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1. CAXperts 3D PDF Engine 4.0 3D PDF Engine creates PDF documents with 3D content out of plant design review sessions. With this program you can easily create Adobe 3D-PDF‘s from SmartPlant Review Session, can select PDF content on engineering workflow. It works with... DetailsDownload 


2. WPFGraph WPFGraph is a tool to create animations of graph algorithms using a WPF based 3D rendering engine.
You can create a graph by adding nodes and edges to the UI simply by using your mouse.
Then you can execute a graph algorithm like... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. moon 3d Game-Engine 1.0 The moon 3d Game-Engine is intended to become a full-featured 3d game engine (FPS) with single- and multiplayer support. DetailsDownload 

4. Open 3D Game Engine 1.0 This project started as my own work learning and cultivating my skills developing a highly efficient, open source 3D game engine for Windows systems. Benchmarking and code efficiency are the corner stones of the project. DetailsDownload 

5. Sky 3D (OpenGL) Engine 1.0 Sky 3D (OpenGL) Engine - Engine for 3D Games and for other 3D Programs or Renderers. DetailsDownload 

6. LibSmog Real-Time 3D Game Engine 32 Libsmog is a flexible 3D game engine written in C++. It has been designed from the ground up to provide a dynamic, performance oriented, flexible, multi-player, easy to implement audio and visual experience. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

7. Grand Unified 3D Game Engine 0.3.0 A universal 3D game engine designed to be portable, powerful, flexible, and easily extendable through an extensive plugin system. DetailsDownload 

8. Essence 3D Game Engine 0.10 Essence is a 3d game engine being written in C++ for the Windows platforms.The engine is an efficient but easy-to-use toolkit for developers wishing to create games, prototypes or visualisations.It will provide programmers with a library which man DetailsDownload 

9. Habitat 3D Game Engine 1.0 Habitat is my experiment at making a simple OpenGL based 3D game engine. I am interested in learning how parts of a game engine work together. My main goal is to create a flexible engine that can be used for many types of games. DetailsDownload 

10. Resurection : 3D Game Engine 1.0 Resurection is a 3d game engine project. DetailsDownload 

11. Cube game & 3D engine 1.0 3D game engine and multiplayer/singleplayer FPS game DetailsDownload 

12. Dragon Blaze - 3D OpenGL Game Engine 1.0 A basic OpenGL 3D game engine built from the ground up to support multi-texturing, mip-mapping, face culling and more. Its simplicity is its virtue to aid in learning and to ease expansion. Currently, it runs on Windows using MFC, Linux support is... DetailsDownload 

13. Infinite Space 3D Engine 1.0 Infinite Space is a 3D game engine. Its primary features include OpenGL support, thread-based objects, integrated AI scripting, multiplayer support and broadband voice communications. DetailsDownload 

14. One 3D Engine 1.0 One Engine is Irrlicht derivated 3D graphics engine designed especially for real-time modelling of city environments. One Engine will integrate script management, audio, physics and other features to become a full game engine. DetailsDownload 

15. 3D Engine on pure Java. rc 3D Graphics engine on Pure Java 2. Small and Fast. Open Source. DetailsDownload 

16. The ion 3D engine 20040317 The ion engine is a portable 3D graphics engine for C++. It completely abstracts the underlying API (both OpenGL and Direct3D are supported). Programmable hardware is fully supported. DetailsDownload 

17. Elixir Engine 1.0 Elixir Engine is a fast and powerful realtime 3D game engine. DetailsDownload 

18. Herakles Engine 1.0 Herakles is a 2D-3D graphics engine. As its name implies, it is intended to be a really strong and fast engine. Its only library dependancies are OpenGL and OpenAL. Fully object-oriented, written in 100% pure C++. DetailsDownload 

19. RealmForge (now Visual3D Game Engine)... The first 3D game engine built in C# for .NET, predecessor to the Visual3D Game Engine (, an All-in-One Game Development Tool for Next-Gen 3D Games, MMOs, Simulations and Virtual Worlds powered by Microsoft XNA. DetailsDownload 

20. DarKnif Engine 1.0 An advanced DX9 3D Game Engine and IDE. DetailsDownload 

21. Evolution XNA Game Engine 1.0 XNA Shader 3D Game Engine, it includes physics, Artificial Intelegence, Particle System. Bone Animation Blending, C# Scripting, Billboards, Compressed Content Directory or Virtual File System for Content. DetailsDownload 

22. Cube 2: Sauerbraten (game engine... 3D game engine (more powerful redesign of the Cube engine) and FPS game DetailsDownload 

23. Castle Game Engine rc Cross-platform 3D game engine in Object Pascal. Extensible system of 3D objects, with out-of-the-box levels, items, intelligent creatures and more. Rendering and processing of 3D models in X3D, VRML, Collada and other formats. Latest graphic... DetailsDownload 

24. QBism Game Engine 8.0123 qbism Super8 is an open source 3D game engine with advanced yet intentionally retro 8-bit graphics for a crunchy pixelated look. The source code is forked from Makaqu Quake with enhancements from other Quake projects. The goal is to expand... DetailsDownload 

25. Monster Engine - a open game engine... A open dynamic 3d game engine based around Ogre3d, Ageia PhysX, OpenAL, scriptable in the LUA language. The FPS demo game Monkeys in the Dark presenting the engine power with use of deferred shading, normal mapping and the new technic of dynamic... DetailsDownload 

26. Neverworks Engine 1.0 OGRE based open source 3D game engine. Features include: semi object-oriented Lua scripting language, Newton physics engine, pixel shader material system, compositor shader support (HDR, Bloom), customizable GUI system and DotScene scene system. DetailsDownload 

27. MathEngine 3D 1.1.4 A LGPL 3D opengl engine that uses trigonometry to make wonderful objects. DetailsDownload 

28. Void engine 01 opengl, directx based 3d indoor engine. DetailsDownload 

29. engine|zero 0.3 engine|zero is a "universal source port" - a 3D game engine aiming to be able to work with as many different game data types as possible. DetailsDownload 

30. Crimson Game Engine 1.0 A 3D game engine that integrates a graphics renderer (Ogre) as well as including physics (PhysX) and sound (FMOD) capabilities. The engine also supports a variety of scripting features through lua/luabind interfaces. DetailsDownload 

31. Caffeine Game Engine 1.0 This project is a modular and generally useful 3d game engine with integrated physics calculations and expandability. Expansion includes loading mod files dynamically, maps, and storyline components. DetailsDownload 

32. Lemo\'s Duke3d Engine 1.0 Experimental 3D/FPS engine designed around DukeNukem3d file formats. Started from scratch (not a Build/Duke3d port), uses OpenGL, planned to work on both Windows and Unix variants (Linux, FreeBSD, ...) DetailsDownload 

33. Phobos Game Engine 1.0 The Phobos Engine is a 3D game engine written in C++. It uses the SDL for window and input management and OpenGL for all 3D Graphics. The engine is intended to be the base for first person shooter games. DetailsDownload 

34. WMC Engine 1.0 The WMC Engine is a C++ 3D game engine, based on the WildMagic game library. It will be expanded to feature LUA scripting, networking, audio, AI, a world editor, and terrain generator. The WMC Engine is not endorsed Dave Eberly. DetailsDownload 

35. Ye Olde Gamers Character Engine 1.0 This 3d game engine is designed for use mainly with characters for RPGs.It uses a 3 part wireframe system that builds a variable skeleton wireframe, with a skin wireframe wrapped around it, the third wireframe is for clothes and accessories. DetailsDownload 

36. The Myth Game Engine 1.0 The Myth Game Engine:A very easy to use 3D game engine, designed for making RPG's. With networking, very fast rendering,very simple functions to do complex tasks, and very easy to expand!Using C/C++; OpenGL; SDL; SDL_Net; DevIL;... DetailsDownload 

37. Ogre 3d Game Simulator 1.0 Using the ogre 3d game engine this simulator enable a company test security systems and emergency situacion to prevent future damages. DetailsDownload 

38. Proxima Engine 1.0 3D game engine which will later on be used in a complete game development. The game engine will be using OpenGL as it's base drawing and rendering library being industry standard. DetailsDownload 

39. Volcano Game Engine 1.0 Full service 3D game engine. Uses Ogre3D for the graphics and Aegia Physx for physics. Includes frame based memory allocation, component architecture and fully controllable through a Lua scripting API. DetailsDownload 

40. Quebra Engine 1.0 The Quebra Engine is a simplistic, cross platform 2D/3D game engine being created using C under the GCC compiler. It makes use of the GLFW library for platform abstraction and is expandable through the usage of text based scripts. DetailsDownload 

41. QuickStart Engine 1.0 QuickStart Engine is a 3D game engine for XNA Game Studio and C#. It allows users to make games quickly for either Windows or the XBox360. DetailsDownload 

42. ZAM XNA Engine 1.0 XNA 2D/3D game engine for creating both Window PC and XBOX Live Indie games. DetailsDownload 

43. The Servant MMORPG Engine 0709 The Servant Engine is a community based open source 3D MMORPG Engine. If you would like to contribute to the Servant engine, Please visit Or you may start a branch project and develop it any way you wish. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

44. Proteus Engine 1.0 A 3D game engine primarily focused on FPS games. DetailsDownload 

45. Arctic Engine 1.0 Arctic Engine is a 3D game engine, which is being developed in 2015. DetailsDownload 

46. Comet Engine 1.0 MMORPG 2d/3d Game Engine DetailsDownload 

47. Heka Engine 1.0 It's a 3D Game Engine with XNA. DetailsDownload 

48. Massive G Engine 1.0 The Massive G Engine is a simple yet feature-rich extensible 3D simulation engine for Robotics Research and gaming. DetailsDownload 

49. Neural 3D 1.0 Neural 3D is an Open Source 3D Realtime Engine for Android platform based upon OpenGL ES; it offers Development Kit to programme games easily. DetailsDownload 

50. SeganWorld Engine 1.0 SeganWorld Engine is an realtime 3D game engine coming with maximum features to create high end race and FPS games. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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