Ratio Anaylsis Of Financial Statments

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1. Journal of Financial Planning 2.9.4 For over 30 years, the award-winning Journal of Financial Planning has introduced financial professionals to history-making concepts such as Monte Carlo simulation and safe retirement withdrawal rates. Readers trust the nonprofit objectivity of... DetailsDownload - Screenshot


2. Enterprise Financial Model 4.3 Enterprise Financial Model is a simple tool designed for execution of financial estimates, fitted with elements of a training program and allowing increasing the level of user knowledge in Economics significantly. The software is accompanied with... DetailsDownload 

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3. Business Capital Weighting Optimizer 1.0 The Portfolio Optimization model calculates the optimal capital weightings for a basket of financial investments that gives the highest return for the least risk. The unique design of the model enables it to be applied to either financial... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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4. J and L Financial Tool Set 1.3 A set of financial planning tools to aid you in making those important financial decisions like loans, mortgages, refinancing, credit card debt payoff as well as other easy to use tools.The set contains the following tools -- A detailed mortgage... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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5. Financial Soccer 1.0 Financial Soccer is a fast-paced, multiple-choice question game, testing players' knowledge of financial management skills as they advance down field, and try to score goals. Educators are encouraged to review and download the curriculum for... DetailsDownload 

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1. Torrent Ratio Keeper Linux/MacOS/BSD 4.1 Torrent Ratio Keeper increases your torrent share ratio on any tracker! It boosts up your download speed on multiple trackers at once. Your torrent client will get more seeds to download from, thus making your downloads much faster. You can... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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2. Ratio Ghost 0.8 Trouble maintaining a 1:1 ratio on private trackers? Ratio Ghost runs in the background and improves your ratio without using up your bandwidth. Ratio Ghost works by intercepting and modifying the stats your torrent client is reporting. It works... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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3. MB Financial Astrology 1.0 MB Financial Astrology finds your financial profile based on your sun sign. This can be used as a guide to help you know the general financial personality traits for your near and dear ones. MB Financial Astrology is a Western zodiac based tool... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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4. MB Ideal Waist-Hip Ratio 1.0 MB Ideal Waist-Hip Ratio is a simple health tool that helps one know their waist hip ratio. This can be a good way of knowing your body fat and preventing obesity and related diseases. Everyone would like to be fit and active. But when we cross... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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5. Torrent Ratio Keeper Leecher for Mac... Torrent Ratio Keeper Leecher is a handy utility that will enable you to greatly increase the speed of your downloads and have a high share ratio at the same time. Release notes: New Release TE Startup Wizard Error fixed TE Seeder's mode improved... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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1. RISABase 2.0 Fast, Easy and Accurate Biaxial Design and Anaylsis of Steel Base Plates. RISABase is an advanced base plate and anchor bolt design program that offers new techniques for analyzing complex, two-way behavior of biaxial bending. This revolutionary... DetailsDownload 

2. How to Achieve Your Own Financial... Discover How You Can Achieve Your Own Financial Independence! These are High Power Tips that will Lead You to Financial Freedom! You will learn: * The true meaning of financial freedom * Realities of financial freedom * How you can start your... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. Expert Financing 1.2 Our goal is to provide valuable financial solutions specialized to the needs of our clients through our unique methodology, Comprehensive Financial Development Solutions. Build on a foundation of financial and actuarial excellence, our... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. Indiana College Costs Estimator 1.5.3 The Indiana College Costs Estimator (ICCE) mobile app has been designed to help first-time undergraduates better understand what kind of financial aid you may be eligible to receive and how financial aid can affect your actual cost of attending... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

5. Bryan Mills - Retire Logix 1.2 With over two decades of financial planning, speaking, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, Bryan's believes that financial competence and a personal financial legacy may be achieved by all. Bryan Mills is a... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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1. Finalytics - Ratio Analysis... Do you wish to make sense of your financial statements? Finalytics is an easy to use financial statement ratio analysis calculator developed by a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Global Management Accountant. Convert the raw data on your... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

2. Find bargain stock 2.0 "Find Bargain Stock" is an APP easy to those who wish to practice investment theory of well-known investor Warren Buffett. A bargain stock is a thing of a stock with a low stock price compared with the value which the company has.... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. RISABase 2.0 Fast, Easy and Accurate Biaxial Design and Anaylsis of Steel Base Plates. RISABase is an advanced base plate and anchor bolt design program that offers new techniques for analyzing complex, two-way behavior of biaxial bending. This revolutionary... DetailsDownload 

4. Portfolio Optimization 5.0 The Portfolio Optimization template identifies the optimal capital weightings for a portfolio of financial investments that gives the desired risk and return profile based on the correlation between individual investments. The design of the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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5. Statsar 1.0.1 The Statsar statistics library allows you to add high-performance statistics calculations to your .NET platform applications. The object-oriented library was designed and implemented by numerical experts with proven expertise in the financial... DetailsDownload 

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