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1. Learn and Play Recorder 1.0 Learn and Play Recorder teaches beginners about the recorder, how to read music and how to play the soprano recorder. The app includes 38 songs from Just B to Camptown Races, all with a full performance track to play along with! This app is based... DetailsDownload - Screenshot


2. Plug-and-Play Monitor 1.0 (Build 6.2) Plug-and-Play Monitor is an experimental tool which displays plug-and-play notifications from the system. To start monitoring, select a device type from the drop-down list or tick Monitor all device types and click Start.If a network adapter is... DetailsDownload 

3. HIME: Huge Integer Math and... HIME stands for Huge Integer Math and Encryption library.It is a collection of functions for Windows programmers that allows to implement RSA public key encryption (In 'classic' mode and in CRT Chinese Remainder Theorem mode), AES (Rijndael, 3... DetailsDownload 

4. Plug and Play Web Server 1.0 Plug and Play Servers is a Web Server product from, This Web server package provides all of the tools you need to host your own Web site. The Web servers include HTTP, Web chat, POP and SMTP mail, FTP, NNTP, DHCP, DNS and proxy.... DetailsDownload 

5. Animal Alphabets HD: Learn , Write... ******* Wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. Now the app is free for the thanksgiving week! ******** Animal Alphabets HD: Learn , Write and Play is an application specially created for the little ones who want to learn the English alphabets,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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1. Math Teachers and kids 10 Teachers and kids: We can now bring you more free math games and puzzles because of our new advertising! By using this site, you agree to NOT block our ads. Math Game. Take a break and have some fun with Math s math games. Math s math games are... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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2. Datacation Kids Math Flashcards Datacation has created the Kids Math Flashcards system for a fun way of teaching kids the basic math function skills of, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. Kids love to play games on the computer so using the Datacation Kids Math... DetailsDownload 

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3. Math Rush Basic Operations Lite 1.0 Math Rush Basic Operations app is designed to improve mental calculation skills for current hi-tech generation. Math Rush series not only improve critical and logical thinking but also get rid of fear over math and create interest over math... DetailsDownload 

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4. Excel Math to multiple cells with... Easily apply math functions to multiple cells with a click of a button! With this software, you can: * Select a block of cells to apply math functions to * Choose what value you want to multiply each cell by, divide each cell by, subtract each... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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5. Sock math for kids 10 New Game! Practice the math facts while competing against other online players. (Addition, subtraction, MULTIPLICATION, and division.) Interactive games to help learn about using measurements, mazes, angles, and shapes. A free math facts practice... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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1. Maths Puzzle - Division 1.1 Do you have strong knowledge in Maths? Do you want to test your Maths skills? Are your kids always playing games and not studying? Now you and your kids can test their skills by playing this game. Challenge and play this math game with your... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

2. Grade 7 Singapore Math (U.S. Edition)... Learn Grade Seven Mathematics (U.S. Edition) with Singapore Math and ace your math exams! Many step by step examples to learn math concepts. Attempt exercises to strengthen concepts! Get the app now before price increases! Look forward to... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. Grade 7 Singapore Math Lite (U.S.... Learn Grade Seven Mathematics (U.S. Edition) with Singapore Math and ace your math exams! Many step by step examples to learn math concepts. Attempt exercises to strengthen concepts! Get the FULL version now before price increases! Look... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. This Week in Photo (TWiP) 1.19.1 This is the most convenient and reliable way to access This Week in Photo on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You're always connected to the latest episode! It's instant access to TWiP, just touch and play! As an added bonus, you'll be able to:... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

5. Sudoku Math 1.0 Sudoku Math includes unlimited play of Sudoku at various levels of difficulty to challenge players of all experience levels. In addition to being a feature-rich Sudoku app, Sudoku Math includes a Math game mode. This Math style of Sudoku was... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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1. Hillside Football Club 1.4 "The Hillside Football club was formed in 1999 and it was clear to see that the club had huge potential and both on and off the field. Fast forward to now and the club has not dissapointed. The club continues to grow from strength to... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

2. Bump! Guides 2012 - Berlin 1.12 Bump Travel Guides "œ The Ultimate Gay Travel Companion! Bump up the gay travel fun on your trip to Berlin! The team behind Bump! TV has explored Berlin"s dynamic gay and lesbian scene from its kitschy cocktail bars to its glittering... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. SwingProfile Golf for iPhone Full 3.61 "SWINGPROFILE is a winner!" - Deb Vangellow, 2012 LPGA National Teacher Of The Year. Awarded œBest Overall Product and œBest Market Research at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show. SwingProfile's smart swing detection technology,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. NoteLedge Lite for iPad - Take Notes,... NoteLedge is a robust note-taking application that allows you to take notes with powerful editing functions such as handwriting, typing, photo-editing, audio and video recording. What makes NoteLedge stand out is its cutting-edge patented feature,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

5. Traces - The Salt Trade 1.0 TRACES is a fantastic time traveling story. Everyone dreams about time travelling. Everyone would like to be the master of time. Going to and fro in time is a dream so old as human mankind itself. TRACES takes you there, on an amazing time... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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