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1. Irrlicht for S60 60 Port of the Irrlicht engine for the S60 3rd Ed platform. Aimed to be run in the Nokia N95 8Gb. DetailsDownload 


2. WorkMan Agent for Sugar 1.0 WorkMan Agent for Sugar is a software developed by Larsson Consulting. WorkMan Agent is the application to use to gain high productiviy as a desktop user. It works standalone and doesn't require any specific server features. You must have a... DetailsDownload 

3. Xgrid Agent for Java 2006.03.29 This is an agent for Apple's Xgrid clustering protocol written entirely in Java. This makes multiple platform Xgrid clusters possible. DetailsDownload 

4. S60 word for smartphones 1.0 The aim of this project is to develop an application for S60 based smart phones which can convert Microsoft word document to plaintext (PT) and portable document format (PDF). DetailsDownload 

5. Touch Hider for S60 E3 1.30 Update to 1.30! Touch Hider is a smart and handy hiding tools to hide or lock your private files - photos, audios, videos, songs, voice - all confidential files on your mobile! It is deisinged specially for touch screen mobile - safe, fast and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

6. OCS Inventory Agent 2.0 OCS Inventory NG Agent Deployment Tool is a free software utility that allows you to install the OCS inventory ng agent for windows and for linux.This tool uses Windows SysInternals Psexec and PuTTY remote execution tools. You can download this... DetailsDownload 

7. Nagios EventLog Agent package 1.9 Nagios EventLog agent for Windows may be used to send NSCA alerts directly from filtered EventLog messages. This is a Windows service that forwards filtered EventLog messages into Nagios, via the NSCA daemon. It is based on NTSyslog and... DetailsDownload 

8. Wolf3D S60 Port of Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny for S60 cellphones. DetailsDownload 

9. Neurotics Agent 1.0 The aim of this project is to develop an agent for Robocup3d. Evolution algorithms will be used to teach the agent all the required things, from basic movement to more complicated things like formations and team play. DetailsDownload 

10. Java Soccer Agent: FSM &... This project is an example of a software agent for playing simulated soccer. The agent uses a FSM library and an Expert System library to make decisions. DetailsDownload 

11. SCommander - A file manager for... SCommander is a file manager for S60 Symbian devices, that works like Norton Commander/Total Commander, using two panels to navigate two different directories and copy/move files between them. DetailsDownload 

12. Dynamic Email-Address Agent 1.0 Configuration-free SMTP agent for dynamic DNS (cable, DSL) users. NO configuration hassle just a tiny (40kb) executable.Unlimited email addresses. Instant and unobtrusive new mail notification. No polling (POP, IMAP, Web-based) involved. DetailsDownload 

13. Relax Now - Hypnosis for Deep... Max Kirsten Apps - Featured in the UK Sunday Times. Best Apps in the World Feature 2013 for the 2nd year running.

" I found Max Kirsten's "Relax Now" app to be totally relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing, and I know... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

14. Print Agent for Exchange 1.7 Print Agent for Exchange - a solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, which allows to automatically print out the necessary emails and attachments. The product consists of three components - a management console, transport... DetailsDownload 

15. Tapur 5.3 Tapur is designed as an add-on application for the Skype program, being a recorder and answering agent for Skype. This handy program gives you the possibility to record your conversation, including not only voices, but also movies, such as video... DetailsDownload 

16. SWF2Go Professional 2.6 SWF2Go Professional enables you to create rich, powerful and engaging Flash Lite applications rapidly by combining the power of Python for S60 and Net60. Making professional class deployment packages is now one-click operation with new redesigned... DetailsDownload 

17. WebNMS SNMP Agent For Linux 2.0.0 The Linux Operating System is becoming the popular open source operating systems in the world. With large number of active installations, Linux operating system has become the core of many high volume, business-critical applications. It becomes... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

18. AdvanceSMS 2.0.0 AdvanceSMS is an SMS Utilities Application designed for S60 & Android Mobiles that combines various powerful messaging features into one user friendly app! AdvanceSMS allows you to set Personalized SMS tones per contact just like you already... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

19. MicroWeather 1.0 Weather forecast tool for S60 (and other...) platform with auto-update option and screen saver. Targets: - to make an all-in-one weather tool for S60 - produce reference quality code to show good example to developers DetailsDownload 

20. Mage AI Project 1.0 An interface to an artificially intelligent agent for playing Magic: The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast. And one or more agents for static or adaptive playing of the game against other artificial or human players. DetailsDownload 

21. Symbian Go 1.0 IGS Go client for s60 devices DetailsDownload 

22. What's The Catch 1.0 Simple arcade game for S60 platform. DetailsDownload 

23. PSNewhere 1.0 PSNewhere is a widget for S60 5th Edition devices that allows a PS3 user to see who of their friends is online using their mobile phone. Hopefully other platforms supported soon. DetailsDownload 

24. GlueFace 1.0 GlueFace is a Java application for adding lipsync'ed facial animation to BrickFilms (Lego-style) films. The position, size, rotation and 3D spin can be modified using a timeline, so the face "sticks" accurately to the character. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

25. HAL interface 1.0 This is to be a combination of various open libraries and apis or other systems for the use of building an artifical agent for familar human interfacing to the computer. DetailsDownload 

26. MarketSage 1.0 An autonomous agent for the purpose of modelling and trading the financial markets. DetailsDownload 

27. Calcohol 0.4.0 A real-time open source alcohol absorption and metabolism simulator for S60 3rd edition mobile phones. Can plot BAC graphs, predefined drinks, sobering-up time estimation and much more! DetailsDownload - Screenshot

28. Open Minder Filter 1.0 Simple Siteminder agent for Tomcat and jBoss DetailsDownload 

29. Virtual Machine I/O Fencing 0.3.0 Cluster I/O fencing agent for virtual machines designed to support various methods of guest-to-host communication and management frameworks. DetailsDownload 

30. ZFSAgent 1.0b1 This is a tiny JMX agent for ZFS. It relies on the presence of the commands "zpool" and "zfs". It defines two MBean types, one for pools and another for datasets. This agent can provide ZFS-specific monitoring for management tools... DetailsDownload 

31. WiSecure 1.0 WiSecure is security agent for wireless computers. It protects against common wireless threats such as WiPhishing, EvilTwin attacks, blocks ad hoc networking, minimum encryption level, etc. Its simple, transparent and comes with a easy to use UI. DetailsDownload 

32. TIS-LReminder 1.0 It is Reminder application for s60 phones. DetailsDownload 

33. Moo2 2 Moo2 an agent for the UNaXcess2 BBS system. DetailsDownload 

34. rand-mh 1.0 The venerable MH message handling system: a command-line based mail user agent for UNIX/Linux developed at the RAND Corporation and the University of California, Irvine. DetailsDownload 

35. vsoup 95beta VSOUP - Multi-threaded message transfer agent for email and news. DetailsDownload 

36. Sydewynder 0.1.1 Sydewynder is an SMS receiver and sender application written in Python for S60 phones. It automates the responses of messages and can be used as a mobile application server. It very useful for prototyping mobile applications and educational projects. DetailsDownload 

37. Glassbox 1.0 Glassbox is an automated troubleshooting and monitoring agent for Java apps that diagnoses common problems with one-click. Drop in a .war file from and find out what's wrong with your existing web apps, without any code... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

38. JossoAgentForRubyOnRails 1.0 Josso agent for Ruby on rails.Recently, there isn't a josso agent for ruby on rails. So, this project is born for SSO with JOSSO in the ROR environment. DetailsDownload 

39. Kids Math Pad: Grade 2 1.0 Simple and easy to use math drill app for your 2nd grader! Kids Math Pad was specifically designed for 2nd grade math problems of addition & subtraction. Help your 2nd grader to refine their math skills while keeping it fun.
Details - Download - Screenshot

40. Epicurious Recipes & Shopping... Over 5 million downloads!

Winner for the 2nd year in a row: 2011 ASME Award (National Magazine Awards for Digital Media)

Winner: Best Mobile Media 2010 (American Society of Magazine Editors)

Recipes from the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

41. Martel Maides 1.1 Martel Maides are Guernsey's most comprehensive estate agent for sales and lettings of properties in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

Our always up-to-date phone app allows you to access all of our Local Market, Open Market & Rental... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

42. MIHTE 2013 1.1 MIHTE 2013 is the official application for the 2nd Malaysia International Healthcare Travel Expo 2013. It is developed specifically for the convenience of the participating delegates and for those who wish to know about this medical tourism... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

43. Robotanika 1.0.4 **IMPORTANT** Not supported on iPad 1st Gen!
Only for iPad 2nd Generation and above.

New Update Features:
- FREE MODE: Candy Mode added (ultra hard, ultra sweet)
- 13 New Environments
- New animations (blowing up... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

44. Affordable Health 1.2.1 An Educational Health Insurance Marketplace Exchange Calculator & Projection Quoting Tool for the 2nd Lowest Cost Silver Plan:

1. For Health Insurance Agents (ACA Stakeholders) to Send Projection Quotes
(SEND 3 FREE EMAILS /... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

45. Fresno Council 1.1 Kelly Miller for Fresno City Council - District 2
(Striving to make Fresno GREAT!)

OCCUPATION: Small business owner (retail stores) for 17 years, real estate agent for 25 years


I... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

46. Touch Hider for S60 E5/Symbian ^3 1.30 Update to 1.30! Touch Hider is a smart and handy hiding tools to hide or lock your private files - photos, multimedias, audios, videos, songs, voice - all confidential documents on your mobile! It is deisinged specially for touch screen mobile -... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

47. Touch Crypto for S60 E5/Symbian^3 1.80 Update to 1.80! Touch Crypto is the best encryption tools designed specially for touch screen mobile. It uses 128bits AES algorithm to encrypt your private files - photos, multimedias, audios, videos, songs, voice - all confidential documents on... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

48. DAEMON Tools Pro Agent 4.1 DAEMON Tools Pro Agent 4.1 is the taskbar icon agent for DAEMON Tools pro 4.1. So, it comes as a part of daemon tools. Noe, Daemon tools can create disk images that can be loaded into its virtual CD / DVD drive. Daemon tools pro agent adds as an... DetailsDownload 

49. ExpenseLog for S60 E2 1.01 ExpenseLog is a smart and handy tool to log, track and manage your daily expense on your S60 mobile. You can records your daily expense anywhere, anytime in just seconds. You can easily query expense by time, by category or by expense account and... DetailsDownload 

50. Snare Agent for Windows 1.0 Snare for Windows is a Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2008 compatible service that interacts with the underlying Windows Eventlog subsystem to facilitate remote, real-time transfer of event... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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