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1. Xippee Safari Plug-in 1.0 The Xippee for Safari Plug-in allows you to search visually in all of your favorite search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, and countless others). Simply double-click on any word (or highlight any phrase) then plus and minus buttons will be displayed.... DetailsDownload - Screenshot


2. Troi Serial Plug-in for FileMaker Pro... Troi Serial plug-in 3 can read from and write to the serial ports of the computer directly from FileMaker Pro without the need of a separate application. Suggested uses for this plug-in are connecting to a modem, custom switchboard dialing, caller... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. Troi URL Plug-In 2.0.3 Troi URL Plug-in lets you post and retrieve information from the Internet. Troi URL Plug-in can help you fill in web forms on the Internet, all from FileMaker Pro. It also retrieves data or images from any HTTP and HTTPS URL. We have released an... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. Plasteroid plug-in 1.43 Plasteroid Photoshop Plug-in Filter is a precision tool for texturization of plain pictures as well as an impressive photo-frame maker. You can imitate any surface you wish. All you need is an appropriate texture. The Plasteroid plugin is... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

5. Troi File Plug-in for FileMaker Pro... Troi File Plug-in 3.5 is a very powerful tool for getting access to information outside the FileMaker Pro database. Any files or folders stored on the computer can be accessed through the functions of the plug-in. Troi File Plug-in 3 makes use of... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

6. Troi Dialog Plug-in for FileMaker Pro... Troi Dialog Plug-in is a very powerful tool for displaying all sorts of dialogs in FileMaker Pro 7, 8 or 8.5. The text of the dialog and of the buttons can be created dynamically by using a calculation. All from within FileMaker you can: - show... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

7. Activator Plug-in for FileMaker Pro... The Troi Activator Plug-in can trigger scripts on a different computer, even via Internet! It has built-in security to prevent unauthorized triggering. You can send a message text and/or a number (e.g. a record ID) with the trigger. It is also... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

8. Troi Dialog Plug-in for Mac OS X 5.5.6 Troi Dialog Plug-in 5.5.6 runs natively with FileMaker Pro 12 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 12, but also with FileMaker Pro 9, FileMaker Pro 10 and FileMaker Pro 11. The Mac OS X version is a Universal plug-in which runs natively on PowerPC and Intel... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

9. AlphaPNG format plug-in 1.0 AlphaPNG file format plug-in lets to save semi-transparent images with semi-transparent tones and an alpha-channel in 8-bit PNG format! AlphaPNG lets you choose your ideal color palette (RGB or Greyscale) and automatically optimizes it using our... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

10. Soundcrank iTunes Plug-in 2.1 The Soundcrank iTunes plug-in allows you to get album art and lyrics for the songs in your iTunes library. You will be able to view album art and lyrics on your iPod once the plug-in updates your music files. It also allows you to see what like... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

11. Color deconvolution plug-in, try-out... The Color Deconvolution plug-in was originally developed for forensic science, to make the invisible visible with an advanced algorithm for color separation. It has been used sucessfully for varied tasks such as: recovering erased or crossed-out... DetailsDownload 

12. LuraWave / LuraDocument Browser... The LuraDocument and LuraWave Browser Plug-In is a de-compressor. It allows viewing of documents and images compressed with LuraWave and LuraDocument within Internet browsers.LuraWave is a state-of-the-art file format that uses wavelet-based... DetailsDownload 

13. 24U PlaySound Plug-In 1.1 24U PlaySound Plug-In is a FileMaker Pro plug-in. It allows your FileMaker Pro databases to play your own custom sounds on Windows and Macintosh computers. The sound formats currently supported are Windows WAV files (on both platforms) and... DetailsDownload 

14. Pet Eye Pilot plug-in 3.0 Pet Eye Pilot plug-in allows you to retouch linear objects as well as any other unwanted objects from a photo. The program can be use in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo, Corel PHOTO-PAINT or another photo... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

15. Red Eye Pilot plug-in 3.0 Red Eye Pilot plug-in allows you to retouch linear objects as well as any other unwanted objects from a photo. The program can be use in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo, Corel PHOTO-PAINT or another photo... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

16. Perspective Pilot plug-in 2.0 Perspective Pilot plug-in allows you to retouch linear objects as well as any other unwanted objects from a photo. The program can be use in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo, Corel PHOTO-PAINT or another photo... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

17. Retouch Pilot plug-in 3.0 Retouch Pilot plug-in allows you to retouch linear objects as well as any other unwanted objects from a photo. The program can be use in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo, Corel PHOTO-PAINT or another photo... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

18. Wire Pilot plug-in 3.0 Wire Pilot plug-in allows you to retouch linear objects as well as any other unwanted objects from a photo. The program can be use in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo, Corel PHOTO-PAINT or another photo editors. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

19. Water Ripples plug-in 1.30 Water Ripples is a freeware Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in filter. The highly realistic water ripples effect designer has numerous options as well as an impressive 3D quality. The random settings generator produces unlimited variations of... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

20. Face Control plug-in 1.01 Face Control plug-in allows you to change facial expressions of people in the digital photos. It is very easy-to-use freeware program. Human, animal, alien, or any other faces are welcomed. DetailsDownload 

21. JPEG Lossless Resave plug-in for... Better JPEG Lossless Resave plug-in for Adobe Photoshop is a tool designed to avoid recompression loss when editing and resaving JPEG images in Photoshop. The plug-in takes advantage of the fact that JPEG images consist of a number of small... DetailsDownload 

22. Craquelure 3D plug-in 1.35 This plug-in creates a wide range of well known craquelure (krăkloor+) effects. The filter is useful in designing various abstract patterns, decorative surfaces and construction materials.Two independent craquelure layers can be controlled to... DetailsDownload 

23. Ripples Magic plug-in 1.32 Ripples Magic plug-in filter is a powerful tool for creating composite 3D surfaces. Cosmic curves, melted metal, drapes, flowers, jewelry, unreal streamline pictures, etc. The built-in random settings generator helps to produce unlimited... DetailsDownload 

24. PDF Plug-in Suite 1.0 Mapsoft PDF Plug-in Suite is a desktop package containing the 18 following Mapsoft publishing tools which allow you to:-Stamp text or images: Impress, ImagePlacer. -Manage and/or modify your PDF files thanks to these utilities: MaskIt, DocuMerger,... DetailsDownload 

25. AutoSplit Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat 2.3 Adobe Acrobat plug-in that is designed for advanced splitting and merging of PDF documents. Product combines industry standard document splitting methods as well as unique features for content based splitting and page extraction. Split PDF... DetailsDownload 

26. Myriad Plug-in 5.3.0 Web browser plug-in to play, display, transpose and print music scores created with Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant, directly from your web browser.This plug-in also play tutorials available on the Myriad Video Tutorial page. DetailsDownload 

27. WebTricks WebTricks is an Internet Explorer plug-in that allows you to perform a few tricks while surfing the web. With WebTricks you can easily unmask shadowed passwords of almost any web page and enable disabled page elements such as buttons, checkboxes... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

28. Voxengo BMS x64 2.0 BMS is a bass management system plug-in for professional surround sound applications. BMS is able to extract and manipulate low-frequency content of non-LFE channels in up to 7.1 surround configurations. The main purpose of BMS is to simplify... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

29. PSP MasterComp x64 1.7.2001 PSP MasterComp is a high fidelity stereo dynamics processor (plug-in VST, RTAS for Windows; AudioUnit, RTAS, VST for Mac OSX Universal Binary). Its double-precision (64-bit floating point) and double-sampled (FAT - Frequency Authentication... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

30. SynthMaster SynthMaster is a semi-modular software synthesizer and multi-effects plug-in which combines many different synthesis methods such as additive synthesis, subtractive synthesis, ring modulation, amplitude modulation, frequency / phase modulation,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

31. Moyea Importer for Adobe Premiere... Moyea Importer for Adobe Premiere is the import plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro users and lovers who want to import FLV, VOB, AVCHD video (MTS, M2TS), MPG, RM, RMVB, MKV, TiVo to Adobe Premiere for editing and composing with other files. The import... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

32. MMEmail 1.1.2004 MMEmail offers you a user-friendly send email plug-in for FileMaker Pro 7 and later versions. It is different than other email plug-ins in the sense that it does most of the work for both the end-user and the developer. MMEmail has a built-in... DetailsDownload 

33. Sender's Time Zone for Outlook This plug-in will show you the sender's local time when you open or reply to an e-mail message. Once the Sender's Time Zone is installed, no setting and no configuring is required. From now on, you will never be confused with the time zones... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

34. MMScript 1.1 MMScript gives you a "Mighty Mini" plug-in for triggering and scheduling scripts. MMScript is a special script calling plug-in. It allows you to create a whole calendar of events. You can trigger a script now, or any time in the future.... DetailsDownload 

35. RhinoResurf2(WIP) for Rhino 2.0.1 Convert mRhinoResurf for Rhino is a reverse engineering plug-in for RhinocerosĀ® 4.0 and 5.0. This plug-in gives Rhino the ability to reconstruct the geometry represented by NURB surface of an object from a mesh or point cloud which describes... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

36. Color Mechanic Pro 2.1 Color Mechanic is a selective color correction plug-in for Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. What makes Color Mechanic so powerful is that it lets you change one or more colors in an image without changing any other colors in the image and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

37. Personalised Poems - Sentimental... This plug-in allows to add Sentimental style templates to the Personalised Poems program. CREATE YOUR VERY OWN personalised poem SCROLLS, and GREETING CARDS. Enter ANY first name, eg. Sharon and this Personalised Poems software will generate a... DetailsDownload 

38. Personalised Letters - Christmas... This is a plug-In that provides some Christmas templates and can be additionally downloaded for the Personalised Letters program. CREATE YOUR VERY OWN personalised Father Christmas (Santa Claus), Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Valentines... DetailsDownload 

39. Geosoft Plug-In for MapInfo 7.2 The Geosoft Plug-in for MapInfo is an extension to the MapInfo desktop software that provides data retrieval using DAP and also support for reading Geosoft file formats. The plug-in enables users to view Geosoft grid files as a raster layer inside... DetailsDownload 

40. LizardTech ExpressView Browser... The ExpressView Browser Plug-in (formerly the MrSID Browser Plug-in) gives you the ability to view MrSID and JPEG 2000 images natively in standard Windows Web browsers. The intuitive graphic user interface allows you to view, magnify, measure,... DetailsDownload 

41. Fabasoft Folio Cloud Plug-in 12.2 Fabasoft Folio Cloud Plug-in - Edit Documents directly via the Web browser. Do you want to open documents for editing fast and easy directly via the web browser? Install the Fabasoft Folio Cloud Plug-in and use all the plug-in features for a more... DetailsDownload 

42. CloudBerry Twitter Plug-in for IE 1.0 CloudBerry twitter plug in is a tool for Internet Explorer for a fast and enhanced use of Twitter.CloudBerry Twitter plug-in for IE helps you to post excerpts from the websites you visit with a click of a button and attach a short URL to the... DetailsDownload 

43. eDonkey Plug-in Pack 1.0 eDonkey Plug-in Pack contains a suite of tools and utilities to increase eDonkey client performance. eDonkey Plug-in Pack is hassle free, easy to install and to use, no more ''...plugin.dll'' to download or the... DetailsDownload 

44. WAV Output Plug-in for WMP 1.0 The WAV Output plug-in for Windows Media Player 9 (or later) allows you to save the player's output to the hard disk as a WAV file. This plug-in is similar to the Disk Writer plug-ins available for Winamp. You can use this plug-in, for... DetailsDownload 

45. Proofpoint Encryption Outlook Plug-in... A plug-in for Proofpoint Encryption is available for Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007 on the Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems. When installed, the plug-in displays a Send Securely button in the Outlook interface that users... DetailsDownload 

46. Kodak DIGITAL GEM Professional... KODAK DIGITAL GEM Professional Plug-In has the award-winning functionality to give users more control and better results for reducing distracting noise and grain in their 8-bit or 16-bit digital images. The KODAK DIGITAL GEM Professional Plug-In... DetailsDownload 

47. Neat Video Demo plug-in for After... Neat Video is a video noise reduction plug-in for After Effects.Neat Video incorporates the most advanced noise reduction algorithms in the industry and takes into account specific characteristics of particular video capturing devices.It has... DetailsDownload 

48. Premiere Pro Video Server plug-in 1.4 After a long period of hard work, they can now present the pre-release of the Premiere Pro Video Server Plug-in. This plug-in is already successfully tested by the beta tester team. Therefore this version is now stable and has no known problems.... DetailsDownload 

49. TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in MPEG-2 for... TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in MPEG-2 for EDIUS is a plug-in that brings Pegasys Inc.'s MPEG encoder functions to EDIUS and EDIUS Neo. Our original Encoding Engine's high quality MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encodes are praised not only by consumer users,... DetailsDownload 

50. Citrix offline plug-in 6.6 The offline plug-in is the new name for the Streaming Client. The plug-in runs as a service on the user device to invoke applications the user selects and applications enumerated by Citrix online plug-in, Citrix Receiver, or the Web Interface... DetailsDownload 

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