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1. CorelDraw Repair Tool Free 1.0 Do not worry about data corruption problems in CorelDraw illustrations anymore, you may now apply the CorelDraw repair service, powered by CorelDraw Repair Tool Free and make sure it is easier than regular backups and other methods of keeping the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot


2. Nonograms Lite 2.0.1 Tired of solving the same old types of puzzles? Where™s the challenge, the uniqueness and the fun? In Nonograms, that™s where! You™ll never tire of these addictive games that truly test your skills, or the slick controls as you work you way... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. PuzzleWar Bamboo 2.0 Presenting....


We know you will enjoy the challenge and fun of solving the slide puzzle and revealing the image. Just imagine the thrills of clicking and moving the small squares around, what could be more... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. Hydroflow 1.0 The Hydroflow determines river's flow and order to the Strahler and Shreve methods of ordering. The algorithm is based on the topological analysis of drainage network of basins and aims to rank automatically hydrographic maps on Shapefile... DetailsDownload 

5. Out of Sight: the Documentary 1.0 An official program of the PHotoEspay±a International Photography Festival, "Out of Sight "œ the Documentary Photography of Lu Guang "will be held at the Gao Magee Gallery in Madrid from June 9 to July 30.

Lu Guang has... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

6. Pick and Place Utility Pick and Place Utility is a lightweight application designed to extract the coordinates of all the electronic components from a SuperPCB artwork file. This information is required by the PCB manufacturers in order to automatically place the... DetailsDownload 

7. Director of Football - The Boss 1.0 "Director of Football - The Boss" is a cross-platform (Windows/Linux) open-source Football Management simulation game. Take a top team into Europe or plot the rise of your local club! Using FreeBASIC for development, we welcome any... DetailsDownload 

8. Book of Mormon - The Scrolls 2.0 Want to learn about the Book of Mormon in an awe-inspiring way? This is the app for you! This app takes a whole new spin on learning the Characters of the Book of Mormon. The one of a kind artwork takes your imagination to a whole new level. Color... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

9. YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South 2.01 YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South

Search exercise schedules, get new program information, see facility closings and more!

The app contains exercise schedules, aquatics schedules, programs & events information, and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot


One of the amazing game is waiting for you to download. Winter has arrived and its first snow falling out, so get out from blanket and catch that yummy snowflakes... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

11. Tagged Simple Exemel TEST 1.0 A simple HTML/JavaScript based memory testing application. Quickly create tests by editing an XML document and choose several methods of viewing the questions. Especially useful for learning new vocabulary. DetailsDownload 

12. PSpice Student 9.1 PSpice Student is an analog circuit simulator that was specially designed for Electrical Engineering students in need of simulating circuits and of solving circuits-related calculations. If you find yourself in the posture of not understanding a... DetailsDownload 

13. Agilent-TLF 3.0 Agilent-TLF is designed for those who have a basic knowledge of electronic theory and circuits and wish to learn about the electrical characteristics of transmission lines. With this tool you will have a basic knowledge of the technology,... DetailsDownload 

14. Electrical Designer 2011 From the moment you load the Electrical Designer menu, you will immediately feel the sense of simplicity within our Electrical System. Each area of the system launches a separate toolbar, which contains all the tools required for that area of... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

15. FERN: Fast Explicit Reaction Networks... FERN is a CUDA program that implements new methods for solving large sets of stiff differential equations using explicit integration methods. For the theory behind the program (due to Mike Guidry), see . DetailsDownload 

16. JDiff - HTML report of API... JDiff is a Javadoc doclet which emits an HTML report of all the packages, classes, methods, and so on, which are different (the "diff" part) when two Java APIs are compared. Great for reporting what has changed between two releases of your... DetailsDownload 

17. Object Circuits 1.0 This project is a Java implementation of the Object Circuits (OC) paradigm, where a programmer builds software much like an engineer wires electronic circuits. DetailsDownload 

18. PRPC for Daz Studio 32bits 3.0 This software program was created for solving the problem of Poser content. A little server runs inside Poser and listens to network requests. Those requests cause it to load content into your Poser scene. This enables applications like Advanced... DetailsDownload 

19. TransCalc 0.1 Transcalc is an analysis and synthesis tool for calculating the electrical and physical properties of different kinds of RF and microwave transmission lines. Transcalc aspires to be more functional in the long run and well-documented with... DetailsDownload 

20. Elyse 2.0 Elyse is a file management system which solves the major problem with traditional methods of managing large numbers files on computers: paths and folders. Storing files in Elyse eliminates the need to decide precisely where to store a file, or to... DetailsDownload 

21. PC|SCHEMATIC Automation 13.0 The electrical CAD software, PC|SCHEMATIC Automation, gives you the peace of mind and overall view you need each day. Focus on the electrical design, and let the CAD software handle the practical details. You have pretty much completed everything,... DetailsDownload 

22. MotorStarterSelectiontool 1.0 After indicating the type of motor and the electrical operating conditions, this tool suggests the combination of apparatus for constructing what is required, according to the desired protection configuration. The application is free to install... DetailsDownload 

23. Uncertainty Sidekick 1.0 Uncertainty Sidekick is a free application for calculating and analyzing measurement uncertainty that incorporates the concepts and methods presented in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Guide to the Expression of... DetailsDownload 

24. JKarelRobot 1.3 Programming a computer in a language like Java requires precise sequencing of steps, one after the other, choosing which steps to follow in certain cases, and controlling the repetition of certain steps, in the process of solving a problem.... DetailsDownload 

25. Accurasee 1.0 The Accurasee Drawing System provides drawing tools to help implement time tested methods of alignments and measurements. It can be used to help any artist arrive at correct overall proportions. It was created in an effort to simplify the process... DetailsDownload 

26. print2fundraise 3.2 The print2fundraise service allows fundraising all-year-round - even during school holidays - and it is easier, more convenient and cheaper* than traditional methods of ordering photos. Every time you print your photos from your home computer... DetailsDownload 

27. jAGN 1.01 jAGN is a small, Java based application specially designed to offer you a model generation through theoretical models of complex networks, which is used to simulate temporal expression data, which can be used by computational methods to recover... DetailsDownload 

28. Elyse for Mac 2.0.3 Elyse is a file management system which solves the major problem with traditional methods of managing large numbers files on computers: paths and folders. Storing files in Elyse eliminates the need to decide precisely where to store a file, or to... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

29. Genetic monodimensional packing b This project aims at providing a set of tools for solving the class of monodimensional packing problems (such as cutting stock, bin packing and knapsack problem) mainly using genetic algoritms. DetailsDownload 

30. OAP Lite 0.1 OAP Lite is Optimized Algorithms Platform Lite, which simplifies the process of solving some optimization problems by Genetic Algorithms. It is a highly configurable, efficient tool for user to get the optimum result without programming. DetailsDownload 

31. Million Musician Challenge 1.0 This project is a proof of concept for the use of video games as an alternative to traditional methods of music teaching, particularly for boys. It is the basis for the "Million Musician Challenge"- to engage 1,000,000 in music making. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

32. Zenark's XML for SQL Define your database structure and relations once using the ZsqlML (Zenark's SQL Markup Language) XML DTD, and then generate mulitple vendor-specific SQL scripts, thereby solving the issue of SQL script variances across multiple platforms. DetailsDownload 

33. KLEX 1.0 A framework for all-platform GUI-development based on completely separating business from presentation logic and introducing methods of abstraction that allow stepwise refinement of the GUI-definition. DetailsDownload 

34. Koil 1.0 This software allow the synthesis and analysis of the winding of a rotating electrical machine DetailsDownload 

35. SATB Harmoniser 0.0.1 Development and implementation of algorithms for solving the "SATB Harmonisation" problem and related musical composition problems. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

36. pyrely 1.0 PYthon RELiabilitY

A python package implementing state-of-the-art numerical methods arising in the field of uncertainty quantification : from statistical inference to uncertainty propagation for various purposes. DetailsDownload 

37. SCOLA - Shell for Contextual Logic... A shell for using the methods of Contextual Logic to do qualitative data analysis, mathematical research on the theory underlying Conceptual Knowledge Processing, or learning Formal Concept Analysis. It uses the framework provided by the Tockit... DetailsDownload 

38. FPGA placement using Genetic... This project aims at using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm called the Genetic algorithm to solve the problem of placement in the FPGA circuits. DetailsDownload 

39. Tesla Coil Builder 1.0 TeslaCoiler helps build Tesla Coils by solving the mathmatical aspects of one. The end results are the most useful for when your planned Tesla Coil's LC Resonance Frequencies don't match. It will adjust specific parts of tank circuit to... DetailsDownload 

40. TDRSP 1.0 TDRSP is a tool package solving the equation of motion of reduced single-electron density matrix in the framework of Hartree-Fock or density functional theory in time domain. DetailsDownload 

41. REMD toolkit 1.0 REMD toolkit is designed as a C++ framework to build a replica-exchange molecular dynamics (REMD) program, suitable for solving the multiple-minima problem that prevents accurate estimation of thermodynamical properties. DetailsDownload 

42. InfoMeth 0.06 MatLab Methods for Quantifying the Informational Structure of Sensory and Motor Data DetailsDownload 

43. Malagor 1.0 Goal is to enhance: security evaluation methods, methods of search for vulnerabilities in security policy of perimeter defenses, improvement of the control mechanism and full automation of penetration testing process. DetailsDownload 

44. PacketDB 1.0 The goal of this project is to create a set of workflows that treat tcpdumps/packet captures as just another sort of data to be loaded into relational structures and manipulated using the well-established methods of relational databases. DetailsDownload 

45. APPix 1.0 This project pertains to development of an application program for manipulation of images using the principles and methods of artificial physics a.k.a. physicomimetics. DetailsDownload 

46. Upenn Electric Race Team... This project contains the code and hardware diagrams for the electrical system of an electric vehicle. DetailsDownload 

47. OpenBAM 1.0 OpenBAM is a workflow monitor that looks for solving the problem of auditing the different business processes at a given time, in order to obtain metric and statistics of any of the workflow of the organization and also take corrective actions. DetailsDownload 

48. C# ErrorLib 1.0 An error handling library in C# that provides various methods of reporting errors, along with the ability to generate error creation classes from a collection, along with the method of converting these to plain text. DetailsDownload 

49. Utilities 4 Testing 1.2.1 This library has a package of useful methods to help the development of automated tests for Java applications. DetailsDownload 

50. Gandhi (Lite Version) 1.0 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the father of the Indian nation, inspired millions of people to believe in freedom, truth and non-violence, when the world was torn apart by wars. Revered as the Mahatma, this simple man, through his simple methods of... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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