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1. arbitrary text data parser java... An other library for the common problem of parsing arbitrary text data. A small, easy-to-use Java library LR parser without lookahead limitation. Semantic action defined in class not in grammar definition file. DetailsDownload 


2. DTM Data Generation SDK 1.44.00 DTM Data Generation SDK is a Library and component for test data generation that allows the programmer, webmaster or advanced user to add test data generation features to application, script or website. Easy to use developers kit with C/C++, C#,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Gata Generation , Data Generator Library , Data Generation Sdk

3. RegexTreeer 2.5 RegexTreeer is a freeware tool designed to solve complex parsing tasks by means of utilizing superposed regular expressions and standardizing development of data parsers thus making this work much easier. It implements an innovative technology of... DetailsDownload 

4. C_Sharp_Calculator 1.0 Currently, this is the first version of an RPN calculator made to be easy to implement for any C# project requiring parsing of text into calculable data. Using RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) to place strings in a specific format to allow fast... DetailsDownload 

5. Psifas 0.8 A python library for parsing and building of data structures (binary or textual). It is based on the concept of defining data structures in a declarative manner, where complex structures are composed of a hierarchy of simpler ones. DetailsDownload 

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1. Team Remote ASP Debugger PRO 8.64 Team Remote ASP Debugger PRO is the only #1 rated award-winning ASP debugging tool that enables your team to easily edit and debug ASP code remotely and locally, directly on your production server. VBScript and JavaScript debugging languages... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Asp Debugger , debug Asp , asp Debug , Asp Tool , javascript Error , javascript Debugger , debug Vbscript , vbscript Debugger , vbscript Debug , debug Javascript

2. ActiveXperts Network Monitor 5.21 ActiveXperts Network Monitor is a leading solution for monitoring all aspects of your LAN and WAN servers, workstations and devices. For years, System Administrators, Network Operators and Helpdesk Employees have relied upon the power, flexibility... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: activexperts network monitor , network monitor , content checking , activexperts network , mail server , helpdesk employees , network , monitor , vbscript , operators , mail

3. Simplexety Comprehensive and rich-featured GUI At first glance, the interface of the application may overwhelm you, because it contains numerous buttons, mathematical expressions, symbols and tabs that might get you confused, especially if you are a... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: calculator , parser , vbscript , Formula Editor

4. ActiveXperts Scripting Component 2.1 ActiveX/COM component to invoke VBScript functions and (remote) Windows commands from any application, and save the results, standard output and standard error into variables. Advanced error handling. Advanced logging. Use it in your Microsoft... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: vbs , vbscript , remote , command , rcmd , standard , output , error , stdout , stderr , samples , visual , basic , dotnet

5. Web Code Converter Pro 4.3 Web Code Converter is simply the easiest and quickest way to transform HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and CSS into JavaScript, VBScript, LotusScript, ASP, PHP, JSP, Ruby, Rebol, Lisp, C, C++, C#, Perl, and Python. It also converts text to HTML, CSV to... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: html , asp , php , jsp , perl , vbscript , javascript , css , Python , LotusScript , Ruby , Rebol , lisp , C , C converters

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1. C_Sharp_Calculator 1.0 Currently, this is the first version of an RPN calculator made to be easy to implement for any C# project requiring parsing of text into calculable data. Using RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) to place strings in a specific format to allow fast... DetailsDownload 

2. JSP multipart/form-data Adapter 1.0 This is a Java package which encapsulates the details of parsing an HTTP request which contains multipart/form-data. The form data is then accessed via an extremely simple API for processing. DetailsDownload 

3. OneClassXML 1.0 OneClassXML is a single Java class for parsing XML data. It contains everything you need to read XML formated string into Java object, query and run through the data in memory and (if needed) to modify the data and create a new XML string. DetailsDownload 

4. XercesC Utils 1.0 A set of C++ wrapper functions and classes over XercesC that perform common XML parsing operations using standard C++ data structures rather than the data structures provided by XercesC thus reducing the level of XercesC knowledge required by... DetailsDownload 

5. LIMPOPO 1.1.2 Limpopo is a library for MAGE-TAB parsing and validation that will read mage-tab files into an object model, and includes a plugin mechanism that is open and extensible for writing MAGE-TAB data to other data resources such as a database. DetailsDownload 

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1. Text2XML 1.0.5 Text2XML provides a simple, declarative method of parsing and processing of raw text data into XML. Text2XML uses an XML configuration file which describes the desired XML output, as well as the rules for parsing the text file. Parsing is... DetailsDownload 

2. SocketTools Secure Scripting Edition... The SocketTools Secure Scripting Edition includes COM components which can be used in a wide variety of scripting languages such as VBScript, JScript and PHP. In addition, the Scripting Edition components can also be used with Visual Studio.NET,... DetailsDownload 

Tags: COM libraries , Secure scripting , script securely , Component Object Mod , com , library

3. libstrfunc - Strings manipulations. 8.3 Textual data processing solution for system administrators and Web programmers. The C library allows to manipulate string lists, CGI forms, MIME data, configuration files, logs parsing, regular expressions, date/time parsing, templates rewriting etc. DetailsDownload 

4. DVD Reauthor Professional 3.0 DVD Reauthor is a simple, easy and powerful tool for DVD Reauthoring. It works only with Sonic Scenarist.The main function of DVD Reathor is decomposing the DVD into video, audio and other files with the creation special script-file. DVD Reauthor... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: dvd reauthor pro , dvd reauthor , video audio , sonic scenarist , reauthor pro , dvd authoring , additional functions , dvd , reauthor , parsing , creation

5. GPS and GIS Parser 1.0 The project will contain a Geo Information System parsing unit, dealing with e.g. GPS data, and providing event-driven classes for parsing and processing such information. DetailsDownload 

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