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1. Aria Maestosa 1.3 Beta 5 Aria Maestosa is an open-source (GPL) midi tracker/editor. It lets you compose, edit and play midi files with a few clicks in a user-friendly interface offering keyboard, guitar, drum and controller views. Features: * Import and play MIDI files *... DetailsDownload - Screenshot


2. Aria Maestosa for Mac OS X 1.4.6 Aria Maestosa is an open-source (GPL) midi tracker/editor. It lets you compose, edit and play midi files with a few clicks in a user-friendly interface offering keyboard, guitar, drum and controller views.


*... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. WinKaraoke Creator 1.2 WinKaraoke Creator is a MIDI karaoke editor and creation utility for Windows 95/98. It saves fully compatible Type 1 Soft Karaoke files. The editor offers: Staff notation for representing MIDI data; Complete track listings; Ability to add lyrics... DetailsDownload 

4. BimBam MIDI Tracker 1.0 A high-productivity MIDI music editor, based around a Tracker-like interface. Most editing operations are available with one or two strokes on the computer keyboard, allowing super fast editing and creation of MIDI. DetailsDownload 

5. TuneSmith 1.0 Feed your artistic fire with the essential songwriting companion featuring an advanced lyrics editor, a comprehensive copyright tracker and a versatile pitch journal. Efficiently manage all essential information about your copyright registrations,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

6. GX-700 Sound Station 3.1 Sound Station is a windows application, a complete MIDI patch editor for the BOSS guitar effects processor GX-700. It may be used as a bank manager, to edit patches, and to save them into several different formats. SoundStation runs on any Win32... DetailsDownload 

7. xgmc 1.0 Midi Sequencer/Editor/Editor which is designed to create midi files from WAVE input DetailsDownload 

8. QuadEdit 1.0 Midi patch editor for Alesis Quadraverb GT effects processor. Runs under Windows. See the WIKI at Now functional for most basic functions, needs work on: Midi Modulation, Multi-tap delays, sampling. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

9. Able MIDI Editor 1.3 Able MIDI Editor is an inexpensive piano-roll MIDI Editor for Windows.Able MIDI Editor is a MIDI music Editor for Windows that enables you to compose and edit music in MIDI form, as the editor is designed similarly to a Piano Roll, i.e. the time... DetailsDownload 

10. KaraWin Pro KaraWin is a Karaoke Midi kok kfn MP3 CDG AVI player for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP Two main part : the explorator and juke box part. Explore your hard disk, create your own jukebox list. Up to 4 folder panels at the same time. Can read... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

11. UltraStar Song Editor 1.0 UltraStar Song Editor is an external editor for song data files that are used with the karaoke game UltraStar with a clean Win32 UI. It features an integrated gap/start-aware music player, graphical pitch-lyrics editor etc. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

12. KaraWin 1.4 KaraWin is a Karaoke Midi and MP3 player for Windows. Two main part : the explorator and juke box part. Explore your hard disk, create your own jukebox list. Up to 4 folder panels at the same time.Can read zipped song filesFully configurable midi,... DetailsDownload 

13. Sprintbit Media Player 2.4 Sprintbit Media Player is a multimedia player with useful playback scheduling features. You can create playback lists and schedule files to play in many ways. It includes Playback Statistic, Internet Radio, CDDB Database and File Searcher. All... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

14. Portable Spider Player 2.5.3 The Portable Spider Player application was designed to be a free and useful alternative music player that can be placed in one row with Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player and Music Match Jukebox due to its multifunctionality.

... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

15. Speedy MIDI 1.0 Speedy MIDI is an editor designed for choirs and singers to quickly generate MIDI files for rehearsal. If the quality of the sheet music is too low for scanning, Speedy MIDI is an interesting alternative to other MIDI or notation editors. Use the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

16. MIDI Tracker MIDI Tracker is music editor with ability to import and export songs to MIDI format, support of 128 instruments, assigning volume and tracks count, playing and editing notes by PC keyboard. It is easy to create a song from a several patterns... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

17. MidiYodi 3.0 MidiYodi is an application that allows examination, playback, editing and conversion of MIDI files.

MidiYodi is available on all major platforms including Windows, Mac and Unix.

MidiYodi provides various tools to examine the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

18. Chordastic 1.2 Chordastic is the easiest way to create and manage music chord tabs. The interface has been designed to be user friendly, using editing automation for saving time. It is a lyrics and chords editor, an essential tool for professional musicians or... DetailsDownload 

19. CATraxx CD Player 9.44 CATraxx CD Player is a compact application that can help you play CD tracks and edit the lyrics of certain songs. The program is designed to work with the CATraxx application but it is not included in the package.

The program is... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

20. Music Masterworks 4.29 Make your own music with our award-winning voice-to-note music composition software. With Music Masterworks you can compose by just singing into your microphone and/or recording from your MIDI compatible digital piano/keyboard. Edit the song using... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

21. SynJam 1.0 SynJam is a free multiplayer game where players perform and compose music together in real time. Up to eight performers may take part, and results are saved as MIDI files. The game also acts as a multiplayer MIDI file editor/player and multitrack... DetailsDownload 

22. Audio Workstation Convert between all audio formats, Grab CD audio to any format with free CDDB album info service. Find album covers for CD's and audio files. Create Audio CDOCOs. Edit all audio formats, add effects, normalize, fade in / out, amplify, create... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

23. A2 Media Player Pro 2.30 A2 Media Player is recognized as the most innovative "Super Media Player & Image/Video Karaoke Emulator" built with advanced, state-of-the-art technology. Major features are: audio/video playback, image/photo display, image/video... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

24. DJ Studio Pro DJ Studio Pro offers you a twin deck DJ player with auto fade and auto beat match. DJ Studio Pro will help you convert between all audio formats, Grab CD audio to any format with CDDB album info service and find album covers for CD's and audio... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

25. Virsyn Tera VSTi RTAS 3.2 Tera 3 is a modular software synthesizer program based on many different synthesizer technologies including “spectrum synthesis”. Users will benefit from this new versions improvements which include a “free... DetailsDownload 

26. Karino Audio Tools 1.0 If you enjoy Karaoke, whether you like singing Karaoke songs or just enjoy creating Karaoke songs for others to sing, the Karino Audio Tools will be a useful and fun tool for you. Firstly, the Karino Audio Tools program features an audio converter... DetailsDownload 

27. Jack! The Knife 15.5 Supreme 1.0 Jack! The Knife rip your CD Audio and AVI video to: Audio Wave (*.wav), MPEG Layer 3 (*.mp3), Ogg Vorbis (*.ogg), MusePack (*.mpc), Windows Media Audio (*.wma), True Audio (*.tta), Monkey's Audio (*.ape), FLAC (*.flac) and WavPack (*.wv). Advanced... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

28. Karall MP3 Editor 1.00.3 KarAll MP3 Editor - Free MP3 Karaoke Editor to manage lyrics chords and markers ID3 tags. Automatic ID3 tags generates by player from Midi files. MP3 files can be played by every ID3-V2.x compatible software. Very easy to manage the lyrics syncro... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

29. TS-MIDI Editor 1.00 TS-MIDI Editor allows you to quickly and effectively correct the results of theautomatic recognition (for example, by TS-AudioToMIDI). The editor isdesigned similarly to a Piano Roll, i.e. the time axis is located horizontally,and different... DetailsDownload 

30. MNotepad x64 6.00 MNotepad is a simple text editor, which won't perform any audio processing, but you can use it to store comments, lyrics or just any text. FEATURES: ยท Up to 8 channels surround processing - our plugins can handle not only mono and stereo signals,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

31. GI20Editor 1.5 GI20Editor is a software editor for the Roland GI-20 GK-MIDI guitar interface. It can receive a MIDI "bulk dump" containing all the current settings from the device, show and modify any parameter and finally send data back to the unit.... DetailsDownload 

32. MNotepad for Mac OS X 7.06 MNotepad is a simple text editor, which won't perform any audio processing, but you can use it to store comments, lyrics or just any text.


TE Up to 8 channels surround processing - our plugins can handle not... DetailsDownload 

33. Chameleon Midi Editor & Librarian... Midi Editor & Librarian for some Midi Devices, firstly Rocktron's Chameleon & Voodu Valve.
-user friendly rack interface for patch editing,
-a Librarian w/ Dump Load & export patchnames to various... DetailsDownload 

34. Music Man 4.1.7 Rip, convert, burn, play music on Mac OS X. Music Man is easy to use and includes all the features you need from a converter, CD Ripper, CD Burner, Player, ID3 Tag editor - all-in-one. Convert most formats - MP3, WMA, FLAC, MIDI, WAV, AAC, M4A,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

35. mp3Tag Pro 7.4 Large music collections are not easy to manage. If you have a few thousands of audio files, you may want to keep them more or less organized. Otherwise it becomes almost impossible to know what is inside those record folders.

mp3Tag Pro... DetailsDownload 

36. Tagrunner ID3, Lyrics, Cover editor... Finds lyrics, album covers & completes ID3 tags for MP3, WMA or OGG music files from 10 web sources automatically. Optimized for huge music libraries. Plus editor for fine-tuning of ID3 tags. TagRunner s easy-to-use interface and automated... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

37. Zortam Mp3 Center 4.00 Zortam Mp3 Center is all-in-one Mp3 applications.It includes Auto Tagger that gets covers,lyrics and other tag information from Zortam database, MP3 Organizer, ID3 Tag Editor, Mp3 Player, CD Ripper, Wav/Mp3, Mp3 Normalizer. In addition you can... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

38. Zortam Mp3 Media Studio 20.35 Zortam Mp3 Media Studio is all-in-one Mp3 application suite. It has several modules such us Zortam Mp3 Auto Tagger, Mp3 Organizer, ID3 Tag Editor, Mp3 Player, BPM (Beats Per Minute) Analyzer, Mp3 Normalizer, CD Ripper, Mp3 to Wav converter. With... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

39. Bluejay 1.0 BLUEJAY Mpeg Suite is a capable media player with fourteen audio components and intuitive controls that hide a powerful playback engine and flexible media management. Bluejay supports portable media&mp3 players, auto-queue creation, wave... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

40. MidiWorks 2010 2.2.2001 This software is used for processing midi and karaoke files, compatible with SMF0 and SMF1 file format (*.mid, *.kar). MidiWorks is not an ordinary midi editor, but powerful tool dedicated for a specific musical instrument. MidiWorks uses the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

41. MIDI DisAssembler 1.0 MIDI DisAssembler is a program to convert MIDI files into readable text files that you can view and edit with any text editor.In order to use this program, you must first download and install the MidiFile DLL and GenMidi DLL.This also goes the... DetailsDownload 

42. WIDI Recognition System Professional... WIDI Recognition System is a polyphonic Audio to MIDI converter with an advanced MIDI Editor. The main function of the program is to transcribe Audio files into MIDI, and then to help with quick and efficient rearrangement of the converted file.... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

43. Tiny Midi Sequencer 0.8h3b 1.0 Tiny Midi Sequencer, also known as tinyseq was developed as an accessible and handy MIDI sequencer. Tiny Midi Sequencer comes included with a staff editor and a tempo editor.

Now, you can make use of this accessible piece of software... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

44. SynthEd: Synthesizer Editor 1.0 SynthEd is an attempt to build a cross-platform universal editor/librarian for MIDI music synthesizers. SynthEd will leverage XML and wxPython to support synthesizers with minimal coding. DetailsDownload 

45. Raging MIDI 1.0 Qt-based MIDI editor based around ideas from Anvil Studio but is open source and cross-platform. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

46. NMG2 Open source editor 0.25 With the NMG2 Open source editor you can make patches on the Clavia Nord Modular G2 synthesizer using the USB interface or using midi.

It is an alternative to the original Clavia editor software. The orignal Clavia software still works... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

47. KDE ID3 Editor 0.4.1 A KDE (qt) ID3 v1 and v2 viewer/editor with the ultimate aim of providing full id3v2 support including images, lyrics and non-western text encodings. This will eventually become a kfile plugin or view for Konqueror. DetailsDownload 

48. MagicScore Classic 6 6.200 MagicScore is a magnificent, powerful and convenient musical editor, for those who professionally are engaged in music, seriously studies it or simply loves music and self-expression. Advantages of MagicScore: The convenient interface for a set of... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

49. Wave MP3 Editor 8.1 Wave MP3 Editor is a complete audio editor and recorder. Wave MP3 Editor makes editing WAV files as easy as editing text with its clear user interface and powerful effects. Our wave form editing window allows you to find the part you want to edit... DetailsDownload 

50. GoldLeo MP3 Tag Editor 4.1 GoldLeo MP3 Tag Editor is an easy to use MP3 tag editor supporting ID3V1.1 and ID3V2.x, and it is also a cool MP3 batch renamer, choose the format and batch rename the files in the directory easily. With it, you can edit the lyrics and pictures or... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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