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1. Drive Data Shredder Data sanitation software is an advanced security application which deletes data permanently from your computer hard disk drive. Software works in two different modes OCo destructive and non destructive. Destructive method wipes all hard disk... DetailsDownload - Screenshot


2. Hard Drive File Shredder USB data cleaner software increases computer performance by deleting unused hard disk space, partition files and clusters not currently linked with FAT or NTFS file system and preserves computer secrecy. Data eliminator software cleans up... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. Disk Data Eliminator Data wiper software is designed to permanently remove all deleted confidential files & folders from windows hard drive & USB removable storage media including pen drive, memory card and other USB supported flash drives. User friendly... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. Hard Drive Sanitization Software Data sanitization software facilitates to provide comprehensive solution to clean up system files, temporary files and removes all past computer activities. Sanitization software permanently deletes browser history, internet explorer address bar... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

5. Professional Data Erasure Software... Data sanitization software provides comprehensive solution to clean up system files, temporary files and removes all past computer activities. Sanitization software permanently wipes browser history, internet explorer address bar history, cookies,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

6. Lowvel build 56 Lowvel is a free tool to erase data irreversibly from various data storage devices such as rotational hard drives, SSDs, and USB thumb drives. Sometimes, such irreversible data erasing is called low level format. When running, Lowvel overwrites... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

7. SamLogic No Ads Utility 2.0 SamLogic No Ads Utility - removes popup ads, Are you also tired of all these popup ads that always fill your screen when your are browsing on the web? The freeware SamLogic No Ads Utility solves this problem by automatically removing all these... DetailsDownload 

8. Stellar Wipe - For Macintosh System 1.0 Stellar Wipe for Macintosh System is a Data cleanup and file eraser utility can delete selected folders, groups of files, entire logical drives, System Traces & Internet traces (Internet cache, History, Cookies, Auto fill etc) eliminating all... DetailsDownload 

9. A-PDF Filler 2.9 A-PDF Filler is a simple, lightning-fast and powerful desktop utility program that lets you scan and fill paper forms or fill out a form in image format. With A-PDF Filler, you can scan a form, load the Form as a background image and add input... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

10. Excel Utility 7.2 LikeOffice Excel Utility designed to ease your work while using Microsoft Excel.It has many utilities and several areas. Most of the utilities are free to use and few, like Excel Compare are under the PRO version.The Basic version has 90 days... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

11. Global Mapper x64 12.00 Global Mapper is more than just a utility; it has built in functionality for distance and area calculations, raster blending, feathering, spectral analysis and contrast adjustment, elevation querying, line of sight calculations, cut-and-fill... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

12. Auto Fill Page Buddy 2.1 Auto Fill Page Buddy is an application that will automatically fill in text boxes and click links, buttons, etc. on a web page. This utility can be set up with multiple profiles to fill in data on one or every web site you want. The program is... DetailsDownload 

13. Master Converter 2.9 Master Converter is a powerful Windows utility designed to fill one specific purpose: quickly and easily convert units of measurement. The interface is extremely intuitive and user friendly, enabling even first-time users to convert from one unit... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

14. Win Local Arch 1.0 Console utility for performing 7zip with unbuffered I/O
Currently all archive/compression software/libraries are using buffered I/O which brings your machine to zero memory for large files.
This console application uses the SevenZipSharp... DetailsDownload 

15. Crossword Lookup 2.4 N__d h_lp fi__ing in y__r bl_nks?

AFKSoft Crossword Puzzle Lookup is a helper utility for solving crossword puzzles or other word games where the goal is to guess words and fill in blanks. If you are stuck on a difficult clue,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

16. Pay Check HD 1.2 This utility calculates US Federal Withholding, Social Security and Medicare taxes during calendar year 2013. It allows for setting the Social Security rate to zero after a maximum salary of $113,700 is reached. If federal withholding or tax rates... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

17. Call Notes 1.3 Call Notes will allow you to document your phone calls on the go. Originally designed to fill the needs of healthcare providers, this utility meets the needs of anyone requiring documentation of phone calls while on the go with their iPhone or... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

18. Screenshot Utility 1.0 Screenshot Utility is a screen capture program. It resides in the system tray, and when you press a hotkey combination, it captures and saves a snapshot of your screen as a JPEG, GIF, or BMP file. You can define your own hotkeys, choose default... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

19. PDA Group Text Messaging Utility PDA group text messaging utility helps users to compose and send number of massive text messages to national or international mobile networks. Bulk SMS messaging software sends unlimited number of text messages to individual or group just in one... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

20. Max Secure Autofiller 1.11 Have you got bored with filling up the registration forms, credit card information, and Login password information every time? You can use AutoFiller. It is very simple and easy to use utility. You have to create the new identity, fill up the... DetailsDownload 

21. Zero Trace v1.0 A powerful cleaning utility that erases all traces of activity on your computer. Saves space, protects privacy, and leaves no history behind. For 1/4 the price it does more than most internet cleaners can or ever will. Zero Trace supports over 50... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

22. Eve Settings Backup and Restore... Mofiki s Eve Online Settings backup and restore utility will backup eve online settings for restoring after updates and use of third party software that erases your settings. It backs up with the click of a button and restores just as easily. You... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

23. Billing Management Utility Billing and inventory management utility provides various types of reports like purchase, production, ledger, balance sheet, trial balance etc. Business accounting utility provides login and freeze data facility, no user can change, delete or... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

24. Link Utility 3.0 Link Utility is a professional and handy tool for checking links on Web sites and sustaining their efficiency. The program not only checks and highlights broken links on your Web sites, but also searches for the so-called orphaned files, i.e.... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

25. Windows Data Retrieval Utility Windows data retrieval utility provides best solution for how to recover corrupted windows data files just in one click! Windows data recovery software completely restores all damaged or formatted system files, folders and directories. Windows... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

26. Disk space usage utility 1.7 Disk space usage utility is a powerful tool to help you see how much space takes a folder on your system.Using Disk space usage utility you can keep track of your hard disks space to ensure its most efficient use. Disk space usage utility provides... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

27. Zero Assumption Recovery 7.9 Zero Assumption Recovery is a powerful read-only data recovery solution that can recover all files, including those with long names or files containing non-Latin characters (e.g. French). Native NTFS compression is supported as well. Working from... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

28. AI RoboForm 5.0.8 AI RoboForm is a utility that automatically fills in those ubiquitous Web-based forms. It adds form-filler hot buttons to Internet Explorer 4.x or Netscape 6--all you have to do is click the Fill Forms button. A wizard helps you create an identity... DetailsDownload 

29. Burn to the Brim 2.9.0 Burn To The Brim is a utility for grouping files and folders together in the most efficient way to fill up an entire CD, DVD or other medium. It can output the resulting structure to an ISO 9660 file, ready to be burned with most CD-burning... DetailsDownload 

30. GradientMaker 1.0 Small utility for creating different images with different gradient fill, for such purposes as wallpaper background, for example. Works with linear, radial (shaped) and radial with surround colors (shaped) gradients. All gradient could be... DetailsDownload 

31. Active ERASER 4.01 Active ERASER utility supports a variety of sanitation standards, from simple methods such as One Pass Zero to the military-grade DoD 5220.22-M, to even more sophisticated methods such as Gutmann's. You can erase files, folders, CD-RW discs,... DetailsDownload 

32. SQL Recovery Utility 3.0 Have you lost your vital data due to corruption of MDF database files? Don't bother! Get SysTools SQL Recovery Tool to recover SQL database meta data intact in the best possible extent. MS SQL recovery utility is reliable SQL restore tool for... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

33. Windows File Split Utility Windows file split utility is used to splitting large file into numerous small files as per your requirement and also merge these files into original form without any type of data loss. Files joiner breaker software has the facility for breaking... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

34. Exchange Recovery Utility 6.5 Are you unable to open Exchange EDB file during EDB file corruption so don't worry because Enstella has found perfect innovative Exchange Recovery Utility which is top ranker software in IT filed this Enstella EDB repair utility easily repair... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

35. NSS File Recovery Utility 2.1 NSS file recovery utility is simply to restore deleted NSS files from Novell hard drive. NSS file recovery software designed to recover NSS Partitions and restore NSS volume data accidentally lost from Novell hard disk drive. Novell NSS File... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

36. Split Outlook PST Utility 2.2 Outlook user is mostly worried about large Outlook PST file. Because large Outlook PST file is too difficult to manage and create some problem during sharing. To avoid this type of issue you want to some proper solution. You search over internet... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

37. Merge Outlook PST Utility 2.2 If you are an Outlook user and want to merge your multiple Outlook PST files without any data loss then Merge Outlook PST utility is one of best option which, well stand on your expectations. We provide unique quality software which provide... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

38. ApPHP DataGrid Wizard utility script... ApPHP DataGrid Wizard - utility script for generating PHP DataGrid pages. ApPHP DataGrid Wizard allows you easy creation of DataGrid pages. This operation does not require specific technical or programming knowledge. All you need is to select a... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

39. vCard Conversion Utility 2.2 Easy to use and easy to set up is our promise, our vCard conversion utility is main lead of PCVITA software services as yet it manages entire vCard contacts into MS Outlook with the safest and the most secure way. It supports both the ANSI format... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

40. EML to PST Utility 4.0 Looking for inexpensive and less time consuming EML to PST Utility to convert EML files to MS Outlook? If yes, than, you have reached your destination. At PCVARE we provide our users with EML to PST Converter software which converts the EML files... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

41. Task Manager Enable Utility 1.0 Commonly Window Task Manager is used for view details about processes which are running on your computer but, sometimes it can 't be able to open and show a pop-up box to show "Task Manager Disabled by your administrator". After... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

42. PC Utility Manager 2.7 PC Utility Management Software. Access the frequently used utilities like Notepad, MS Paint etc from your desktop context menu.Access the predefined frequently used Internet sites from your desktop context menu.Configure and access the frequently... DetailsDownload 

43. MvPCinfo 2.7 MvPCinfo is a PC diagnostics and network inventory utility. This is a small program that collects information about computer's hardware and software. The Main features of MvPCinfo are: * Operates under all Windows operating systems from Windows v... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

44. Hotkey Utility 7 Hotkey Utility is a fast desktop tool for the everyday computer user. You can open any program, website, game, video, music, or basically anything with a single hotkey. This will not only boost your productivity, but also save the time wasted on... DetailsDownload 

45. AirFM 0.9 AirFM is a useful desktop utility that was designed in order to bring you a variety of internet radio stations you can choose to listen. It already contains about 200+ radio stations and you can fill up this collection. It works on Windows XP,... DetailsDownload 

46. Auto Typer by MurGee 1.2 The Auto Typer Software Utility can be used to type Text on Keyboard with a configurable Hot Key or Shortcut Key. Example Usage of Auto Typer may be to fill a form which requires fixed set of values. You can Simulate Tab Key using {Tab} text and... DetailsDownload 

47. Form Auto Fill Portable 4.2 Form Auto Fill Portable provides a cost effective solution to fill and submit forms, login websites and email accounts and manage passwords on different computers. Form Auto Fill Portable can be installed on any kind of removable storage media... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

48. Form Auto Fill (Form AutoFill) 4.2 Form Auto Fill is an automatic form filler and password manager for a wide range of users who want to simplify logon and form filling. Whether you purchase online, fill registration forms, fill and submit different forms or login websites and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

49. Digesec Hashing Utility 2.0.2 Digesec Hashing Utility is a free and easy to use hashing utility which produces the user selected digest (checksum) of any file or text, which can then be used to confirm the file's authenticity, hash passwords, or many other security related... DetailsDownload 

50. Fast Paste and Auto Fill Form 1.0 Fast Paste and Auto Fill Form is a clipboard tool software. It can fast paste text and automatically fill form to application software. The application software is not only browser but also any software. If you want to repeatedly type. Fast Paste... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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