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51. End Of Line Converter for... This is a very simple Perl script that will take a file of unknown line endings UNIX, MAC, or DOS/Windows, defaulting converting the file to the UNIX style line endings. DetailsDownload 


52. End Of The World 2012 1.0.2 Is it the end of the world? What will happen and where will you go after: Heaven or Hell?
This application will help you find out!

Please answer the questions, which will appear on your phone during the day about the way you have... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

53. Apocalypse 2012 - End of Days 1.0 Do You Believe In The End Of Days? Do You Want To Be Ready For The Apocalypse Of 2012?

The Bible, the Hopi, the Mayans and the Nostradamus all have something to say about the end of the world.

There have been many prophets... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

54. Sort Text Lists Alphabetically... This program will sort the content of your files in alphabetical order. Choose to sort by the first characters of each line or each word found in the file. This is good if you need to sort names. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

55. MS Word Add or Remove (Delete) Data,... Add, remove, find and replace characters, spaces, enters, tabs in multiple Word documents. Features include: add x to beginning of each line, add x to end of each line, add x before every y character(s) in entire, add x after every y character(s)... DetailsDownload 

56. Tams11 Block Dominoes Try this fun yet simple domino game. You receive 7 dominoes. Match the exposing number on the domino at the end of the line. If you cannot make a match and there are dominoes left in the boneyard, you must draw a domino. The first player to rid... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

57. Bloxorz 1.0 Bloxorz is a skill game. Your aim of this game is to get the block to fall into the square hole at the end of each stage. To move the block around the world, use the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrow keys. Be careful not to fall off the edges, the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

58. shh-str-search (string search) 1.0 looks inside the string <haystack> and prints out each starting location of the string <needle>. looks inside of <file> and prints out all of the starting positions # of each line where <string> exists. DetailsDownload 

59. Kolitsina 1.0 A simple card game, extremely popular in Greece. Two teams try to collect as many cards as they can by matching cards on the table with cards on their hands, scoring points at the end of each game. Reach 21 points to win! DetailsDownload - Screenshot

60. Bash Item Tracking System 2.4 point-of-sale system written completely in bash. Keeps track of how many items are being sold, customer traffic patterns, income, and more. Generates nice sales reports at end of session, has automatic recovery, and great with screen readers. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

61. Rocky Rider 1.0 Race across the rocky levels in Rocky Rider! Start out with your trusty jeep and then watch out for boxes that will transform you into a jacked up monster truck. Reach the end of each rocky road to unlock new levels! Complete each level as fast as... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

62. BellyFlip 1.2.1 Celebrate your growing baby with BellyFlip for the iPhone.

Every week you"ll be able to add a photo of your belly, learn how your baby is growing and share your progress with others.

At the end of your pregnancy you can... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

63. Landscape Contractor 1.3 *** Version 2 - Huge Update ***

Screenshots at:

Should be ready by end of September... All the new feature requests, users have asked for are... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

64. Egg Pot Lite 1.0 This is the popular EGG POT Game.

It's all about a chef that wants to give the egg to an other member of the kitchen at the other end of the scenario.

We provide 50 levels!
Each levels is more difficult than the previous... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

65. Count Characters Per Line Software 7.0 This software offers a solution for users who want to count characters for every line inside of a text file. Simply load one or multiple files into the list and click 'Start' to get the total number of characters for each line. For example, a line... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

66. Pot of Gold Mahjong 1.0 Pot o' Gold Mahjong is the lucky bounty at the end of the rainbow. Let your lucky leprechaun lead you to the gold this St. Patrick's Day... and keep coming back year round for this easy mahjong find which will make you rich in mahjong luck and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

67. WinZip Command Line Support Add-On 3.2 The WinZip&reg; Command Line Support Add-On is a FREE add-on for users of WinZip with a valid license. Before installing this add-on, please make sure you have WinZip 12.1 or later installed. The Add-On provides a command line interface that... DetailsDownload 

68. PASWin 3.2 -Backup-function selectable for automatically saving of measuring data after measurement end -Detailed presentation of each PSD at data logger window -Transient presentation of PSD progress in data logger window -Enhanced display of device status... DetailsDownload 

69. BookDB2 2.2 BookDB is a great software for people who end up buying books at double the price or the double of each book. It is also good for libraries where a record has to be maintained for books borrowed. In this system, all the books along with their... DetailsDownload 

70. Date / Time Library for Dates since... For each Date/Time since 1582-Oct-15 (start Gregorian Calendar): ++ add/sub days&amp;hh:mm:ss - considered all leap years; summer time DST ++ compute start/end of DST ++ compute UTC (Greenwich) to local/DST ++ weekdays ++ Excel compatible date... DetailsDownload 

71. Self Contained IP Phone (scipp) 1.0 Self Contained IP Phone, basicly linux box at either end of an Internet/Intranet link each with a card in it which will provide a simple full duplex voice connection to each other. A standard analogue phone at each end or Fax machine.Will look at... DetailsDownload 

72. Bone Counter Free 1.1 Bone Counter Free is an easy to use domino calculator that makes it simple to add up your remaining dominoes at the end of a game.

- 0 Through Double 18 Button Support
- Customize The Value For the 0 Button
- Choose Between... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

73. KS2 SATs Maths 2.0 An essential KS2 SATs Maths revision and assessment tool.

With over 500 SATs-type questions, children in Year 6 can take a test in each of the maths topics, or a mix of each. Each test is random and easily customisable - with a summary... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

74. RetroGuide - Colecovision 1.12 Collection tracking at the touch of a button
Add your own notes for each game
Box scan
Cartridge scans
Value and rarity details
Direct eBay searchlink for each game within the app - check the very... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

75. English Alphabet ABC 1.0 Here is the perfect tool to help your child learn the alphabet while having fun. This application will help keep your child entertained while in the car, a long line or at a restaurant. This application will allow you to hear the sound of each of... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

76. Track Your Spending 1.0.0 Have you ever thought about where all your money goes each month? When we"re scraping by at the end of the month, living off of tuna sandwiches and fruit juice boxes, waiting for payday to come, do we ever wonder what we could have done... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

77. Bone Counter Pro 1.1 Bone Counter Pro is an easy to use domino calculator that makes it simple to add up your remaining dominoes at the end of a game.

- 0 Through Double 18 Button Support
- Customize The Value For the 0 Button
- Choose Between... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

78. Mix The Color 1.0 * To mix the chemicals. simply click on a dish just make sure you mix the right color.

* when you click on a dish the beakers at either end of the grid will spray the next chemical loaded in each. The lowest... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

79. Rainbow Dreams 1.0 Stories about lands beyond the rainbow, or pots of gold at the end of one are nothing compared to this slideshow! Hundreds of stunning and beautiful pictures make this collection a must have!

To add to the fun, all of the photos can be... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

80. NrGrudge 1.0 NrGrudge is a 2 player board game. When it is your turn, you move one of the digits into an empty field of the board. When all fields are filled, the game is over.

At the end of the game, for each row the values in the fields are added... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

81. Reindeer X 1.0.0 The Reindeer Cafe is bustling during this holiday season. Each reindeer wants cookies, a special tin, and a fun bow for their gifts. Help the reindeer pick their presents while you practice your multiplication facts!

At the end of the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

82. ArtistSignal 1.2 ArtistSignal is a free social music platform allowing listeners to vote for a Top Artist each month. We give the Top Artist at the end of the month $10,000. This allows listeners to propel talented artists to the top of our platform and gives... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

83. Othellothon LD 1.2 Othellothon - is a board strategy game with 8 rows and 8 columns and a set of black and white pieces for each side. The goal for each player is to make pieces of their color constitute a majority of the pieces on the board at the end of the game,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

84. OneLife 1-31 Goal Card 1.0 This is application purpose is for users who wish to manage their daily goal.

at the end of day they can mark their goal as complete if they have achieve successfully.

This will be for each month. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

85. Bees & Flowers Extreme 1.0.0 Using your logic skills place thirty bees adjacent to each of the thirty flowers. The rules are simple enough - the number at the start of each row and column indicates how many bees should be placed in that particular line. Each flower must have... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

86. VolleyScore 1.1 Simple to use scoreboard for volleyball matches.

It's bigs buttons allows you to add or subtract points for each team, keeping the score for each of the sets played, and showing at all time who is at service. Now you can keep track on... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

87. Audi Express - Audi of Mendham &... We are proud to offer the great line-up of Audi automobiles at both of our sister locations, Audi of Mendham and Audi of Bernardsville. The word satisfaction is bandied about quite a bit in the auto business. We don't like that word. Our goal is... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

88. MS Word to Excel Import, Export &... Quickly transfer MS Word data to Excel using an add-in that sits in Word. Each line in Word is a row in Excel. Columns can be created in Excel by splitting each line by certain characters (like a comma or a comma-space). DetailsDownload 

89. IZArc Command Line Add-On 1.1 The IZArc Command Line Add-On is set of advanced command line tools for Windows. They can be called from batch (.bat) files, embeded in scripting languages or executed from other applications. WHAT'S NEW IZARCC: fixed: create archives on... DetailsDownload 

90. Player Scout Lite 1.1 Player Scout is an application for coaches who want to observe their players to be able to get their statistics in training thus at the end of the training coaches can get the players what to do. It is a simplified application and all modules can... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

91. TimeKeepS 1.0 Time Keeping Tool.
It's only purpose is to get time left of the broadcasting program.
Input the time of the end of the program and the time period of each items.
Tap "start".
Tap "take" every time the item... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

92. The Talisman by Sir Walter Scott 1.0 The Talisman is a novel by Sir Walter Scott. It was published in 1825 as the second of his Tales of the Crusaders, the first being The Betrothed.
The Talisman takes place at the end of the Third Crusade, mostly in the camp of the Crusaders in... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

93. Excel Add Leading & Ending Zeros... Add zeros to the beginning or end of cells in MS Excel. Excel 2000 or higher required. DetailsDownload 

94. Peek-A-Boo Favorites 2.1.2000 Peek-A-Boo Favorites takes a snapshot image and a web archive file (for off-line viewing and text searching) of each favourite shortcut. As you navigate over your favorites a preview of each site is shown allowing you to easy decide if this... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

95. VerticesBlk 1.4 VerticesBlk is an Autocad plugin designed to enable you to insert blocks at each line or polyline vertex (also 3D; and optionally in arc midpoints) Make your Autocad work easier with this extension! The VLX extension is Autocad specific and all... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

96. Bulk Rename Utility 2.7 Bulk Rename Utility is a freeware tool, useful to rename numerous files and folders at the same time, according to different criteria, and adapting to the needs of each user. In spite of its apparently sophisticated interface, this tool is... DetailsDownload 

97. Excel Add or Remove Leading or... Excel Add or Remove Leading or Trailing Zeros Software is a small application that allows you to add zeros to the beginning or end of a block of cells in MS Excel. The application offers several options to accomplish this task and is able to apply... DetailsDownload 

98. Naruto Game - The Unlimited Battle 1.0 Defeat all the enemies and using a combination of skills, reach and defeat the villain chief at the end of the game. Fight with Naruto characters in one player or two player battles. Game is very smooth, have nice graphics and many combinations of... DetailsDownload 

99. My Stamp Collection 1 My Stamp Collection allows you to keep track of all of your collected stamps. You can import photos of them from your ipad/ipod/iphone or you can take a photo of each add it. You can put notes and information about each stamp that you have... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

100. TurboGrafx 16 Cartridge Collectors... Collectors guide for fans of NEC's TurboGrafx 16/PC Engine console.
Over 320 games listed
Simple to use system to keep track of your collection by just tapping the row.
Add your own notes for each game - keep track of... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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