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1. Blog Navigator 1.2 Blog Navigator is a program designed to make it easy for users who enjoy reading blogs (short for web logs ) to read and organize them. Blog Navigator works by reading RSS feeds and displaying them in a clean, easy to understand way. It includes a... DetailsDownload - Screenshot


2. Asset Navigator 4.3 Asset Navigator is an integrated Help Desk and IT infrastructure management suite that delivers a complete automated deployment of network audit. It brings a web-based help desk, comprehensive hardware and software inventory, software license... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. Network Inventory Navigator 3.0.5 Network Inventory Navigator is a hardware and software inventory tool that enables to automatically monitor and manage enterprise assets. Network Inventory Navigator provides up-to-date information regarding user s computers, hardware... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. Asset Navigator for IT 2.5 Asset Navigator is a software for IT Asset management, provides network PC hardware and software audit and inventory tracking. It provides powerful control over the diverse IT assets you already have.You can dynamically track configuration, user,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

5. INTSPEI P-Navigator 1.0 Join the search revolution! Search and browse like a pro from your desktop. P-Navigator brings the power of tag-cloud search and powerful Web navigation to your fingertips. Running from your desktop, P-Navigator remembers your searches and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

6. Tennis Navigator ATP Edition 1.7 Tennis Navigator ATP Edition is a unique program, a perfect guide through the world of men's tennis. By this program you will always be informed about all the tennis events, operationally get to know the last matches results, be able to see the... DetailsDownload 

7. Speedy Web Navigator XP 2.1 Speedy Web Navigator XP hasthree features, which speed up your web surfing, downloads, stabilizes online gaming, and reduces lag. It has a DNS Optimizer that enhances your bookmarks for immediate page loading and faster surfing, a... DetailsDownload 

8. Bookmark Navigator: bookmark manager 2.0 Bookmark Navigator is a bookmark manager, it offers a brand new way of managing your Internet bookmarks. Now you can easily synchronize bookmarks and share them among browsers and any computers - just as easy as plugging in a flash device! It... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

9. BackCountry Navigator Desktop Edition... BackCountry Navigator Desktop Edition streamlines your adventure planning process on your desktop. The Desktop Editon can be maximized to the full extent of your desktop or laptop screen, giving you more room to plan and browse your target areas.... DetailsDownload 

10. Navigator Word Toolbar 1.1 The Navigator Word Toolbar emulates the menus and toolbars that you are familiar with from earlier versions of Word and makes them available in the Navigator Menus tab. All the menu items and tools with which you are familiar, plus a few more, are... DetailsDownload 

11. Site Navigator 1.2 Site Navigator is a bookmark manager. It will import your Netscape Bookmarks and Internet Explorer Favorites, grab the url of the site you're viewing, connect you to the net through any of up to five providers, pop up a stay on top Username... DetailsDownload 

12. Netscape Navigator 9.0 Netscape Navigator 9 is a web browsing tool by NETSCAPE, one of the most powerful web development company. Netscape offers high speed web browsing along with one click web search from the Netscape search bar. Now you don't need to download a... DetailsDownload 

13. Ogie Web Navigator 2.0 The Ogie Web Navigator is the next generation of internet browsing in terms of speed. The program features speed performance, tab support, bookmark support, widgets and many more. With the preloader, your pages are loaded even before you hit... DetailsDownload 

14. Performance Navigator 15.0 Performance Navigator® is a graphical PC Tool for IBM i (all iSeries®) Performance Management, Capacity Planning and Problem Solving which runs on Windows® 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Windows 7. PerfNav® supports end-users... DetailsDownload 

15. Time Navigator 4.2 An advanced high-performance backup and recovery solution, Atempo Time Navigator has evolved into a powerful and easy to use tool for tiered data protection that can fit the data protection needs of both large enterprises and small to medium size... DetailsDownload 

16. Asite Navigator 3.5 Asite Navigator is an application for your computer that helps you manage files between your office and Asite Document Manager, giving you advanced document management and synchronisation capabilities. By setting local "Working Folders"... DetailsDownload 

17. Alloy Navigator 6.1 Alloy Navigator is an IT Service Management solution designed and built with industry best practices and real-world customers in mind. Targeted for medium and large business environments, it offers an intuitive, comprehensive, easy-to-use approach... DetailsDownload 

18. Harris Navigator 4.6 CCS Navigator is a Windows-based software application that provides device configuration and various levels of control and monitoring for broadcast networks. CCS Navigator primarily uses the Harris-developed CCS Protocol (CCSP), a protocol that... DetailsDownload 

19. Navigator 805 8.0 Navigator 805 is the latest mouse from Genius. The main features of Navigator 815 are the ultra low power which extends battery life in 15 months, 2.4 GHz RF cordless technology and 1600 dpi laser sensor. The Navigator 815 works at full... DetailsDownload 

20. NuLOOQ navigator 1.1 Logitech NuLOOQ navigator is an innovative new device that is truly your mouse's best friend. Off load navigation and many other actions from the mouse onto the NuLOOQ navigator. To get the most from your device, you can use this help system.... DetailsDownload 

21. Navigator Utilities 3.5 Navigator Utilities - the "essential navigation tool" for all Excel power users. Navigator Utilities will save you heaps of time and frustration in finding your way around and auditing large (and small) Excel workbooks.Unprotect password... DetailsDownload 

22. EAWC DX Navigator 1.0 The DX1208 includes DX Navigator control software, allowing users to access all of the system settings and configurations. EQ filters, gates, compressors/limiters, auto-mixing, priority assignment, delay, gain and crossovers are all included in... DetailsDownload 

23. VR4MAX Navigator Pro 6.2 The graphical user interface (GUI) of VR4MAX Navigator Pro is based on standard Windows components. The Title bar provides you access to some standard Windows functionalities for managing the main window. The Menu Bar contains all menus and... DetailsDownload 

24. Canon MP Navigator 5.0 MP Navigator enables you to scan in documents, photos and/or access images on the memory card or PC. You can edit, save or print the images. This application is supported on all popular operating systems. MP Navigator supports the multi-language... DetailsDownload 

25. Formula Navigator 2.0 Formula Navigator is a clever tool for understanding the linkages within a complex spreadsheet. It is both a spreadsheet productivity enhancer and spreadsheet review tool, useful for anyone working with large and complex Microsoft Excel... DetailsDownload 

26. Process Navigator 11.1 Powered by Microsoft Visio, Process Navigator is designed for non-process specialists in order to capture business processes in graphical format. Process Navigator prides himself on a simple interface and aims not at the traditional business... DetailsDownload 

27. Mitel Integrated Office Navigator 1.2 Mitel’s new Integrated Office Navigator PC application enhances the use of your Navigator telephone set by providing quick and easy access to telephony from your desktop. The Integrated Office Navigator also provides seamless integration... DetailsDownload 

28. Quick Image Navigator 1.2 Quick Image Navigator is an application software for importing images from a network scanner to your computer. It can also be used for managing loaded images. Folders in the computer will be displayed in a hierarchy. Selecting a folder by clicking... DetailsDownload 

29. Solution Navigator 1.1 Solution Navigator is Visual Studio Add-In which helps quickly navigate project in solution. For example, if your have many projects in solution, your open comboBox which exists on "SolutionExplorer" Window and select project you need.... DetailsDownload 

30. Learning Lodge Navigator 3.0 Learning Lodge Navigator is an easy-to-use download manager for InnoTab, MobiGo, V.Reader, and other favorite VTech toys. By registering your toy, you'll gain access to the online library of downloadable games, e-books, and bonus content so... DetailsDownload 

31. WTA Tennis Navigator 1.9 Tennis Navigator is a unique program, a perfect guide through the world of tennis. By this program you will always be informed about all the tennis events, operationally get to know the last matches results, be able to see the results of the... DetailsDownload 

32. Panasonic Quick Image Navigator 1.2 Quick Image Navigator is powerful software that allows to simplify handling and management of scanned files by searching and classifying them. There is a possibility of simultaneous management of various formats files, for example, getting by... DetailsDownload 

33. Picture Navigator 2.1 Picture Navigator is created to help you easily record and review your trip knowing exactly where you have traveled. Furthermore if you took digital photos on your trip, it would even show you the exact location where and when your pictures were... DetailsDownload 

34. Map Zoom Pan As3 1 Map Pan Zoom AS3 Map navigator with pan and zoom actions, loaded dynamically from xml, you ca set image or swf file map.Users can select point from menu search for a point zoom scroll navigate map. Zoom module:You can zoom the map from zoom bar... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

35. Access Object Navigator 3.5 Access Object Navigator 3.5 is a complete user interface for Access database solutions. It is an Access add-on that provides you with the Outlook-like navigation bar/pane where forms, queries and tables open in tabs. You can also use a built-in... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

36. UIVI for Mac OS X 2.4.7 UIVI is a URL navigator. It presents a URL hierarchy as a tree view, in which each item represents a URL. Several such views can be open at the same time. Each will be on a separate tab. Besides regular things such as cut and paste, one can... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

37. Navigator for 2ch 1.8.4 Navigator for 2ch(navi2ch) is a '2ch bbs' browser worked on Emacsen. DetailsDownload 

38. NetSite Navigator 1.0 NetSite Navigator gives you control over all your web content inside oracle apex database. Easily update the text and images of any web page on your site. No longer do you have to wait on you web site to be updated, with this easy to use software. DetailsDownload 

39. MySQL Navigator 1.4.2 MySQL Navigator is MySQL DBMS GUI. DetailsDownload 

40. pysql-navigator 0.3 PySQL-Navigator aims to be a simple MySQL-Explorer. It's written in Python for platform-independency and uses wxPython and myconnpy. It should offer a simple FlameRobin-like way to edit table-contents. DetailsDownload 

41. Star Wars - The Navigator Game 1.0 Star Wars - The Navigator Game es un juego de navegador, ambientado en Star Wars. Esta basado en el codigo openSource de Xnova, el clon de OGame. DetailsDownload 

42. Amiant Navigator 1.0 Amiant Navigator is a cross-platform plug-in based all-in-one file manager, media content viewer/editor/converter, archiver, text editor, ftp browser. DetailsDownload 

43. Source Navigator for Verilog 1.0 Source Navigator for Verilog is a verilog parser that allows Source Navigator to be used with the Verilog Hardware Description Language. DetailsDownload 

44. Hanghe, a marine navigator 2 Hanghe is a marine navigator supporting BSB/KAP chart, GPS, multiple chart display, ship tracking. It is developed in Java 1.6. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

45. UW Campus Navigator 1.0 The UW Campus Navigator provides new students with location-aware services around the University of Washington campus. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

46. File Navigator 1.0 fnav (File Navigator ) Console File Manager DetailsDownload 

47. Bash Navigator 1.0.1 Bash Navigator eliminates the requirement that users must memorize long directory names, provides forward/back/next/previous navigation keys, and supports a rudimentary form of project management without reducing the flexibility of the BASH shell. DetailsDownload 

48. maven-dependency-navigator 1.0 Maven Dependency Navigator takes as its original basis the excellent (but now unmaintained) Maven Dependency Browser. Maven Dependency Browser is a great standalone GUI for browsing pom dependencies, with great straightforward usability. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

49. NJB Navigator 0.1.1 QT based NJB Navigator provides easy navigation and management functions for portable MP3 players (Creative Nomad Jukeboxes, Dell-DJ), supported via libnjb. DetailsDownload 

50. PHP Project Navigator 0.1 PHP Project Navigator is a web based source browser for PHP. Its parser uses the same YACC grammar as the Zend Engine 2 so it recognizes PHP 5 syntax and inline documentation blocks. Symbols are stored in a database which is queried via a web... DetailsDownload 

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