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1. Autom. Model Selection Framew. f.... AMSF (Automated Model Selection Framework) provides Classifier/Predictor Selection for WEKA-Classifiers based on Meta-Learning. Selection is done via a rule-based Pre-Selection, followed by 'Zoomed Ranking'(as used in WEKA METAL). DetailsDownload 


2. Fuzzyweka 1.0 fuzzyweka provides an implementation of a classifier for fuzzy classification based on fuzzy if-then rules for WEKA.This classifier renowned the Simple Fuzzy Grid method proposed by the work of Ishibuchi and Al. DetailsDownload 

3. File Classifier 1.43 File Classifier is a powerful and flexible tool to create files catalogs.You can use the program as: a mediums catalog (CD, DVD, partition and other), a picture or music collection, a document library, a file organizer, an index for documentation,... DetailsDownload 

4. WekatextToXML 0.1.7 Weka is a complete and user-friendly data-mining environment that can be used for any research project. But Weka decision tree classifiers outputs the decision tree either as a Weka-syntaxed text tree or as a binary file (neither readable nor... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

5. SharePoint Classifier 2.1.417.3 boostsolutions, a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, is a leading developer of SharePoint Web Parts and add-ons.Fully compatible with SharePoint 2007, WSS 3.0, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, MOSS 2007, as well as SharePoint Foundation... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

6. Genetic Programming Classifier for... Genetic Programming (tree structure) predictor within Weka data mining software for both continuous and classification problems. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

7. Malware Classifier 1.0 Adobe Malware Classifier is a command-line tool that lets antivirus analysts, IT administrators, and security researchers quickly and easily determine if a binary file contains malware, so they can develop malware detection signatures faster,... DetailsDownload 

8. NeuroXL Classifier 3.0.1 NeuroXL Classifier is a neural network add-in for Microsoft Excel. NeuroXL Classifier (ClassifierXL) is an add-in for Excel designed to aid experts in real-world data mining and pattern recognition tasks. It hides the underlying complexity of... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

9. Directory Classifier 2.4 Directory Classifier is a directory lister utility that lets you view a customizable listing of contents for any folder on your computer.A wide range of options are available to allow you to customize your listing, including font style and size.... DetailsDownload 

10. Weka x64 3.7.8 Weka packahe provides a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks. The algorithms can either be applied directly to a dataset or called from your own Java code.

Weka contains tools for data pre-processing,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

11. Genetic Programming Classifier 1.0 Genetic Programming Classifier is a distributed evolutionary data classification program. It uses the ensemble method implemented under a parallel co-evolutionary Genetic Programming technique. DetailsDownload 

12. dbacl - digramic Bayesian classifier... dbacl is a general purpose digramic Bayesian text classifier. It can learn text documents you provide, and then compare new input with the learned categories. It can be used for spam filtering, or within your own shell scripts. Sometimes it plays che DetailsDownload 

13. Weka 3.6.9 Weka is the Machine Learning Software in Java.

Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks. The algorithms can either be applied directly to a dataset or called from your own Java code. Weka contains tools... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

14. weka neural network algorithms 1.0.3 This project contains weka packages of neural networks algorithms implementations like Learning Vector Quantizer (LVQ) and Self-organizing Maps (SOM). For more information about weka, please visit DetailsDownload 

15. weka outlier b weka outlier is an implementation of outlier detection algorithms for WEKA.
CODB (Class Outliers: Distance-Based) Algorithm is the first algorithm developed using WEKA framework. DetailsDownload 

16. Fast KDE Classifier 1.0 A fast kernel density estimation based classifier. Uses multi resolution KD trees to significantly reduce the number of calculations needed to perform density estimation. DetailsDownload 

17. Genetic Oversampling Weka Plugin 1.0 Weka genetic algorithm filter plugin to generate synthetic instances DetailsDownload 

18. RDP Classifier 1.1 The RDP Classifier is a naive Bayesian classifier that can rapidly and accurately provides taxonomic assignments from domain to genus, with confidence estimates for each assignment. More information can be found at DetailsDownload 

19. Parentheses Classifier 1.0.0 The Parenthesis Classifier takes the contents of a set of parentheses and classifies it into one of several categories. It includes a parenthesized-data extractor and the classifier. DetailsDownload 

20. OpenChrom WNC Classifier Plug-in 1.0 The OpenChrom WNC classifier plug-in offers a solution to calculate the occurrence of water (m/z 18), nitrogen (m/z 28) and carbon dioxide (m/z 44) in mass spectrometric chromatographic data. It extends the OpenChrom RCP software. DetailsDownload 

21. WEKA Classification Algorithms 1.8 A collection of plug-in algorithms for the WEKA machine learning workbench including artificial neural network (ANN) algorithms, and artificial immune system (AIS) algorithms. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

22. Weka-Parallel 1.0 Weka-Parallel is a modification to Weka, created with the intention of being able to harness the power of Weka and the speed of parallel processing to be able to run a number of data mining and machine learning algorithms quickly. DetailsDownload 

23. Simple Semantic Classifier 1.0 The Simple Semantic Classifier classifies short chunks of natural language text into broad semantic classes that correspond to the OBO ontologies provided as input. DetailsDownload 

24. Selinux based Process Classifier 1.0 We propose a userspace Process Classifier based on SELinux Security_context(PCSS).PCSS use SELinux security context to classify the processes in different categories which is useful for process grouping systems like CKRM,Cpuset,ELSA,Containrs etc. DetailsDownload 

25. worldwind weka integration 1.0 Integration betwen weka BI platform and Wrold winnd to handle gis information DetailsDownload 

26. SpamStop: learning POP3 mail... After the presentation on CeBIT 2004 fair finally available: SpamStop works as a Proxy between your Pop3-Client and the -Provider, it uses a Support Vector Machine to classfy incoming mails and automatically learns classifiers from samples of your... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

27. ISMTClassifier (isSomething... This is a classifier that determines the type of a word in a human knowledge context (dates, money, percentage, proper names, etc.) DetailsDownload 

28. wekaTransformer 1.0 This tool acts as a preprocessor and transforms data from a database into arff format for weka data mining. Vertical to horizontal transformation for association analysis. The tool can use databases for which an OleDB adapter exists. Vb.Net for... DetailsDownload 

29. Frontline XLMiner 3.3 XLMiner for Excel for Windows is the only comprehensive data mining add-in for Excel, with neural nets, classification and regression trees, logistic regression, linear regression, Bayes classifier, K-nearest neighbors, discriminant analysis,... DetailsDownload 

30. SpamWeed for Outlook/OE/Windows Mail... SpamWeed Email Manager is a full featured email classifier. It not only blocks all spam messages, but also automatically classifies good email into categories. SpamWeed's core engine is close to human intelligence, it precisely sorts email to... DetailsDownload 

31. NGramJ 1.0 Provide a robust and efficient implementation of n-gram based classifiers to Java. N-Gram algorithms have shown to be surprisingly good at tasks like guessing the language/encoding from an arbitrary text file. And there are many more applications. DetailsDownload 

32. stocleka 1.0 stocleka is a project divided into a UI and a library for cleaning user stories and converting them to arff files (used for Weka). it may be mainly used for research and scientific purposes. DetailsDownload 

33. sgmweka 1.0.0 Weka wrapper for SGM toolkit for text classification and modeling. Provides Sparse Generative Models for scalable and accurate text classification and modeling for use in high-speed and large-scale text mining. Has lower time complexity of... DetailsDownload 

34. Multi-Core WekaExtension for... This is a RapidMiner extension replacing the current Weka-Plugin with the updated 3.7.3 Weka-Version. This is basically a branch of the 3.7.3 Version of WEKA wrapped into the old extension. New Features Include:
-All the Features of the 3.7.3... DetailsDownload 

35. pHMM4weka 1.0 This Java software implements Profile Hidden Markov Models (PHMMs) for protein classification for the WEKA workbench. Standard PHMMs and newly introduced binary PHMMs are used. In addition the software allows propositionalisation of PHMMs. DetailsDownload 

36. GURLS 1.0 GURLS - (Grand Unified Regularized Least Squares) is a software package for training multiclass classifiers based on the Regularized Least Squares (RLS) loss function.

The initial version has been designed and implemented in Matlab. Teh... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

37. feed4weka 1.0 feed4weka is an open library that enriches weka (, an open source project for data analysis. It integrates new classification and clustering algorithms, and adds the coclustering and outlier detection frameworks DetailsDownload 

38. AstroWeka 0.9 AstroWeka is a set of extentions to Weka, a popular data mining program, which which allows it to work directly with astronomical data in the Virtual Observatory. DetailsDownload 

39. faif rc.0.35 C++ header only library, small and fast; Naive Bayesian Classifier, Decision Tree Classifier (ID3), DNA/RNA nucleotide second structure predictor, timeseries management, timeseries prediction, generic Evolutionary Algorithm, generic Hill Climbing... DetailsDownload 

40. snoBAC 1.0 This is a reference implementation of snoBAC, a Bayesian Classifier designed to predict box H/ACA snoRNAs in Caenorhabditis nematode genomes. For details of algorithm and data, see Wang and Ruvinsky (2009) RNA in press. DetailsDownload 

41. JTextPro: A Java Text Processing... JTextPro: A Java-based Text Processing tool that includes sentence boundary detection (using maximum entropy classifier), word tokenization (following Penn conventions), part-of-speech tagging (using CRFTagger), and phrase chunking (using... DetailsDownload 

42. TreeQ 1.4.11 The TreeQ package is a set of C-language applications that implement aautomatic machine learning algorithm based on a tree-structured classifier. This approach is particularly effective for high-dimensional continuous data such as audio and video. DetailsDownload 

43. weka4net 1.0 The WEKA port to .NET 2.0 Platform, will be useful for Data Mining in .NET Environment DetailsDownload 

44. jenaweka 1.0 simple integration of Jena with the open source package Weka. The distribution is: a library integrating the two with a simple API and ontology, tests.Current versions tested: Jena 2.5.4Weka 3.5.7JUnit 4.4 DetailsDownload 

45. Large Experiment and Evaluation Tool 1.0 LEET (Large Experiment and Evaluation Tool) is a front-end software utility for WEKA that simplifies large-scale experiment and evaluation of algorithms and datasets in the classification context. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

46. PinPointer 1.0 An implementation of machine learning on Firewall-IPS log captured by Syslog, WEKA is used for aggregation and modelling. The output model then is used to analyze the "deviation" of next-cycle log. Reducing admin effort to locate... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

47. ipfw-classifyd 1.0 An application layer classifier for FreeBSD's ipfw firewall. DetailsDownload 

48. SpamBayes anti-spam 6 Bayesian anti-spam classifier written in Python. DetailsDownload 

49. POPFile - Automatic Email... POPFile is an email classification tool with a Naive Bayes classifier, POP3, SMTP, NNTP proxies and IMAP filter and a web interface. It runs on most platforms and with most email clients. DetailsDownload 

50. Squeakymail Squeakymail is an email classifier and POP proxy, implemented in Common Lisp. Currently it is running with Allegro CL from Franz Inc. Squeakymail implements concepts from Paul Graham's Plan for Spam paper at DetailsDownload 

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