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1. Q2ADPZ 0.8.20030930 QADPZ or Q2ADPZ ['kwd "pE-'sE] is a C++ implementation of a system fordistributed computing. The system allows the management/use of thecomputational power of idle computers in a network.system can send computing tasks to these... DetailsDownload 


2. Remember? FREE 3.3

There are many applications for the management of reminders:

* Many applications are too simple, using only the standard programming of the system notifications.

* Many applications for managing business... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. ShopAssist Point Of Sale System 5.10 ShopAssistT« is a modern, WindowsT«-based point of sale system suitable for most types of retail business. Transaction Types Cash, C.O.D., Account, Hire, Appro, Lay By, Loan Stock, Quotation, Credit Note, Refund, Exchange Modules Stock... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. One Lib for C programming 1.0 XCLIB - Library of useful routines for C programming DetailsDownload 

5. Barcode Maker for Library System Company Provides Barcode Maker for Library System software has an advanced capability to easily monitor your sales data in various types of industries including publishers and library within a complete fastest mode without any efforts. Highly... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

6. NorthNotch Software Widgets Library 0.7 NorthNotch Software Widgets Library 0.7 contains c++ classes of GUI widgets that can be used in your C/C++ WinAPI applications. It embraces most popular control widgets for desktop applications. Library is a tiny wrapper over WinAPI, it makes... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

7. Isles Library System 1.0 This is the system that uses by the Librarian for fast retrieval of the Library Records as well as automation of Library Cards of the students and other borrowers. This system created by Manolito Isles on February 2007. DetailsDownload 

8. Spidio, a Video Library System 1.0 Spidio is a Video Library System to manage video information and put it into database library so you haven't put all the metadata in the comment field of your non linear video editor. Because it's library function you has an overview of... DetailsDownload 

9. Library System Manager 1.0 This "From School Library System Manager" is designed to serve as a model to manage libraries of public schools or not. The same is being created in Java and its database maintained by Oracle. DetailsDownload 

10. Marion Co Public Library System 4.60 Your Marion County Public Library System in Fairmont, West Virginia is in the palm of your hands. Search for ebooks, books, DVDs, audiobooks, music and more. Place holds or renew items, access your account, access our many databases--we are here... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

11. Objective-C Programming Language 4.2 A classic Objective-C programming language for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Programming language is a perfect tool for studying, complex mathematical calculation, entertainment and many other useful tasks. The application is especially useful for... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

12. Somerset County Library System 4.60 SCLS on the go! The Somerset County Library System (SCLS) mobile app gives users access to the library"s catalog and their account. Access and download e-books, e-audio and video through Overdrive in one step. Place materials on hold, renew... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

13. C++ Advanced Runtime Library 1.0.1 The C++ Advanced Runtime Library (CARL) is an alternative to the C/C++ standard libraries aiming at the high-level APIs and easy usage. DetailsDownload 

14. Yet Another C Data Structures Library... "Yet Another C Data Structures Library" is a project that aims at implementing a simple, fast, portable and memory-leak-free data structures and algorithms to extend the C Standard Library and give more support and abstraction power for... DetailsDownload 

15. Simple Integrated Library System 1.0 Project "Simple Integrated Library System" designs a computer system for discovery, management and distribute materials (books and webcasts). System has a client-server architecture and is designed in Microsoft .NET technology. DetailsDownload 

16. NWN2 Port of Call System 1.0 The Port of Call system supports NWN2 servers linking to to each other. This allows the PCs to travel between servers via the ActivatePortal function. Port of Call scripts will be developed to assist in this process, additional security and teamwork. DetailsDownload 

17. papyrus - C++ Cairo Scenegraph... Papyrus is a C++ scenegraph (canvas) library that uses cairo/cairomm for drawing operations. This allows papyrus to be used to draw in a Gtk+/Gtkmm widget, or draw to png, pdf and ps surfaces. In concept it is similar to the Gnome canvas or QT... DetailsDownload 

18. Framework Library System (FLS) 1.0 Framework Library System (FLS) est une collection de librairie permettant notamment de crA©er des applications 3D temps rA©el : jeux vidA©os, viewer, demos, ... DetailsDownload 

19. C++ Statistical Learning Library 1.0 SLL is a C++ Statistical Learning Library. Many classical and modern learning algorithms are implemented, such as KNN, K-means, PCA, LDA, Spectral Clustering, Manifold Learning. DetailsDownload 

20. C Thread Foundation Library 0.1.2 libctf is a c thread foundation library that extends pthread functionality by providing common utilities for the programmer. This will ease and enhance threaded program development. DetailsDownload 

21. CF50 Hotel Point of Sale System 1.0 CF50 is an open source point of sale system for hotels and motels. CF50 will run on any platform for which there is a Java Runtime Environment. It will feature a timeclock, room management, employee management, reservation management, and much more! DetailsDownload 

22. Linux OpenSource Point-of-Sale System... LOPOS is a Perl/MySQL/Glade based OpenSource Point-of-Sale system.It's in a early stage of development. Most code and documentation only in german - at the moment.Searching for a active developers to continue work. DetailsDownload 

23. Linux Point Of Sale System 1.0 LPOS is a Linux Based Point of Sale system intented for retail outlets. DetailsDownload 

24. Learn C Programming for Beginners 1 Learn C quickly with this concise app that teaches you all the essentials about C programming step by step.

Written for people who are beginners.

Zoom in on the most essential concepts with examples.

We cover the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

25. Beginning C Programming 1 Learn C quickly with this concise app that teaches you all the essentials about C programming step by step.

Written for people who are beginners.

Zoom in on the most essential concepts with examples.

We cover the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

26. Erawan 1.0 Home automation based on master-slave topology. Sensors and data collection devices attach to slave nodes based on Arduino bricks and/or Phidgets. User-level programming of the system is done via small and simple interpretive language. DetailsDownload 

27. Generic Standard Template Library for... GCSTL is a port of the C++ Standard Template Library to the C programming language. This library is for developers that desire the functionality of lists, stacks, queues, sets, or maps when using the C programming language. DetailsDownload 

28. Personal Digital Library 1.0 PDlib is a digital library system built in C# providing a personal digital library that provides automatic indexing, metadata generation and versioning of content submitted to the library. DetailsDownload 

29. Astronomical Papers Library 1.0 A C library containing theories of motion of solar system objects the have been published in various astronomical journals such as Astronomy & Astrophysics, the Astronomical Journal, and Astronimcal Papers prepared for the use of the... DetailsDownload 

30. Pantheios 1.0.1 Beta 197 Pantheios was designed to be an Open Source C/C++ Logging API library, offering an optimal combination of 100% type-safety, efficiency, genericity and extensibility.

Pantheios supports filtering of log messages based on severity level... DetailsDownload 

31. wxReportDocument 0.1.alpha The wxReportDocument is a cross-platform software library written in C++ programming language based on wxWidgets which offers a functionality needed for creation of a print reports and forms. The created forms could be printed with librarie's... DetailsDownload 

32. Mathomatic for Mac OS X 16.0.5 MathomaticOao is a portable, command-line computer algebra system (CAS) written entirely in the C programming language. It is free and open source software (FOSS), published under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL version 2.1). The... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

33. Mathomatic for Linux 16.0.5 MathomaticOao is a portable, command-line computer algebra system (CAS) written entirely in the C programming language. It is free and open source software (FOSS), published under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL version 2.1). The... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

34. C++ Unit Library 1.0 C++ physical unit library (miles, pounds, seconds, etc) that handles conversions and unit less transport of physical values. Useful for applications that measure physical units of measurement. DetailsDownload 

35. libgfpga 1.0 libgfpga is a light-wight C/C++ programming library to evaluate and discover FPGA configuration by different manufactures such as Xilinx or Altera. In the future I'm planning a backend for in system programming. DetailsDownload 

36. Multiplatform system library b.2.5.3 The BazisLib library provides API to simplify the development of certain system services and low-level applications, for WinXP kernel mode, Win32 and WinCE, as well as for Linux kernel. DetailsDownload 

37. TTMath - a bignum library for C++ rc A bignum library written in the C++ programming language as templates. It provides standard mathematical operations like add, sub, mul, div, pow etc. with the big integer and big floating point numbers. DetailsDownload 

38. Cross-Platform System Library 0.01 Cross-Platform System Library is a portable C++ run-time library that provides support for manipulating system resources, such as thread, process, mutex, and synchronize, in Win32 and POSIX(UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X) platforms. DetailsDownload 

39. EXT C++ Library 2.0b The EXT Library is set of various useful classes, templates and macros that extend functionality provided by ISO C++ (ext sub-library), standard C and C++ library (lib), to abstract parts of Windows API (win) and access PE file resources (res). DetailsDownload 

40. Blayd File System UI 1.0 The Blayd File System UI library contains components and controls that provide a user interface representation of file system devices, folders and files. Developers can use the components and controls in their Windows Forms applications to easily... DetailsDownload 

41. Barcode Generator for Books Video CD... Barcode Generator for Books Video CD DVD provides perfect solution for publishers and libraries to design high resolution and effective barcode labels for tracking and managing library system and improve performance by keeping records of all... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

42. tiny-DSP library 0.1 Tiny-DSP library contains c sources of a fast, tiny, portable and generic FFT (Fast Fourier transform) and inverse FFT. Supported are all power of two sizes (like 2,4,8,16,32,...) for one and two dimensional floating point arrays. DetailsDownload 

43. bign.lib , a C big number library 1.0 A C library for big numbers. bign.tar.gz is the set of library files. Expand it wherever you want. bnstart.html is a beginners guide. buserdoc.html is definition and complete instructions. Everything works. DetailsDownload 

44. Library Acquisitions Database 1.0 The Library Acquisitions Database manages the ordering and receiving of items, such as books and video cassettes, for a library system, featuring individual-branch buying and budgeting. DetailsDownload 

45. quake2 to c# 1.0 Purpose of the project is to port GPL:ed Quake2 engine to CSharp(c#) programming languages. DetailsDownload 

46. sudoku solver programme in c 1.0 sudoku solver progrmme in c programming language this programme can solve sudoku's the programme is written for windows os but can easly modified for any other opertaing system or can integrate with microcontrollers for robotics applactions. DetailsDownload 

47. osgNV rc.0.6.2 osgNV is a C++ cross-platform library written for the latest OpenSceneGraph (OSG, using CMake as the build system. It brings the power of nVIDIA Cg shaders and other nVIDIA OpenGL extensions to your OSG applications. DetailsDownload 

48. osgPhysics 1.0 The osgPhysics is a C++ cross-platform library written for implementing physics simulations on the OpenSceneGraph (OSG). It is designed to be an abstraction system which supports accesses to a variety of physics engines, like ODE, Bullet, etc. DetailsDownload 

49. C-IL2P 1.2 This is a C++ implementation of the original C-IL2P system, invented by Artur D'Avila Garcez and Gerson Zaverucha.

C-IL2P is a neural-symbolic learning system which uses a propositional logic program to create a three-layer... DetailsDownload 

50. Protein Library The C Protein Folding Library is a minimalistic, high-performance modular library of C functions and data structures for computing folding simulations of proteins on a wide variety of computer hardware. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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