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1. cl-binary-file 0.4 Binary file format provides interface for Common Lisp to read and write binary files in a simple way. DetailsDownload 


2. Binary Format Description Language 1.0 An xml based format that describes the format of binary files. Provides an engine and API system to access files based on a simple XML "plugin". DetailsDownload 

3. Dump/Restore ext2/3/4 filesystem... Dump examines files in a filesystem, determines which ones need to be backed up, and copies those files to a specified disk, tape or other storage medium. The restore command performs the inverse function of dump DetailsDownload 

4. Jojos Binary Diff 081 JDIFF is a program that outputs the differences between two binary files, either in binary format or in human readable format (detailed or summarized). JPATCH then allows to reconstruct the second file from the first file. DetailsDownload 

5. Binary Writer 1.0 This is a binary file writer which allows you to write to binary files very easily from command line. It accepts data in various format and writes to a specific address inside the file. DetailsDownload 

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1. ProcDump 5.13 ProcDump is a command-line utility whose primary purpose is monitoring an application for CPU spikes and generating crash dumps during a spike that an administrator or developer can use to determine the cause of the spike. ProcDump also includes... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Application Monitor , Generate Crash Dump , monitor process , crash dump , monitor , generate

2. Swiss File Knife 1.6.6 SFK makes daily tasks easy. Find and extract text in binary files, list dir tree sizes, filter and replace text, run an instant ftp server, http server for easy file transfer, find duplicate files, join many text files into one, create and verify... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Multi function tool , command line , binary grep , tree size list , instant ftp server , line filter , Text Replace , dupfind , join files , md5 lists , run command on files , extract strings , detab , patch , tail , hexdump , no install , portable , for usb stick

3. OraDump Export Kit 4.1 OraDump Export Kit is a set of conversion tools to export data from Oracle dump file into most popular formats. It includes the following tools: OraDump-to-Access - converts Oracle dump files into MS Access format; OraDump-to-CSV - converts Oracle... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: export from oracle dump file , read oracle dump , oradump to access , oradump to excel , oradump to mysql , dmp

4. OraDump-to-MSSQL 3.1 OraDump-to-MSSQL is a program to convert Oracle dump files into MS SQL database. Key features: (1) all versions of Oracle dump files are supported; (2) all versions of MS SQL starting from 7.0 are supported; (3) converts multi-file Oracle dump... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: convert oracle dump to mssql , oracle to mssql converter , oradump , migrate oracle to mssql , ord2mss , oracle2mssql , oracle2sql , oracle to ms sql conversion , oracle to ms sql migration , command line , database , server , automate conversion

5. WhoCrashed 4.01 B40131103 40131103 Whenever a computer running Windows suddenly reboots without displaying any notice or blue screen of death, the first thing that is often thought about is a hardware failure. In reality, most crashes are caused by malfunctioning device drivers and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: crash dump analysis , analyze crash dump , crash dump report , crash dump , analysis , analyze

"Dump Binary Files" in Software Short Description

1. vcd2svg 1.0 vcd2svg can parse Value Change Dump (VCD) files and draw an impulse diagram using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). It works together with the GHDL open-source simulator. DetailsDownload 

2. Free Hex Editor Neo View, Edit and Analyze Hexadecimal Data and Binary Files of any Size. Free Hex Editor Neo is a large files optimized freeware hex editor for everyone who works with ASCII, hex, decimal, float, double and binary data. Make patches with just two... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Free Hex Editor , freeware , Hex Modify , Hex Analyze , Hexadecimal Data , binary files

3. BinViewer Personal 2.0 BinViewer is a Windows application that allows viewing binary files. It has hexadecimal and text windows to display binary file content; provides fast navigation, binary and text searches. 64-bit file access implemented. Since BinViewer... DetailsDownload 

4. BinEditor 2.0 BinEditor is a Windows application that allows viewing and editing binary files. It has hexadecimal and text windows to display binary file content; provides fast navigation, binary and text searches and edits. Maximum file size for Windows is... DetailsDownload 

5. Jar2Exe 2.2.2 Jar2Exe is a tool to wrap jar files into binary exe files for Windows, Linux and Mac. To start java from generated exe files is more convenient: 1) Easy to start, generated exe files will find JRE on host by itself. 2) Easy to configure,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: jar , exe , jar2exe , jartoexe , service , linux , encrypt , x64 , mac , universal , os x

"Dump Binary Files" in Software Long Description

1. LCleaner LCleaner is a FREE tool to easily free up disk space from temporary, unwanted files, and clean system registry from unneeded registry keys. It is absolutely free and does not contain adware or spyware functions.LCleaner can clear system temporary... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: user temporary files , temporary files , own scripts , user temporary , typed urls , system temporary , scripting language , recent documents , memory dump , files windows , files

2. hex encode decode and compare 10 This project offers 3 basic tools for manipulating binary files: 1) flexible hexdump 2) hexencoder that reads a binary file and applies provided binary changes at given offsets and 3) a binary compare that gives summary of ranges where files differ DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. UltraCompare Professional 5.00 Powerful Compare/Merge for Text/Binary Files & Folders Drag/drop of folders/files to be compared or direct entry. Includes FTP/SFTP Support. File Compare Features: Line-by-line comparison of files. Fast/Smart Binary Compare. Text compare mode... DetailsDownload 

4. HandyFileSearch 0.9.3 HandyFileSearch program is intended to: (i) allow a user to quickly access files that the user remembers at least part of the name; (ii) quickly find a file by variety options (time, size, extension, location); (iii) find a file - binary or... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: within zip archives , regular expressions supported , search options , regular expressions , zip archives , within zip , id3 tags , file size , file names , expressions supported , binary data

5. vcd2svg 1.0 vcd2svg can parse Value Change Dump (VCD) files and draw an impulse diagram using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). It works together with the GHDL open-source simulator. DetailsDownload 

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