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51. Sleek Photo Gallery 1.0 Sleek Photo Gallery is an advanced and very cool photo gallery script which you can use on your site. It supports multiple users, numerous access levels, private/public galleries, and uses the GD library for creating dynamic thumbnails on the fly. DetailsDownload 


52. Coppermine Photo Gallery 1.5.22 Coppermine is an easily set-up, fast, feature-rich photo gallery script with mySQL database, user management, private galleries, automatic thumbnail creation, ecard feature and a template system for easy customization to match the rest of a site. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

53. Raph Photo Gallery 1.6.2 Raph Photo Gallery is a web-based photo album manager. It allows to easily and automatically display photo albums. The whole configuration is done through a user-friendly web interface. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

54. Tomcat Photo Gallery 1.0 Tomcat Photo Gallery, inspired by the nicely written P-Gal project, now with ability to handle high res images, segmentation of galleries by access code, and admin screen for administration. DetailsDownload 

55. XML Flash Photo Gallery 1.0 Truworth XML flash photo gallery is simple photo gallery built in Flash and uses XML files to store the information. The whole flash gallery can easily managed by single XML file. DetailsDownload 

56. CoffeeCup Photo Gallery 5.95 CoffeeCup Photo Gallery is an easy-to-use photo gallery creator for your Website. It supports all major image formats, including GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, and more. And guess what: no HTML or Flash knowledge is required! Simply point the program to... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

57. HTML5 Photo Gallery - Resizable Album... This is a HTML5 XML driven slideshow gallery. No HTML knowledge needed to set up this gallery. Everything can be set from a main XML file making it very easy to update and maintain. This product can be embedded in WordPress, Joomla or any kind of... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

58. Air gallery 1.0 Air gallery is a photo gallery with 3d space effect. All images data is taken from XML file. You can set some layout properties, e.g. colors. Package includes: FLA,XML file, sample images;Opens with: Flash MX 2004, Flash 8, Flash CS3;AS Version:... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

59. Flip Image 2.5 Flip Image is the best flash page-flipping photo albums maker and photo gallery software to make interactive flash flipbook for E-Magazine, E-Catalog, E-Brochure, family photo albums, 30+ amazing free templates are provided to create flash flip... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

60. Photo Stack 1 This Image / Photo Gallery with categories is perfect for both experienced or casual photographers and artists. Everything is set from an external XML file making it easy to update and maintain. The file can be used either in a HTML page or in a... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

61. jrotate pro 2.0 A web photo gallery script for displaying all of your favorite pictures. All you have to do is upload your photos and the jrotate script displays them on your website. Simple configuration and easy to customize. Features 1) easy installation and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

62. DHTML Popup 1.0 DHTML Popup Generator is an easiest tool in the web to create cool photo gallery! Popular LightBox and Thickbox, JavaScript widgets to show content in modal windows, are outdated at the moment. They are not updated since 2007. There are some great... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

63. Shozam Advanced Edition Shozam Advanced Edition software is for photographers who want a professional web photo gallery and complete control. Customize a little or a lot to create a web photo gallery that's all yours. Add page and email links for easy integration with an... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

64. Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory... Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe is the best flash slideshow maker and photo gallery software to make interactive flash slideshow for business banner, family photo albums, holiday greeting cards. 120 amazing free templates are provided to... DetailsDownload 

65. Aleo Flash Slideshow Gallery Maker 2.2 Aleo Flash Slideshow Gallery Maker is a powerful combination of Flash Slideshow Maker and Flash Gallery Maker, it's a fast and easy way to make Flash slideshow, Flash photo gallery, Flash video gallery, photo slideshow, photo pan &amp;... DetailsDownload 

66. Publish on Gallery 1.0 Publish on Gallery is a plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery (WLPG) that enables publishing to PHP Gallery. It currently supports publishing photos directly to Gallery2. The library can be used freely and the integration is 100 % complete.... DetailsDownload 

67. Page Turning for Album 2.6 Stylish Page Turning for Album software, is the Flash Album program that can create dynamic digital photo album from your photo gallery without flash or programming skill required. In particular, you can create images through designing new pages... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

68. Expectal Photo Gallery 2.0.3 Share your photos with your family, friends and colleagues.
Expectal Photo Gallery v2 presents your photos on your website in a professional manner.
Offer your website visitors a tasteful presentation with user-native interface,... DetailsDownload 

69. JACo Gallery ( java gallery ) 1.0 JACo Gallery is a cross platform java image/photo gallery. Features: automatic thumbnails, resizing, automatic initialization from XML files and very easy to use in your java applications as a normal component or in web pages as java applet. DetailsDownload 

70. Yassipg, Photo Gallery 1.5.3 A very easy to built in web gallery for your website. No MySQL or additional libaries needed. Yassip means: Yet Another Server Side Includable Photo Gallery. DetailsDownload 

71. Yet Another PHP Photo Album 1.7 An easy to use online photo gallery. Creates any needed thumbnails for the user on the fly, adding pictures to your existing gallery is as easy as FTP'ing to the album directory. Creating albums is as easy as creating a directory. Requires... DetailsDownload 

72. HF Gallery 1.0 Hashimschool Photo Gallery 01
Some of the hashimschool photo selections coverage DetailsDownload - Screenshot

73. PHP Simple Gallery 0.1 A Simple PHP Photo Gallery. All you have to do is create a folder, put the images in the folder. Thats it. The PHP does the rest. DetailsDownload 

74. Ronnies Gallery 0.3 A simple dynamic photo gallery. It displays the the thumbnails in a table that is customisable in number of photos wide, and keeps going down until it reachs the final image. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

75. SLAGBOOM web based image gallery... A simple PHP photo gallery and metadata manager, which embeds IPTC metadata directly into jpeg files without the need for a separate database. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

76. CMS gallery 1.01 CMS gallery is the most popular photo gallery for .NET, and one of the most popular CMS of any kind with over 1 million downloads. It provides a powerful engine for uploading and managing galleries of images, with the ability to batch upload,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

77. BSW Gallery 1.0 This is a very simple photo gallery which is written in PHP code it is very easy to setup just read the file readme.txt then follow the instruction. DetailsDownload 

78. Ben's Picture Gallery 2.1 This is a photo gallery program to show pictures and video from a digital camera on your website. It is easy and intuitive for all your friends and family to navigate. It is also easy to install on your own Linux or Mac home server. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

79. Mirage Photo Album 1.0 A photo gallery that only uses javascript for viewing. No backend scripting language is used; instead, a python script is run on a collection of photos outputting an album in a directory which is dropped into any web server to be served as static... DetailsDownload 

80. Nostalgic Photo Free 1.5 Give your photos the special style of nostalgia!

By this software, you can turn your photos into a new style--the old and nostalgic style. All you have to do is import a photo from the photo gallery, then click "Nostalgic",... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

81. Photo Collage Frames 1.0 Photo Collage Frames...


* Select Photos from Camera or Photo Gallery
* Given Amazing Collage Frames
* Arrange your photos in your dreamy collage manually.
* Add Text on your Collage
* Save &... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

82. Photo Roll Pro 1.0 Photo Roll Pro is a great photo roll editor combined with powerful effects using all the available cameras and our amazing photo gallery.

* Front and back camera
* Scroll, edit photo roll
* Gorgeous photo... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

83. Converse Gallery 2.1
50% Promotional Sales! Limited Time Only!

Converse Gallery is a photo gallery of Converse sneakers and shoes around the world, including many limited editions. This App is a must-have for fans and hobbyist.

... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

84. Photo Magic free 1.1 Make you photos a dramatic and beautiful look. Photo Magic is a amazing tool to convert your photos to dramatic look

Import photo from photo gallery or device camera.

Share exciting Facebook profile pictures using this... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

85. Funny Photo Effects For Instagram... Do you Want to trap your friends by making your face fat,ugly and weird.
Automatic face distortion with single click.

- You can create funny face effects by single click
- Import photos easily from your Photo Gallery, Camera... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

86. Photo Paint Professional 1.0 Photo Paint Professional is a great tool to transform your photos in real paintings.

- State of the art painting algorithm
- Painting steps
- HD Quality
- Photo Gallery
- Powerful Photo Editor
-... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

87. Green Gallery 1.8 Organize your photo gallery
Now you can easily view all memorable photos in Green Gallery, searching any shot that's important to you in seconds. All the photos listed in our gallery - can be sorted based on the date the photo was taken,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

88. Free php script - jrotate 1.0 A web photo gallery script for displaying all of your favorite pictures. All you have to do is upload your photos and the jrotate script displays them on your website. Simple configuration and easy to customize. DetailsDownload 

89. Adobe DNG Codec RC 2 The DNG Codec was designed to provide a method for Windows Vista users to view DNG files in the Windows Explorer and Photo Gallery. The 'release candidate' label applied to this technology indicates that the codec includes all of the intended... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

90. Publish on SmugMug for Windows Live... This is a very simple program that let you select photos in the Windows Shell and upload to SmugMug. Main Features: - People tagging: Photo Gallery automatically finds the people in your photos so you can add a name to the face. Then later, all... DetailsDownload 

91. Microsoft Codec Pack 0652.0 The Microsoft Camera Codec Pack enables the viewing of a variety of device-specific file formats in Window Live Photo Gallery as well as other software that is based in Windows Imaging Codecs (WIC). Installing this package will allow supported RAW... DetailsDownload 

92. Wallery - Inspirational Bible Verse 1.0 Turn your desktop into a photo gallery of beautiful nature scenes; each with inspirational bible verses displayed on them. Bible quotes to inspire you and encourage you strenthen and renew your faith. Inspirational Bible verses usually comprise of... DetailsDownload 

93. PictureNook 2.0 PictureNook - powerful web photo gallery generator. Features: 14 preinstalled gallery layouts 5 preinstalled gallery styles Ability to create your own gallery layouts and styles What you see is what you get interface Ability to create... DetailsDownload 

94. FastPictureViewer Codec Pack R5 2.5 The FastPictureViewer Codec Pack is a one-stop shop that enables support for 44 additional image formats in Windows Explorer, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Photo Viewer, Windows Live&trade; Photo Gallery and, on Windows 7, also within Windows... DetailsDownload 

95. Adobe DNGCodec 1.0 The DNG Codec provides a method for Windows Vista users to view DNG files in the Windows Explorer and Photo Gallery. The &lsquo;release candidate&rsquo; label applied to this technology indicates that the codec includes all of the intended... DetailsDownload 

96. Vendio XPress Image Publisher 1.0 Vendio XPress Image Publisher enables you to efficiently upload images to Vendio using Microsoft's Web Publishing Wizard (Windows XP) or the Windows Photo Gallery (Windows Vista). The Windows XP users can access the wizard from any folder... DetailsDownload 

97. Microsoft Camera Codec Pack 64-bit... The Microsoft Camera Codec Pack enables the viewing of a variety of device-specific file formats in Window Live Photo Gallery as well as other software that is based in Windows Imaging Codecs (WIC).
Installing this package will allow... DetailsDownload 

98. HTML5 Canvas Carousel 1 This is a HTML5 CANVAS XML CAROUSEL presenting a 3D PHOTO GALLERY in the shape of a carousel with tons of features. You can customize almost anything and it is also OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE devices (ANDROID AND IOS mobile devices such as iPad2, iPad3,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

99. Windows Live Messenger 2012 16.4.3505. Windows Live Messenger 2012

So much for free in one simple download, including Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and Messenger.

Windows Live Messenger remains an important player on the market and the new generation MSN... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

100. PhotoLikr Fast photo viewer software to review and upload your images, create interactive photo gallery as a modern photo wall. Your contacts can sort pictures for you by voting on the pictures they like or dislike .

the best app to Select,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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