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1. Snake online 3 10 Snake classic online free game. Online Snake Site Description. Full game downloads and trial versions of casual games. Don t see your favorite online game. Snake classic online free game. Online Snake Site Description. Full game downloads and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot


2. Nokia Snake 2.75 Check out this version of the snake game commonly found on Nokia phones. Navigate the snake around the screen and try to eat the bananas to gain points. You die by running into a wall, or running into yourself. A level editor is also included so... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. Snake kids game 1.06 snake. Kids like games. snake Use this game for free and fun. This is free online snake kids game. This game develop your child. Play kids game. All kids like games. Play it online free. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. Philosophy Snake 1.0 A philosophical version of snake that is bound to bring a smile to your face. Play on 5 different levels, helping Wittgenstein to eat apples in order to engorge himself. Control the snake using the Up, Down, Left and Right keys. Make sure that you... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

5. Snake 1.0 Snake is a video game that came out in the mid-to-late 1970s and has maintained popularity since then, becoming somewhat of a classic. The player controls a long, thin creature, resembling a snake, which roams around on a bordered plane, picking... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

6. Bobo Snake 1.5.1 Are you a professional snake charmer? Come and test your skills by taking care of a baby snake! Your task in this game is to guide the snake to consume the food so that it can grow. After you have entered the game, click anywhere in the play area... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

7. Monkey Trouble 2 1.0 Monkey Trouble is an interesting puzzle game for free. Monkey popping fun is back with this sequel to the hit game Monkey Trouble! With over 25 levels of monkey-filled slidy match-3 action, 3 difficulties to suit all players, and lots of bonuses... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

8. Free Snake Game: 1.9.0 Free Snake Game is an excellent game that let you to move the snake through the maze and eat all the food. You control the snake to eat food using the arrow keys (left, right, up and download) to control the direction of the snake. If the snake... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

9. Snake Charmer (Android) 1.0 Snake Charmer is a dynamic arcade game in which you need to collect prizes while avoiding touching the walls and crossing itself (except for "Zen" mode). Apart from the main prize - the apples there are secondary prizes : mouse , egg,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

10. Snake Charmer (iOS) 1.0 Snake Charmer is a dynamic arcade game in which you need to collect prizes while avoiding touching the walls and crossing itself (except for "Zen" mode). Apart from the main prize - the apples there are secondary prizes : mouse , egg,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

11. PocketSnake 0.1 PocketSnake is another release of the classic Snake game for the Pocket PC PDAs.Your goal is to move the snake and eat as many food blocks as possible. Easy rules: Use the arrow keys or stylus to control the snake.Eat the blocks to make snake... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

12. ALTools Lunar Zodiac Snake Wallpaper... The Snake is the 6th animal in the Chinese Zodiac. If you were born in 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, or 2001 then your Chinese Zodiac sign is the Snake and this ALTools Lunar Zodiac Snake wallpaper is for you.The ALTools Lunar (Chinese) Zodiac... DetailsDownload 

13. Snake Sentence 1.0 SNAKE SENTENCE between Sudoku and Crosswords. 100 % New 100 % logical 100 % Relaxation.Do you know your alphabet? Do you like puzzle games? Do you like letter games?So this new game is your game!SNAKE SENTENCE is a puzzle game allying the logic... DetailsDownload 

14. Snake Classics 1.2.0 In this game you will control the snake to eat food. Use the arrow keys to control the direction of the snake. When the snake eats a food, then it will grow and become longer. You should control the snake so that it will not run into walls or... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

15. Snake Mahjong Solitaire 1 Snake Mahjong Solitaire will strike you when you least expect it! Play this tile matching puzzle game for free. It's gorgeously themed mahjong tiles and striking layout will sink its teeth into you the moment you set eyes on it. Compete against... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

16. Tummy Trouble 1.0 Tummy Trouble is a free Flash action game. This game is based in Cartoon Network’s "Codename: Kids Next Door" characters. The game can be played online in the author’s website, but to download it you should go to... DetailsDownload 

17. Avatar Treetop Trouble 1.0 Avatar Treetop Trouble is a nice cartoon platform action game. This game is played using arrows left and right to walk, space to jump and control to fling your weapons at enemies or ropes. Help Sokka hop across the treetops and rescue an entire town! DetailsDownload 

18. Snake Munch 1.0 Snake Munch is another variation of a classic arcade video game "Snake". As in the original game, your task is to control a snake, that should eat fruits, and not hit its tail or run into various obstacles, and, of course, the borders.... DetailsDownload 

19. Greedy Snake (DirectX version) 2.1 The famous Snake game.Games gorgeous interface.Games nimble.Sound good. Support the progress of the store. Greedy Snake (DirectX version) features : - Game total of 10 levels, from easy to difficult; - Audio support; - Support the progress of the... DetailsDownload 

20. Space Snake 2000 1.1 Space Snake is a SK Home-made Software's variation of the classic snake game. If you want to play this game you must: - Pick up the SS symbols to avoid the snake to grow. - The snake will expand for every missed SS symbol. - Collect items... DetailsDownload 

21. Deluxe Snake 3.8 The most unique feature which make this game diferent from other snakes is the possibility to cut you snake. All you have to do is to reach your tail with your head or in other words bite in your own tail. This will make your snake 2 times shorter... DetailsDownload 

22. Rubik's Snake 1.1 In this game you will be given a picture of the shape to make, and then you will need to make it using the Rubik's Snake. To twist the snake, move your mouse over the snake and then press one of the arrows. You can also drag the snake to... DetailsDownload 

23. Wild Snake 1.0 Wild Snake is completely free. You may play it as much as you like without paying a single buck. In exchange for playing it, you are instead asked for a small favour. You are encouraged to send any comments you might have about this game. This... DetailsDownload 

24. Schnake 1.00 Schnake is a snake/nibbles game. Eeat to your hearts content, but be careful. As you eat, you gain length. Eventually, you need to twist your lengthy body into a tight structure to avoid crashing into yourself and rupturing your appetite.Details - Download 

25. Snake Attack 3D 1.1 Snake Attack 3D is a 3D Shooter, that works with LAN and Internet. You can play Single-Player-Mode and Multi-Player-Mode.
Requirements: Hardware OpenGL DetailsDownload - Screenshot

26. Rosso Rabbit in Trouble 1.03 Rosso Rabbit! And Rosso definitely has got the jump over jolly old Santa as far as trouble goes! Gaining extra lives is no picnic in this game: our bouncing bunny has to hop around the clock gathering carrots, red beets, and exasperatingly... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

27. SnakeWar Dark Night 1.1 SnakeWar Dark Night, Second Version of SnakeWar game an extension to the Old Classic Snake Game. New mysterious arenas, new game play, new user experience catch the fear of Snake bite with SnakeWar Dark Night. New and exciting nine stages to prove... DetailsDownload 

28. White Snake - Train Chinese Reading 1.0 The Madam White Snake Story is a famous Chinese folk legend from Ancient China and also exists in many contemporary versions of Modern spoken and written Chinese. This text is the basis for a Reading Comprehension course on Chinese. DetailsDownload 

29. Trouble in Libreland 1.0 Trouble in Libreland is a 2D real-time strategy game that will be written in C++ using Gorgon Game Engine. The project is initiated in order to compete in Liberated Pixel Cup. The game will take a place in a town called Libreland which is being... DetailsDownload 

30. Om@r Snake 1.0 It is a Snake Game . The snake eats apples . Each Time the snake eats an apple The snake grows and your score increases . DetailsDownload 

31. Snake (game) in pure pascal 1.0 The project is the Game (Snake) developing to show and using simple pascal in game programming. It also uses AI (not yet implemented). DetailsDownload 

32. Snake fights 1.0 Snake fights it is a remake of old game. The role of the player consists that it prepares an own snake for competition, but in battle itself you can be only a spectator. DetailsDownload 

33. Repune, a multiplayer Snake game. 1.0 An SDL multiplayer snake game like Dune. Written in C using SDL. The idea is to construct a robust and simple game engine to make it easy to add objects to the game. DetailsDownload 

34. Mac Snake 1.0 Classic Snake game for the mac. DetailsDownload 

35. Classic Snake Game 1.0 Implementation of the classic Snake Arcade Game in JAVA DetailsDownload 

36. Snake 3D 1.0 Snake 3D is a fun new version of Snake, except played around a cube. It will eventually be able to be customized to add your 3D models, etc. DetailsDownload 

37. Willi's Snake 1.0 Willi's Snake is another snake implementation that will enable more than 4 players to play snake against each other. The number of players, grid size, number of food spawning, timer and moving speed will be variable in the final version. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

38. SNAKE GAME FOR PC 1.1 Glut snake is a pc game for windows platform. It is very simple and compact game. It is developed in C++ using openGL glut library. For best play, Windows 7 is recommended. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

39. Snake And Ladder in PYTHON 1.0 The Classic Snake & Ladder Board Game in Python. DetailsDownload 

40. snake sajtoslangos 1.0 Unique snake game written in Java for a university project. DetailsDownload 

41. Java Snake Battle 1.0 A variant of the classic game Snake, but with the addition of an autonomous enemy snake. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

42. Gnorlok - The Snake 1.0 Gnorlok - The SnakeAnother Snake clone... DetailsDownload 

43. j-snake alpha A simple snake game. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

44. Jippy Snake 1.0 A snake clone written in Java DetailsDownload 

45. Snake New Generation 1.0 Funny multiplayer version of the SNAKE game using SDL libraries. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

46. Snake-Tron 1.0 A scheme/dmda-based snake-clone, featuring nice graphics, single- and 2-player mode, arcade-mode and tron-mode. Game-language is German. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

47. uber-snake 0.9.2 You all probably played an usual "snake" someday?
But now imagine that you are not alone. So now you have to think not only about the how to quickly gather all the food and do not hurt yourself, but also beware of enemies. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

48. JArcade Snake 1.0 Goal of this project is to create a version of snake that supports customizable environment themes and maps. It should be playable on most mobile devices. DetailsDownload 

49. Snake 2.0 (eclipse edition) 1.0 Snake 2.0: A next generation multiplayer snake clone based on Java SWT. Runs standalone and as eclipse plugin. Core features include local and remote multiplayer, several sorts of "eatable" items, level collections, sounds and different... DetailsDownload 

50. Snake Arena 1.0 A fun multi-player snake based cross-platform game. DetailsDownload 

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