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1. Online Examination System in ASP.NET 1.0 Online Examination Project in ASP.NET DetailsDownload 


2. cd database in asp rc A cd catalogue program, written in asp and linked to an access database. Features include add/view/delete records, sort records and the ability to check cds in and out of the catalogue. Fully functional from the web using IIS. DetailsDownload 

3. ScoutNow 1.0 An online approach to the FIRST Robotics competition scouting software utilizing the best in ASP.NET, and C#. ScoutNow presents a "no install - just use" approach to scouting for the biggest robotics competition in the United States. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. FOOshop 1.0 FOOshop is an object-oriented online shop, scripted in ASP. You can install multiple languages and multiple themes with just one click. DetailsDownload 

5. Second Boer War Quiz FGE 1.0 See if you can solve the elaborate quiz in this bewildering trivia game. This quiz contains various fascinating questions that are all about the Second Boer War. You will need to progress through the game and answer all of the questions correctly... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

6. First Boer War Quiz FGE 1.0 See if you can solve the formidable quiz in this challenging trivia game. This quiz contains various interesting questions that are all about the First Boer War. You will need to progress through the game and answer all of the questions correctly... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

7. World War 2 Quiz SGF 1.0 See if you can solve the entangled quiz in this interesting trivia game. This quiz contains various challenging questions that are all about the second World War. You will need to progress through the game and answer all of the questions correctly... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

8. General Quiz SGF 1.0 See if you can solve the enigmatic quiz in this intriguing trivia game. This quiz contains various challenging questions that are all about various general areas. You will need to progress through the game and answer all of the questions correctly... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

9. Freeware Online Shop 6.1.4 With this program you can make simply and fast a professional Online Shop in the language of your choice. Of course with shop basket and ordering type. Pictures and a detail side can be integrated for each article (with search function and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

10. ZenOK Online-Backup 21GB Free 2012 ZenOK includes Online Backup in real-time, Web Restore, Military-grade 448 bit Encryption, System Health Check and patent pending Data Loss Protection Warning System (AIRC) that help you prevent data loss.The Warning System (AIRC) monitors the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

11. Sentinel Online Backup Online Backup For Business Sentinel Online Backup provides the safest, most secure online backup in the industry and the best part is it's all automatic! With military-grade encryption, continuous data protection, and global data access, no matter... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

12. BarCodeWiz Barcode Control for... Create barcodes in ASP.NET web pages.
Barcodes are generated dynamically as GIF, PNG, or JPEG images. Write-access to a folder is not required. Does not need to create temporary files.
Written entirely in .NET managed code. Compatible... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

13. Bytescout Document SDK for .NET 1.00.88 Generate Word documents (doc, docx) in ASP.NET, Visual Basic .NET and C#.
Bytescout Document SDK is 100% managed .NET (1.10, 2.00 and higher) library for document (DOC, DOCX) writing, reading and modification.
* Microsoft... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

14. Rage Of Sage Online Client 1.1 Rage of Sage Online is a fully 3D designed multiplayer online game in which there are different styles, themes and architecture for the different towns, islands and dungeons. The multitude of elements designed captivates players and keeps them... DetailsDownload 

15. BetVoyager Online Casino 1.0 BetVoyager online casino is the only online casino in the world that offers equal odds versions of all its games. Games can be played instantly online and our programs can also be downloaded for free. Our online casino offers all the most popular... DetailsDownload 

16. Pepperstone Metatrader 4.00 MetaTrader 4 is a free-of-charge program specially designed for online trading in the Forex market. The built-in technical indicators allow you to analyze securities' quotes, whilst the MQL4 network enables the development and usage of automated... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

17. Table Smart Editor 1.0 Smart Table Editor is a powerful database editor for free designed to work in with IIS. Supports Microsoft Access 2003/2007 and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Allows you to view all the tables in any database and lets you edit, delete,... DetailsDownload 

18. Reservation Sysem Asp.Net ,C# 1.0 Airline Reservation system , is made by me in with c sharp language as summer projest , here is full source code for the system including database, and installation manual. DetailsDownload 

19. ASPDF - PDF Creation with Classic ASP... A port of the PHP FPDF library to run in ASP Classic (3.0)With this library you should be able to write PDF files, from Classic ASP without any components. DetailsDownload 

20. ASPIV (ASP Image Viewer) 0.80 This is a picture viewer written in ASP 3.0. It allows cataloging of pictures into albums for display on any website. It is designed for use with digital cameras because it will pull EXIF information, and it allows for resizing and rotating. DetailsDownload 

21. ASP script for banner exchange 1.0 The best ad exchange banner system in ASP. at the moment it uses a db access but it is previewed mysql and sql. DetailsDownload 

22. AJAX ASP.NET FORUM by InSeCla 0.1.3 A fast & lightweight free forum developed in ASP.Net 3.5, AJAX, CSS, SQL & Javascript TempTables Cache. Magical MultiLingual Features includes; localization,globalization & oriented forums/threads as per user... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

23. ASP Version Control 0.1.alpha The aim of the project is to build a web based version control system (vcs) in ASP (Active Server Pages).Features include: Multi user (with levels), Checkin/Checkout files, Labeled versions, Discussion on single files. DetailsDownload 

24. Cricket Quiz 2011 1 Test your knowledge about your favorite cricket players and see them in your iPhone. Guess information about them and play a great quiz in your iPhone.

This quiz is about cricket players. Make score by applying your knowledge about... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

25. In the Year 1.1 So much more than just another general knowledge quiz.
˜In the Year™ mixes quizzing with logic, reasoning and deductive skills to make a very different kind of puzzle. (You™ll find an appreciation of puns helps too!)

Featuring... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

26. Magic Quiz - 200 Awesome Game Heroes!... EXCLUSIVE APP FOR DIE-HARD IPHONE GAMERS!

How well do you know your mobile games? We've collected 200 of the cute little app icons from your favorite iOS games and brought them together for one... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

27. Tennis Knowledge Fun Quiz - Wimbledon... DO YOU KNOW YOUR TENNIS TRIVI*

Prove it in the best Tennis quiz in the app store.

Guess from over 200 images

* Guess the player
* Guess the 2012 player
* Guess the 2000 player
* Guess... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

28. Animal Names in Languages 1.1 Animal Names in Languages allows your child to learn the names of 20 different animal names in 3 different languages. It also includes a quiz in in which you can test on the animals names in any of the 3 languages. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

29. Bird In Hand 1.3.0 Since launching in winter 2001, BIRD in HAND has established itself as a premium Luxury Lifestyle brand. Internationally acclaimed wines sit alongside the BIRD in HAND fashion collection, both online and in store at our South Australian HQ. The... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

30. Cosa hanno in comune- Che parola si... Cos"hanno in comune - 4 immagini 1 parola da indovinare
Un meraviglioso quiz in modalit DetailsDownload - Screenshot

31. Football League Quiz - Club Badge... KNOW YOUR FOOTBALL-SOCCER LOGOS?!


Not just guess the Logo but also:

**Guess the Sponsor
**Guess the Kit Manufacturer

Start... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

32. Motorcycle Quiz - Moto GP Edition 1.8.2 THINK YOU KNOW YOUR MOTO GP TRIVI*

Prove it, in the best Moto GP quiz in the app store.

Guess from over 170 images
* Guess the rider
* Guess the nationality
* Guess the team
* Guess... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

33. SpeechAnywhere 1.13 Listen to web & online articles in Chinese/English.Presentation Tool.Speak Chinese/English text selected in a normal window. Convenient tool for learning & teaching Chinese or listening to articles while working. With SpeechAnywhere,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

34. MyVocaNet 1.31 With MyVocaNet that can be strengthened to each online vocabulary in every language. In fact, that s an on-line vocabulary trainer, which supports the proven record sheet principle, so that an optimal learning effect is obtained. Language lessons... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

35. Cablevision Citrix Client 12.1 The Citrix Connection Center displays all connections established from a Citrix online plug-in. You use plug-in software to access applications, server desktops, or content (such as documents or presentations) published by an administrator. All... DetailsDownload 

36. Sadp 1.0 SADP Software supports to search all the online devices in a LAN and show the model, IP Address, Port Number, Device Serial NO., Subnet Mask, MAC Address, Software Version, DSP Version about devices. It also supports to modify IP, mask IP and to... DetailsDownload 

37. MorphVOX Pro 4.3 MorphVOXTM Pro will change your voice online and in-game. Take your voice-changing to a new level with superior voice-learning technology, background cancellation, and sound quality. Try out the "Backgrounds" feature which lets you add... DetailsDownload 

38. MIG Trade Station 4.0 MetaTrader 4 is a program specially designed for online trading in the Forex market.It is designed for managing multiple accounts simultaneously.The program allows you to analyze quotes, make trades and develop strategies. You can control your... DetailsDownload 

39. Doxwox 1.0 DOXWOX is a downloadable application that allows a person to host and attend online meetings, in which you can share and discuss, in real time , Power Point presentations and images in popular formats (.jpg, .tif, …). You are in... DetailsDownload 

40. Exam Browser 3.0 SMUVista Exam Browser is a customized web browser that is used for online assessments in SMUVista environment. Before launching the exam browser, please make sure your firewall and anti-virus programs do not block the exam browser. You may... DetailsDownload 

41. Rise Poker 1.0 Legally play online poker in the United States. Enter hundreds of Texas Hold'em poker tournaments for real cash and prizes. The Team RISE Pros are some of the most successful and most engaging professionals playing poker today. Learn more... DetailsDownload 

42. La Isla Casino 1.0 La Isla Online Casino, in association with Casino Tropez, offers over 100 casino games to choose from, including arcade games and Asian games, such as Mah Jong. It also offers bonuses for card games such as casino holdem poker, and special table... DetailsDownload 

43. Federation 2 Stock Planet Builder 1.0 Federation 2 IS the first online game in the world to be written as a commercial game. It was the first non-RPG/Adventure online game, and is the oldest continuously available online game. Federation 2 released the Stock Planet Builder... DetailsDownload 

44. Source Dedicated Server 20.0 Srcds allows you to to serve an online game in a virtual environment. If you have a good connection and computer available, you can simply install the software and prepare your virtual battlefield to be entered. srcds will serve all Half-Life 2... DetailsDownload 

45. Red Karaoke 1.0 Sing and Record with Red Karaoke, the largest online karaoke in the world (45,000+ songs)! The songs you want, when you want!

? Let the fun begin with 20 complimentary songs (renewed monthly) and take it to the next level by... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

46. TerminatorX Site License 2.0 On networks - block KaZaA, block MSN Messenger, block Buddy, block Yahoo Messenger, block AOL messenger, block Instant Messenger, block Morpheus, block messenger, block iMesh, block Gambling, block chat, block online games In fact TerminatorX can... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

47. POKER SIDEKICK 1.5 POKER SIDEKICK is the only online Texas Holdem poker odds calculator that teaches you HOW to win at Texas Holdem tournament poker by monitoring your actual online play in real-time and guiding you through how best to play each hand, teaching you... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

48. iChat AV 2.1 Chat with other online users in a full-screen personal video conference environment over any broadband connection. iChat AV uses patented anamorphic resizing techniques so that the video of the person you're chatting with fills the entire screen... DetailsDownload 

49. DevConnector 1.0 Eclipse plugin that allows you to post questions to the online community in real-time. People's questions are 'streamed' into your view and you can see answers or answer them yourself. Uses Java with servlets and XML DetailsDownload 

50. JsWiki 0.1 A WikiWiki clone implemented in ASP with JavaScript. It uses JavaScript Template engine.It's very easy to install and use. Now will migrate to the J2EE platform DetailsDownload 

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