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1. Counter-Strike: Source 24.0 Counter-Strike: Source (CSS) is a game from the Counter-Strike series which emerged originally as a Halflife`s mod. Like it's predecesors, is a FPS (First Person Shooter) game, released in late 2004. The main difference is that this third... DetailsDownload 


2. Counter Strike Desert War 1.3 Counter Strike Desert War is a very detailed and featured shooter based around the popular Counter Strike game. Challenge your shooting and war strategy skills here! First person shooter like Counter Strike except you perform certain miss.It is... DetailsDownload 

3. Counter-Strike Source 2D 0.1 Counter-Strike is probably the mos popular game ever and is for sure the number one multiplayer first person shooter of all times. This software is an enhancer for the basic Counter-Strike game. It is a mod for Counter-Strike 2D that makes a bloom... DetailsDownload 

4. Counter Strike Lite 1.0 Counter Strike Lite is a tiny flash game. It runs within the developer site itself. You have to shoot at moving targets to get the best scores with the least number of bullets. There are four backgrounds we can select. The high scores for all... DetailsDownload 

5. Argentum Online: Counter Strike 1.0 AoCS es un proyecto en desarrollo que integra el modo de juego del Counter Strike en la Jugabilidad del Argentum. DetailsDownload 

6. stats_CS: Statistics for... stats_CS is a statistics generator for Counter-Strike DetailsDownload 

7. Counter-Strike 1.6 v48 by... Gra Counter-Strike 1.6 Non-Steam by
Pobierz i ciesz siA™ grA….

Zapraszamy na serwery Garfielda:

Serwery Counter-Strike:
Garfield [4FuN] -
Garfield [*ZOMBIE*] -... DetailsDownload 

8. Counter-Strike Server Admin 1.0 If you have a Counter-Strike Server (running on windows) and you have to administrate it, then is this tool what you want.Its a Server/Client tool, so you can control remotely your Counter-Strike gameserver. DetailsDownload 

9. Counter-strike Linux real time parser... This is a counter-strike log analyser. It is composed of a ANSI C daemon, and a set of php scripts to display. The daemon parses half-life server log files or in real time to extract data to a mysql database. Then, php client diplays. DetailsDownload 

10. Counter-Strike Community Daemon 1.0 A daemon that communicates user/server informaton with a central MySQL "community server" that allows Counter-Strike servers to form a network, by share user info, banlists and much more.. DetailsDownload 

11. Counter-Strike Manager 1.0 Program made for fps game Counter-Strike 1.6, and also for its dedicated server - HLDS - cs 1.6. Ths program is tool for editing configs, making new configs, scripts and providing info about DetailsDownload 

12. CSCop for Counter-Strike 1.3 Team killing control for Half-Life Counter-Strike servers. DetailsDownload 

13. Counter-Strike Teamplay Awards... Aim of the project is to develop statistics software for the first person shooter Counter-Strike (, which stimulates players to teamplay and achieve mission goals rather than just improving their kill-to-death ratio. DetailsDownload 

14. Counter-Strike PHP Graphic Status 1.0 Counter-Strike (47/48) PHP Graphic Status. It's beta and it have many bugs, so please don't be mad at me :> DetailsDownload 

15. Counter-Strike Serverwatch 1.0 Counter-Strike Serverwatch allows easy remote administration of counter-strike servers. You can kick or ban players, talk to them, read the live chat, send rcon commands and more! DetailsDownload 

16. BSDbot for Counter-Strike 1.0 BSDbot is an artificial opponent for the 3D FPS game Counter-Strike. BSDbot is based upon the bot template authored by botman. DetailsDownload 

17. WC3FT:Python for Counter-Strike... Based on WCS:Python, Classic, Fully Customizable, WarCraft:Source Mod written in Python, this is a Counter-Strike Source modification that implements the newbie friendly but challenging WC3 Frozen Throne game play and 8 races. DetailsDownload 

18. Counter-Strike RPG 1.0 2D remake of Counter-Strike as a RPG style game. DetailsDownload 

19. My Nexus for Counter Strike 1.3.0 My Nexus for Counter Strike allows you to manage and keep up to date with the latest news for Counter Strike Source from official and affiliates sources.

You can check your and your friends statistics such, last match played, weapons,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

20. Counter Strike MSN Display Pictures 1.0 This free MSN Messenger Display Picture pack contains avatars based on one of the greatest multi-player online games ever created, Counter-Strike! The display pictures are easy to download and use, and are fully compatible with MSN Messenger 6/7! DetailsDownload 

21. LAN Log Parser 0.1.alpha LAN log parser for counter-strike can be used to convert multiple names on log files to one name for every player.psychostats and HL stats don't work on LAN because of "wrong" WON IDs. and the nametrack doesn't work too, because of... DetailsDownload 

22. CSBot - An IRC bot for games servers... CSBot is an IRC bot for Windows that can publish Counter-Strike, Natural-Selection and Day-of-Defeat games on an IRC channel.CSBot also has lots of other features. Refer to the website for a full list. DetailsDownload 

23. Fusion Pack SE Revision Public 14.0 Games Fusion's highly acclaimed Counter-Strike replacement pack returns with another visually stunning addition to the Fusion Pack series, Fusion Pack SE. Games Fusion's highly acclaimed Counter-Strike replacement pack returns with... DetailsDownload 

24. Valve Hammer Editor 3.5 The Valve Hammer Editor (more informally known as Hammer) was the official mapping tool for the Goldsource engine - the engine that ran Half-Life and Counter-Strike and other pre-Source Valve games. The latest version is included in the Source... DetailsDownload 

25. phpClanLog 0.1b A set of Addons for phpWeblog to build a Community-Page for a Team or "Clan" of Players of Multiplayer-Games, such as Counter-Strike.Features a Bulletin Board, Warplaner, Membership-Roster, filebase, Tactics section etc. DetailsDownload 

26. FFAC/Tools 1.0 Statistical software and tools for HL1 engine games ( Counter strike 1.6, half-life, ... ). The aim is to put together statistics of several servers and provide tools like package manager, bots, ... DetailsDownload 

27. Source Rocket 1.0 Source Rocket is a web interface for Source based games, such as Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, and Left 4 Dead. It manages admins for all major plugins (Mani, SourceMod, eXtensible Admin), and supports clan management. DetailsDownload 

28. .Net FastDL Server 1.0.1 A very simple but effective FastDL Server for Counter Strike that allows your game server clients to download your server content from a HTTP service. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

29. Doodle Wars DeluxeBox 1.0 Awesome 5 classic Doodle Wars games in one gamebox!

Awesome 5 Doodle Wars games:
1. Doodle Wars 1 - Modern Warfare
2. Doodle Wars 2 - Counter Strike Wars
3. Doodle Wars 3 - The Last Battle
4. Doodlecraft 100 vs... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

30. CounterStrike2 2 CounterStrike2 is an advanced version of the popular Counter-Strike Mod for Half-Life. It is based on Xeno3D, a new 3D graphics realtime engine designed for FPS games. DetailsDownload 

31. Synchronized Ban System 1.0 This is a java application to synchronize the banned users list across a platform of Counter-Strike game servers in real time. This is also compatible with any other Half-Life based mod and with Source engine based games. DetailsDownload 

32. Foot ball 03 6 Play Football Games online, Full complete Football Games download for personal computers. Fast and free downloads of newest and simply new games for pc Free online soccer game Play For Your Club Free Online Soccer Game. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

33. Games Portables 1.0 Juegos portablesHalo, Counter Strike, Starcraft DetailsDownload 

34. XmlMyGame 1.0 XMLMyGame is a perl script which can convert your counter strike log into XML Format. The output file in XML format become more smaller, more readable, and usable in any language. You can analyze your games (matches/wars) and post the report on... DetailsDownload 

35. EURO Coin Counter AE 1.1 Euro Coin Counter provides a user-friendly interface to store the amount of money you have saved.

This App provides a button that resets the counter to zero (⚬0.00). And also a button that lets you minus coin values away from... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

36. ROCCAT GUI (CS:S) 3.0 This is a free software developed by ROCCAT STUDIOS which will help you to personalize your counter strike game. With this application you will be able to make your settings much easier. It has professionals settings developed by professional... DetailsDownload 

37. Little Counterstrike 2.2 Little Counter Strike is heavily based on the infectiously addictive Counter Strike. Little Counter Strike is in 2D and concentrates on good gameplay and reaction time rather than photo realistic environments. There are nine cool levels to... DetailsDownload 

38. Friendly-Strike2 3.0 Friendly-Strike2 is an arena game based on the Counter-Strike buying weapon system, but drifting in something of less serious or conventional. Features: - A Panel of 29 ( 6) weapons is waiting for you. Each weapon has its own particularities,... DetailsDownload 

39. Desert Dollar 16.3 Desert Dollar Casino Online is the best online casino for free games download. The casino is free to download and play. Play Desert Dollar Casino and get 150% bonus with $20 - $60 purchase. Also find a casino guide, no deposit bonuses, free games... DetailsDownload 

40. NAVI GUI 2012 (640x480) 1.0 This is a GUI application that changes your Counter-Strike interface,weapon skins,character skins etc. This GUI has been developed by Natus Vincere (NAVI),an Ukrainian Counter-Strike team.It comes in three versions (640x480,800x600 or 1024x768)... DetailsDownload 

41. CSS Background Maker 1.0 CSS Background Maker is a great and innovative tool for Counter-Strike Source. This program changes the Counter-Strike Source background to whatever picture you want. To do so, you have to locate your counter-strike source folder, open a bmp or... DetailsDownload 

42. CodeZulu Bind Maker 1.1 Code Zulu Bind Maker is a successful project to make a custom buy script generator which also includes a configuration editor for Counter Strike, since version one. It provides a means to graphically create custom buy scripts and edit system... DetailsDownload 

43. IvPBot 1.1 IvPBot is the next generation of PODBots for Counter Strike game. This bot is so advanced that when you're playing with them you'll think they are real players. The bot has been coded using simple yet powerful functions for great... DetailsDownload 

44. NAVI GUI 2012 (800x600) 1.0 NAVI GUI 2012 (800x600) is an easy to use GUI software tool that is used to customize the famous online shooter game Counter Strike. NAVI GUI 2012 (800x600) changes the texture of the game adding special effects and also adding several new... DetailsDownload 

45. CSScripter 1.0 CSScripter is an application that let you create Counter Strike Source scripts files in a simple and friendly way. Main features: - Visual key binding: - Buy weapons and equipment - Radio commands - Chat commands - Custom commands - Global game... DetailsDownload 

46. WarStrunz 0.6b.116 WarStrunz: A tool to play WarCraft III lan games over internet with multiple server browsing capabilities. Can create server hosting that will become public to the warstrunz users. ROC, TFT and patches versions supported. DetailsDownload 

47. CSS:RPG Mod 1.0.5 CSS:RPG Mod is a server plugin for Counter-Strike: Source. It's based off the UT2K4RPG Mod. All player data is saved into a SQLite Database. CSS:RPG is open source so that it can be ported to other Half-Life 2 mods or for learning HL2 plugin... DetailsDownload 

48. JoeBOT JoeBOT is a bot for counter-strike partly based on artificial neural networks. JoeBOT's 'normal' homepage is at DetailsDownload 

49. CSS fps booster 1.0 This program will have few options to inn prove your FPS in counter strike source. such to change the directX level really easy. And have config file for CSS thats will in prove the FPS And it have a overview of heapsize
More options will come. DetailsDownload 

50. kXBot 1.1 Bot for Counter-Strike (Half-life modification) using multiagent systems for enhanced AI. DetailsDownload 

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