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1. DSkinlite GUI Library 3.7.1 DSkinLite is a powerful gui library to help you develop the user interface program. We have worked at UI development for several years, so we always want that there is a library to release us from the bored paint. And we also use dskinlite in our... DetailsDownload - Screenshot


2. DSkinlite GUI Library 3.7.1 DSkinLite is a powerful gui library to help you develop the user interface program. We have worked at UI development for several years, so we always want that there is a library to release us from the bored paint. And we also use dskinlite in our... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. Console GUI Library 0.0.2 Console GUI library, similar to TurboVision but with support for Win32/DOS DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. Gale GUI Library 0.1 Gale is a modern, header-only, cross-platform GUI library written in C++. DetailsDownload 

5. Game GUI Library 1.0 Game GUI Library (gameguilib) is a framework for user interfaces in games and other projects where native GUI is not used. It is zlib/libpng licensed, so you can use it for commercial purposes freely. DetailsDownload 

6. KTK GUI Library 1.0 KTK is an efficient and easy-to-use C++ GUI library for Linux. KTK emulates its entire widgets set, and is completely themeable. KTK tries to perform tasks with minimal lines of code using a highly object-oriented design. DetailsDownload 

7. Table Library 2.0 A Java GUI library that enhances the functionality and appearance of JTable.Data can also be displayed in a "Treetable" view.Some of the features include data sorting and filtering, dynamically add/remove columns, automatically adjust... DetailsDownload 

8. Java Vision Toolkit 2..2.3.0 The Java Vision Toolkit (JVT) is a Java Advanced Imaging GUI/library for machine vision and image processing applications. It provides a framework for machine vision and image processing algorithms for 2D and 3D images. DetailsDownload 

9. melq 0.9.5 melq is a library of classes very useful to speed the development of graphical user interfaces (GUI) in Java. It also contains several classes to work with databases (PostgreSQL). All classes are meant to work together bu they do not depend of... DetailsDownload 

10. JVisual3D 1.0 JVisual3D is a GUI library, 3D geometry viewer and a mathematical visualization software written in pure java. It is comparable with the well known javaview project. This is under GPL. Create, manipulate and display easiely meshes, 3d shapes,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

11. GrubC 1.0 GrubC is a platform independent C/C++ graphic and GUI library with an object-oriented approach based on a Java Virtual Machine. By now AWT GUI functionality, 2D drawing and turtle graphic is supported. DetailsDownload 

12. eBook parser library rc eBook parser library - Java library, designed for parsing many formats of electronic books DetailsDownload 

13. Blender-style OpenGL GUI Lib 1.0 LibBlendGUI: Cross platform OpenGL GUI library based on Blender3D's GUI source code, implemented in C/C++ with strong emphasis on object oriented design. More details will be made available during the next days via the project's webpage. DetailsDownload 

14. Ojb/Struts GUI alpha Ojb/Struts GUI generates java files and database entry's. It can also update java source files without overwriting existing code and alter database tables. DetailsDownload 

15. PGUIRobot Java Test & Replay 1.0 PGUIRobot is a very easy to use automated tool for functional and GUI testing Java programs, which can also be used for making canned demonstrations by event and screen capture. DetailsDownload 

16. Figments - GUI for Ruby 1.0 Figments is a project to develop a platform-independent GUI library for Ruby. Unlike other implementations, its architecture is top-down not OO. Initially drawing on Tk, Figments will eventually have no dependencies other than Ruby itself. DetailsDownload 

17. RedJ J2ME GUI 1.0 An OpenSource GUI library for J2ME MIDP applications which is intended to use design styles lists and animation. DetailsDownload 

18. Zine gui 1.0 Zine is a GUI library for FreeBasic compiler with strong influence from wxWidgets toolkit. It is designed to be able to work in Dos, windows and Linux. DetailsDownload 

19. EasyWindow 1.0 EasyWindow is an objected orientated GUI Library for C++.
It is very easy to use with similiar GUI Strukture to PureBasic.
Assumes the most work of the uncomfortable WinAPI on Windows. DetailsDownload 

20. FUGE 2.1 FUGE is a lightweight GUI library, intended to be used primarily in games and tools for game development. Supports graphics renderer adaptation, real-time layout editing, XML serialization, color schemes. Documentation contain tutorials with... DetailsDownload 

21. DawnLightToolkit 1.0 GUI library, like gtk+, xynth, minigui, but contain animation support . Based on Framebuffer or SDL , or other pixmap video output device DetailsDownload 

22. jqGUI 1.0 jqGUI is a complete GUI library which has everything you need to build rich client UI with JavaScript, HMTL5 and jQuery.

It will contain UI widgets and a core library which refactoring native javascript objects make them more easier to... DetailsDownload 

23. wxLua rc wxLua is a Lua scripting language wrapper for the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI library. It consists of executables for editing, running, and debugging wxLua scripts, a library for extending C++ programs with a fast, small, fully embeddable... DetailsDownload 

24. WoopGUI for Harbour 1.03 WoopGUI - A Win32 OOP GUI Library for Harbour DetailsDownload 

25. Blackjack Cruncher 0.9b A GUI based Java application that simulates play of hundreds of thousands of hands of Blackjack in a few seconds. The application is meant to be used as a tool for finding the overall house advantage under a huge variety of playing conditions. DetailsDownload 

26. wxMUD 1.0 wxMUD is a MUD client written with the wxWidgets GUI library to support many platforms (win32, POSIX, etc) with native speed. Currently it supports ANSI colors, multiple connections, MCCP, MSP, full MXP specification, advanced pattern matching and... DetailsDownload 

27. MythNight alpha MythNight is a cross-platform ISO MPEG-4 Encoder GUI written in Python, using the wxWidgets GUI Library.

It currently supports MPEG-4 AVC (x264).

This project is in constant development, so any suggestion would be gratefully... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

28. HotGUI 1.0 HotGui is a simple, platform independent GUI library using SDL and FreeType2. Written in C++ with STL. DetailsDownload 

29. Saya Video Editor 1.0 Saya will be a cross-platform non Linear Video Editor, programmed in C++ with the Qt GUI library. It will primarily use the OpenVIP framework (in later stages it will be extended to use other frameworks) for the video processing backend. DetailsDownload 

30. QTASEP 1.0 Visualization of TASEP, ASEP, SSEP models with various update rules based on Zarja simulation library using QT GUI library. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

31. TSPlot 1.0 TSPlot is a plotting package designed to run in the wxWidgets GUI library. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

32. XElements rc.1.0.rc1 XElements is a lightweight, easy-to-use Windows GUI library written in C++, that is both available as a C++ library and as a Python module. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

33. eXtensible Privacy Guard 20010905 xPG was about an OpenPGP-GUI in Java. Some source-code is still available for reference purposes. See for a current implementation of OpenPGP for Java. DetailsDownload 

34. taTelnet - cross-platform telnet... taTelnet is a cross-platform telnet program utilizing the wxWindows cross-platform GUI library. The motivation is that most telnet's (especially M$'s) don't work properly and what's worse is that you can't get the source code... DetailsDownload 

35. EmbeddedGUI 0.6.2 EmbeddedGUI is a GUI library for embedded system.It is much smaller than MiniGUI and can be easily transplanted to any RTOS.It provides many graphic functions and controls such as list and tree.LCD drivers are also included.Works with... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

36. JSquare 1.0 JSquare - Genetic Programming Java Library - Java generating Java DetailsDownload 

37. pyFLTK 1.3.0 A Python wrapper library for the cross-platform FLTK GUI library. DetailsDownload 

38. Boxes Project 0.5.14 An OpenGL GUI library for C++, inspired by Neoforce Controls. Designed to offer an easy to implement, yet powerful window management system for games or applications in OpenGL. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

39. WINX - A C++ GUI Library for Windows 1.0 WINX focus the goal: MOST SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE. It is a C++ template GUI library that easy to use, and compatible to WTL. WTL is an effective Windows GUI library. However, it is NOT SIMPLE. (NOTE: We're migrating to DetailsDownload 

40. GameUI 0.2.0 This is a GUI library designed with the goals to be light, fast, flexible, portable, and to include all features expected from an advanced GUI. It's primarily designed for games with high demands on look and feel. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

41. AssortedWidgets 1.0 AssortedWidgets is an OpenGL+SDL GUI Library, developed for games, 3D techdemos and 3D applications, featuring BSD license, Delegate Code Style, Ability to define custom themes and Common Widgets and Layouts. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

42. Liferay Toolbar rc Liferay Toolbar is a java based Rich-Client-GUI (using Java-Swing and the OOoBean to integrate the components) for the famous Liferay Enterprise Portal. DetailsDownload 

43. Windows Abstraction Layer 8 The Windows Abstraction Layer (WAL) is meant to abstract the Windows API into an easy to use object oriented Windows GUI library, while still leaving the low level Windows API available as an option to the user should he/she need anything not... DetailsDownload 

44. Woopsi rc.0.99.3 Woopsi is a Nintendo DS GUI library for rapidly creating user interfaces for homebrew software. Modelled after the AmigaOS windowing system. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

45. Visual SDL b.0.5.beta A C++ SDL GUI library for making Graphical programs' Interface easily and quickly. The library lets you add Widgets and some other advanced UI stuff fully functional and with complete event management in 1 line code! --Library still in alpha... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

46. FlexiSense 1.0 FlexiSense is a free GUI library, for the creation of user interfaces for games or other applications. The library is object orientated, written in C++, cross-platform and free renderer, provides transition and motion effects. Is support themes. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

47. HwGUIse 1.0 HwGUIse is the second edition of hwGUI, a project started by Alex Kresin as a cross-platform GUI library for Harbour, written on C and Harbour. DetailsDownload 

48. NephGUI 1.0 NephGUI is an object-oriented GUI library written in C++. It aims to be a very simple and efficient API/Abstraction layer that allows programs to build a native-looking GUI that will work on Cocoa(OS X)/GTK2/QT4/Win32. DetailsDownload 

49. beGUI 1.0 BeGUI is an OpenGL-based GUI library aimed to general lightweight application development. It looks good, it's easy to use and is non-intrusive to your code. DetailsDownload 

50. wxAda 1.0 An Ada wrapper library for the wxWidgets GUI library DetailsDownload 

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