the Psychophysics Toolbox and MATLAB. DetailsDownload 

36. Robust Correlation Toolbox 2 The Robust Correlation Toolbox is a free collection of Matlab functions allowing to visualize data in univariate and bivariate space, check assumptions of normality and homoscedasticity and compute Pearson's and Spearman's, percentage... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

37. Multiple Hypothesis Testing Toolbox 1.0 Multiple Hypothesis Testing (MHT) Toolbox is a MATLAB(R) toolbox for multiple hypothesis testing that includes functions for calculating and estimating multiple testing errors such as the False Discovery Rate (FDR). DetailsDownload 

38. Probabilistic Graphical Model Toolbox... Probabilistic Graphical Model (PGM) Toolbox is a MATLAB(R) toolbox for Bayesian networks and other probabilistic graphical models. DetailsDownload 

39. KAFBOX Kernel Adaptive Filtering... The Kernel Adaptive Filtering Toolbox (KAFBOX) is a benchmarking toolbox to evaluate and compare kernel adaptive filtering algorithms in MATLAB. Kernel adaptive filtering algorithms are online techniques suitable for nonlinear filtering,... DetailsDownload 

40. dwi-toolbox 0.1 The dwi-toolbox provides a set of free and open-source Matlab routines for the simulation and analysis of Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging data. It includes data-fitting, simulation, visualization and statistical components. DetailsDownload 

41. SeismoWeb Toolbox b.0.1.5 The SeismoWeb Toolbox is a collection of Matlab and Java tools providing access to seismological webservices. The current focus lies on the NERIES earthquake data portal, but it is intended to add more webservices in the future. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

42. The DREAM Toolbox 1.0 The DREAM (Discrete REpresentation Array Modelling) toolbox is a free open source toolbox, for both Matlab and Octave , for simulating acoustic fields radiated from common ultrasonic transducer types and arbitrarily complicated ultrasonic... DetailsDownload 

43. KUKA Control Toolbox (KCT) 1.0 The KUKA Control Toolbox (KCT) is a collection of MATLAB functions developed at the University of Siena, for motion control of KUKA robot manipulators. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

44. USmile Toolbox 1.0 USmile Toolbox, which is implemented by Matlab, can Recognition Human's Facial Expression. DetailsDownload 

45. NeuroSolutions for MATLAB 2.00 The NeuroSolutions for MATLAB neural network toolbox is a valuable addition to MATLAB's technical computing capabilities allowing users to leverage the power of NeuroSolutions ( inside MATLAB and Simulink. The toolbox... DetailsDownload 

46. Euler Math Toolbox 12.8 The Euler Mathematical Toolbox is a software written and maintained by R. Grothmann, associate professor of mathematics at the University of Eichstatt. Euler can also produce graphics and save the graphics in various formats, among them PNG and... DetailsDownload 

47. NeuroMax 1.0 NeuroMAX is a MATLAB-based software toolbox for the analysis of spike train data. You’ll use NeuroMAX to create a chain of powerful analysis tools that meet your specific research goals. This tool chain, or Workspace, can be any... DetailsDownload 

48. The WFDB Toolbox for MATLAB 6.0 This is a collection of WFDB applications implemented as functions in MATLAB. It is now possible to install through a simple web interface WFDB libraries for reading, writing, manipulating, and plotting records from PhysioBank, all within MATLAB.... DetailsDownload 

49. matNMR 3.9.94 MatNMR is a highly flexible toolbox for processing 1D and 2D NMR/EPR spectra in MATLAB and creating high-quality 1D, 2D or 3D plots. Fully GUI and/or script-based. DetailsDownload 

50. URAPIV = Open Source PIV 1.0 URAPIV is an open source Matlab (tm) toolbox for the Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) analysis in fluid mechanics. URAPIV team has developed also the Python version, PyPIV URAPIV has extended to URAPIV-C++ DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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