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1. Java source code cross-reference tool rc Javasrc creates a set of hyperlinked HTML pages out of your Java source code. DetailsDownload 


2. Java Source Object Model 1.0 A simple object model for Java source code, to better enable code generation. Built to work for Java 5, but perhaps extendable to other languages in the future. DetailsDownload 

3. Java Source Metric 1.4.2 Java Source Metric is designed to metric Java source code with quality metrics like Inheritance Depth, Line of Code, McCabe Complexity Metric suite and so on. DetailsDownload 

4. X360 Tiff Image Viewer OCX (Source... X360 Tiff Image & Fax Viewer Active OCX with Source Code help you to view and save images of different formats include Bmp,Emf,Gif,Jpeg, Png,Tiff,multipaged Tiff,Wmf.Major functions include flip,rotate,resize and zoom the image,fully control... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

5. X360 Image Processing OCX (Source... X360 Tiff Image Processing ActiveX Control with Source Code help you to create and maintain multiple Tiff. You can append,delete,insert,move and swap pages within existing Tiff.You can also view and save images to different formats include... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

6. Free Source Code Browser 1 Free Source Code Browser software. Aren t webpages that try to prevent you from viewing their source code or saving images by disabling right-click bothersome? Who cares! View the source code of any webpage, and save any image as well. Works just... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

7. FileIO 6.1 I/O teaching tool that generates sample Java source code to read or write the console, a sequential file, a random access file, a String, an array of characters, an array of bytes, URL, HTTP CGI GET/POST, Socket, resource or Pipe. It shows you how... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

8. jtags - Emacs package for editing... Emacs minor mode for editing and browsing Java source code. Enhanced tags support: show declaration or Javadoc for identifier at point, or complete class members. Works well with other Java packages, tested with GNU Emacs/XEmacs on Linux/Windows. DetailsDownload 

9. Tree Editor for Java 1.0 Tree Editor for Java is an Eclipse plug-in that allow user to view and modify Java source code as a tree. It was created on the basis of Abstract Syntax Tree (AST), however to make it more intuitive it is wrapped up. DetailsDownload 

10. Switch:A case tool written in Java b A case tool, used for reverse engineering, that lets you draw a flow chart and convert it to java source code. DetailsDownload 

11. Dungeon Master Java 2 2 Further development of the Dungeon Master Java source code for the JDK 6+ environment. DetailsDownload 

12. SEEtron Mini SSC controller Java... seeetron-ssc is Java source code for controlling the SEEtronics mini-SSC servo controller board (see: The board itself does not come with Java support, so this project provides that third-party support. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

13. Java Coding Standard Checker (JCSC)... JCSC is a highly configurable checking tool for your Java source code. It checks the compliance to a defineable coding standard like naming conventions and code structure. Also signs of bad coding, potential bugs are found. JCSC is inspired by lint. DetailsDownload 

14. Java Pattern Processor rc Generating Java source code for various design pattern based on annotations. DetailsDownload 

15. Eclipse Source Viewer Service Plugin 1.0 An Eclipse plugin exposing a simple TCP service giving external clients Java source code viewing and navigating capabilities. DetailsDownload 

16. NetBeans Source Viewer Service Plugin 43 A NetBeans plugin exposing a simple TCP service giving external clients basic Java source code viewing and navigating capabilities. Contributed by Coded by Ivo Tripunovic and Laurence Vanhelsuw. DetailsDownload 

17. UML Modeller with Source Generator 1.0 UML Modeller with Source Generator allows its user to model a UML class diagram using a drag and drop interface, the program will then generate Java source code representing the class diagram. DetailsDownload 

18. IDAnalyser plugin for Eclipse 1.0.0 This plugin analyses the java source code and displays all identifiers with their types DetailsDownload 

19. jUML 400 jUML is a UML diagram application capable of reverse engineering Java source code to create relationship diagrams, source code generation based on a user created UML diagram, and saving/restoring of jUML projects. DetailsDownload 

20. RonFX-2009-Beans 1 Consist of small but usable Java source code or libraries for rookies or intermediate Java developers. DetailsDownload 

21. Shift-Right Open Repository 1.0 C/C++/Java source code library and Build Environment. Contains code for threading, inter-thread communication (ITC), sockets, embedded database, parsing, fileio, etc. The majority of the library is designed for embedded development. DetailsDownload 

22. WJ Test Framework 1.0 WJ Test Framework will analyze, compile and execute for you any piece of Java source code even if it's detached from it's context. DetailsDownload 

23. VideoThen 1.0 Java source code to read/write the Tiger/Hasbro VideoNow Video CDs (VNCD) DetailsDownload 

24. HallMS 1.0 A java source code project. DetailsDownload 

25. JOSAST 1.0 JOSAST ( Java Open Source Amateur Satellite Toolkit) is a set of java source code used for amateur satellite, hamradio and also astronomia activities ...Reusable package and complete software should be available. DetailsDownload 

26. APT-Jelly 2.6 APT-Jelly provides a template-oriented approach to code generation from Java source code. Based on Sun's Annotation Processing Tool, APT-Jelly allows developers to leverage the latest features including metadata (annotations), generics, and... DetailsDownload 

27. Javast 1.0 Javast is a Java API for creating an Abstract Syntax Tree of java source code (the equivalent of an XML DOM) in memory and then writing this to a file or bytestream as formatted source code.
It is mainly useful for java code generation. DetailsDownload 

28. RelaxNGCC 20031218 RelaxNGCC is a tool for generating Java source code from a given RELAX NG grammar. By embedding code fragments in the grammar like yacc or JavaCC, you can take appropriate actions while parsing valid XML documents against the grammar. DetailsDownload 

29. The Bard 1.0 The Bard is a translator compiler for the Shakespeare Programming Language that emits Java source code.
This source code can be compiled and executed as a normal Java program.
In the future The Bard may also translate to other languages. DetailsDownload 

30. JCRCGen JCRCGen is a tool written completely in Java that will output public domain Java source code containing both the simple and table-driven implementations of the Rocksoft Model CRC algorithm. Generator polynomials may be any 8-bit multiple between 8... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

31. XML Doclet for Javadoc 1.1 Javadoc Doclet which produces XML output describing java source code structures. Includes a filter for producing metric information. DetailsDownload 

32. JPlate 0.1 JPlate represents a collection of reusable frameworks, tools, utilities and Java source code. Ideally JPlate will provide the plumbing by which constructing solutions (for example applications) will be simplified. DetailsDownload 

33. jNerd's XML2Java rc XML2Java is a DTD driven Java source code generator for XML data binding. According to a given document type definition several Java constructs are created which reflect the information stored in a XML document following that DTD including I/O... DetailsDownload 

34. CastorWizard 1.02b JBuilder Wizard OpenTool which offers one facilitated way to generate java source code through O/R mapping, such as Exolab's Castor JDO, DAO etc. It may also generate other adjunction files according to your needs, such as Castor JDO mapping... DetailsDownload 

35. Inject/J 0.81 Inject/J - Java source code transformation at your finger tips. Inject/J is a Java tool that provides a scripting language to specify program transformations for Java. It provides complete cross-reference information and has a rollback mechanism. DetailsDownload 

36. VJAVAe 1.0 Visual Java Express(VJAVAe)is an application which automatically generates the java source code instantly for the designed AWT module.Users can set the properties, events for each and every object they require. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

37. XML Access Generator 1.0 The aim of this Project is to generate JAVA source code out of a xml shema(xsd) to access a xml file which is conform to the used shema. We also provide a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to offer an easy to use tool. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

38. contestJ rc.0.8.3 100% Java framework for easier unit testing of java source code. Allows isolation of classes using built-in mock generation framework, provides aop aspects and coordination functionality for completely test-driven isolation. Note: this project is... DetailsDownload 

39. JSP Runner 1.0 This is a stand-alone JSP converter/ Code Generator to Java source code, Compiles it & runs the class file. All in 1 command. JSP 0.9 for now. Small & Fast. to Run: type jspr c:foo.jsp, & it displays the contents in the... DetailsDownload 

40. JMX2Java 1.0 A tool for parsing Java JMX MBeans and creating Java Source code that may subsequently be used to access the MBeans through type-safe accessors. The intention is to support JMX attributes (simple and complex), operations and notifications. DetailsDownload 

41. java2scala 1.0 Translator from Java source code to Scala source codes DetailsDownload 

42. Hierarchically Clustered Graphs... Eclipse plugin for visualizing and exploring hierarchically clustered graphs derived from java source code. The layout algorithm combines a multi-dimensional scaling technique with a divide-and-conquer approach and edge bundling for showing... DetailsDownload 

43. SoSART 1.0 The SoSART (Software Static Analysis Reliability Toolkit) is intedned to aid developers in assessing the reliability of existing Java source code through the usage of Static Analysis. DetailsDownload 

44. JCite 1.8 JCite cites syntax-highlighted snippets of Java source code from tests into API documentation. See for issues, for the latest source. DetailsDownload 

45. Java2HTML 1.0 Java2HTML is a simple-to-use tool which converts a bunch of Java Source Code into a colourized and browsable HTML representation. DetailsDownload 

46. Persian Docklet 1.0 This project aims at providing a docklet that can be used by javadoc tool to produce documents form Java source code in Persian language. DetailsDownload 

47. Structure Doctor 260402 Structure Doctor is a little utility that goes through Java source code and finds possible structural flaws, such as too big methods, duplicate code, duplicate class hierarchies etc... Flaw reports are generated in HTML. DetailsDownload 

48. qptolemy 1.0 Framework for Java source code analysing, program comprehension and automating software quality. Source code visualisation provided. DetailsDownload 

49. SCK Editor 1.0 Senna Cafeh Kak UML Class Diagram Editor and Java Source Code Generator DetailsDownload 

50. statloc 1.0 statloc (STATistics based on Lines Of Code) is a general, platform independent (Java) source code lines counter configurable to support any language and any file. DetailsDownload 

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