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1. Invoice Ace 1.0.1 Inovice Ace is a simple Invoicing system for small businesses. It allows for non VAT/tax registed operation and none VAT/tax registered companies. Currency and tax can be changed to your countries spec.Invoice Ace can generate many useful reports,... DetailsDownload 


2. OpenInvoice 04 A simple invoicing system utilizing OpenOffice Calc, MySQL, and BASH. Allows you to take an order quickly and update your database afterward. brought to you by CANDO Computer Services DetailsDownload 

3. Simple Recruitment System 2.0 Simple Recruitment System is a small application that enables you to create, view and manage a database of people who have applied for different jobs at a firm. You can fill in the following information: - Name - Surname - Phone number -... DetailsDownload 

4. Truck Repair Shop Invoicing System 5.0 All the tools you need, at your fingertips: the Truck Repair Shop Invoicing System (TRSIS) from A&A Software Solutions Ltd. is a complete, fully integrated invoicing software and accounts receivable (A/R) package for automobile repair... DetailsDownload 

5. SQS - the Simple Queueing System 3.1 SQS is the Simple Queueing System that allows jobs to be run in sequence on one or more machine. The queues can be inspected, jobs can be deleted from queues even when running, and jobs can be held. The latest version as at the end of 2011 is... DetailsDownload 

6. Simple Education System 1.0 Simple Education System is a set of php scripts and xml dtd rules that provides possibility to make WEB based educational course of high (hopefully) complexity. DetailsDownload 

7. SCS: Simple Contest System 1.0 SCS - Simple Contest System - is a system for makieing Programming contests in simple way. DetailsDownload 

8. Xin Invoice v2 2.1.2001 Xin Invoice is a simple yet powerful invoicing system/invoicing software suitably catered for small business. It is capable of generating professional quotations, invoices & delivery notes which supports conversion to PDF format either to suit... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

9. PHP OnIn 1.0 PHP OnIn is a simple online invoicing system built in PHP & MySQL. DetailsDownload 

10. myInvoice 1.0 MyInvoice is a simple php/mysql based invoicing system aimed at freelancers and small businesses. It allows the user to manage clients/invoices, clients to log in to view and print invoices, and also features automatic email notifications. DetailsDownload 

11. Solar System Generator 3.5 Solar System Generator is a simple star system generator, that provides a graphical view of the star system and the planets it contains. It also provides information on the habitability of the planets in the system, and the elements they may contain. DetailsDownload 

12. AllRound Invoice Professional 4.00.08 AllRound Invoice is an invoicing system designed for small businesses to handle customers, inventory management and invoicing. In short it will save you time on your day to day paperwork!
With our simple software you will be able to get more... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

13. Simple Scale 1.0 A simple ticketing system for weighbridge/truck scale systems. DetailsDownload 

14. fGPS - Fast GPS code system 1.0 fGPS is a code system that provides both latitude and longitude in a simple alfanumeric system that is easier to input in GPS devices, and easier to provide by phone or sms than standard coordinate systems. DetailsDownload 

15. Chitragupta File System 1.1 ChitraguptaFS is a simple file system based on FUSE written in C language for logging FS events. ChitraguptaFS comprises of two parts, one is the FS itself and the other is a simple utility to retrieve FS logs. DetailsDownload 

16. Operation system for AVR Butterfly... ButterflyOS is a very simple operation system for the Atmel AVR Butterfly board. It's based on the AvrX multitasking scheduler, created by Larry Barello. A byte-code program for ButterflyOS, can be sent and managed through the serial interface. DetailsDownload 

17. KISS build system 1.0 The KISS build is a very simple build system for a entire linux(/gnu/uclibc) systemIt is something between an automated LSF and a gentoo distribution without adanced packaging featuresIt consists of a simple script that download and build for you DetailsDownload 

18. Stint - Time and project invoicing 1.30 Most Popular iPhone Project Tracking Tool + Invoicing!

Remember, we cannot contact you if you are having an issue but we'd love to help! Send us an email and we'll respond right away.

Stint is a specialized time tracker and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

19. Computer Diary 2007 1.1 The simple diary system is based on data file called "Diary Cards" containing 366 days of the year, and it's parent software Azz Cardfile.This diary is differentSaves time and keeps concentration, minimizing noise. There are no... DetailsDownload 

20. Swimbiz 6.2 A software application that combines a student and class booking solution with an integrated financial and invoicing system. Swimbiz is the only swimming business management tool that provides you with the opportunity to operate all aspects of... DetailsDownload 

21. JasperEDMS 1.0 JasperEDMS is simple EDMS system. I am do some minimal change in Joomla API for it working on his base. DetailsDownload 

22. TextAdder 1.0 A simple Widnows system tray application whose primary function is to allow users to add a line to any text file. DetailsDownload 

23. qsoftdb 1.0 A Simple DataBase System,base-on file system,pure textfile style.Implement almost JDBC3.0 features. DetailsDownload 

24. Oplaty 1.16 Oplaty is a simple payment system for users in a LAN. It provides a Web-based interface that shows a user\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s charge and info about the user. It is currently only available in the Polish language. DetailsDownload 

25. Cocoon CRM 1.0 an attempt to build a simple CRM system with Cocoon and JDBC DetailsDownload 

26. Require(News) 1.0 Require(News) is a simple blogging system that can be easily added to a current site. It uses PHP/MySQL to present and store the data and is easily customized by the user with CSS to fit the look and feel of the containing pages. DetailsDownload 

27. partgen 0.1 Partgen is a simple particle system generator and simulator. It's intended to have a 3D scene description language, and batch processing mode. Support for some scripting languages like ruby is also planned DetailsDownload 

28. PHP NoteDash 1.0 A simple notes system where a member can throw in a note, for other to read. Suitable for families, workplaces, schools, etc. DetailsDownload 

29. TextDoomRPG 1.0 TextDoomRPG is a simple RPG System and Creator, written entirely in Python, that is meant to let users create a text-based RPG. It is still in the early stages of development. DetailsDownload 

30. Fisifo 1.0 FiSiFo is a "FItopaldi SImple FOtolog", is a simple management system for photologs or flogs, with an ajax administration an a template system based in Smarty. Written in PHP. DetailsDownload 

31. simpleAI 1.0 The simpleAI (simple Artifical Intelligence) is an AI with simple I/O, simple memory and a simple logic system. It is at the moment very experimental and unusable. DetailsDownload 

32. JBoost 2.4 JBoost is a simple, robust system for classification. JBoost contains implementations of several boosting algorithms in an alternating decision tree framework. In addition, JBoost provides extensible software for adding more learning algorithms. DetailsDownload 

33. Pocket ROMulyzer 1.0 The first all-in-one Pocket PC ROM tool: Unlock Extended ROM (ExtROM), safely remove unwanted applications/fonts/images/sounds/etc from ExtROM using simple scripting system supporting user-created plugins, modify Windows/device bootscreens, and... DetailsDownload 

34. Java Physics Particle Engine 1.0 Java Physics is a simple particle system library useful for creating many different types of particle simulations using the java language. DetailsDownload 

35. katarina 1.5 katarina is a simple backup system based on rsync, providing guaranteed retention periods, customisable retentions cycles, de-duplication by server... DetailsDownload 

36. NanoRPC 1.0 NanoRPC allows generating C++ code to implement a very simple RPC system with a classical client/server architecture. It supports SSLv2/v3. DetailsDownload 

37. PanelFM 1.2 A quick and simple file system explorer applet for the Gnome panel that allows opening of files using the default associated application. DetailsDownload 

38. PackageFS PackageFS is a virtual user file system which provides powerful package management with simple file system operations.It is based on LUFS kernel patch ( with few modifications.It will be transparent to variuos package... DetailsDownload 

39. EMM OS 1.0 A simple operating system made for educational purposes. It will be a 32 bit multitasking open source operating system. Latest release covers interrupt handling, device drivers and shell service. DetailsDownload 

40. LaBz Accounting 1.0 Simple Accounting System for Small Business DetailsDownload 

41. nxBill 1.0 Open Source Php/MySQL billing/invoicing system and customer and product register. Multilingual, editable layout. DetailsDownload 

42. Smeezix 0.12 It is a simple operating system that i write in my spare time. It is not the best design and it is buggy but i hope it will get better. DetailsDownload 

43. AVRILOS 124 An Embedded System simple Operating System Framework that allows rapid development of applications build for AVR family but can be ported to other architectures easily enough. System is Round-Robin Co-operative multitasking.
Details - Download - Screenshot

44. Professionals Vitae Suite 1.0 Originally designed to provide a simple CurVitae system, this suite is best described as an online Toolkit For Professionals with needs of applications like CurVitae, CurCharts. Providing at the same time, Web-base System Administration(CurAdmin)... DetailsDownload 

45. PilotCRM 0.02 My friends ask me to advise them a simple CRM system.
But no one of systems, that I advised, satisfy them.
And I decide to make own simple CRM with open source, that will be available on GPL v.3.
My CRM called "PilotCRM". DetailsDownload - Screenshot

46. gestiolus 0.3 Gestiolus is a very simple webapplication system for managing repair work. Written to be use in a school, it can be adapted for all uses. At the moment it's only in italian language. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

47. OpenGig 1.0 OpenGig is a project to provide a web-based gig management and invoicing system for entertainers. DetailsDownload 

48. MyTickets 1.0 Simple ticketing system to track jobs in any department such as IT Support, Finance queries, etc. Written in PHP and MySQL. No authentication is built in so it should be used in a trusted environment. DetailsDownload 

49. Cool Help Desk 1.0 A simple ticket system app developed in php + mysql for a school project DetailsDownload 

50. RigChecker 1.0 This is a simple PHP system to keep track of rig check. You can define the fields, rigs, and then search by date. DetailsDownload 

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