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1. Zero Assumption Recovery 7.9 Zero Assumption Recovery is a powerful read-only data recovery solution that can recover all files, including those with long names or files containing non-Latin characters (e.g. French). Native NTFS compression is supported as well. Working from... DetailsDownload - Screenshot


2. Submachine Zero Ancient Adventure 1.0 Submachine Zero takes you on an epic quest for the Gem of Wisdom. Explore deep within the bowels of a forbidden tomb to solve the mystery and uncover the gem. Only the pure of heart and quick of mind need apply OCo do you have what it takes to... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. Duplicate File Killer 1.8.5 It can scan and delete all duplicate files and zero-sized files on the hard driver. It can scan and distinguish from filename, extensions and date. It creates lists of duplicate and zero-sized files. You can get a detailed statistics about... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. Zero Assumption Digital Image... Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery is an easy to use specialized data recovery tool. It is designed specifically to work with pictures taken by digital camera. Its wizard-style interface is quite simple and it does not require any knowledge of... DetailsDownload 

5. Zero Assumption Disk Space Visualizer... With Zero Assumption Disk Space Visualizer, you can generate an easy-to-understand graphical disk map. This map is useful to identify the largest folders on your drives and recover megabytes of disk space. DetailsDownload 

6. Zero Media Convertor 1.1 Video Converter: Zero Media Video Convertor is a very powerful video conversion program. It supports all common video and audio formats including MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, RM, RMVB, MPG, MPEG, 3GP, 3GPP, MPG, ASF, FLV, VOB, WMA, M4A, MP3, WAV and so... DetailsDownload 

7. BI-Lite CUBE-it Zero 6.1 BI-Lite CUBE-it Zero is an OLAP Cube builder available in a number of editions, which brings building cubes within the grasp of anyone familiar with MS Access or SQL Server. CUBE-it Zero bridges the gap between Access Queries and OLAP CUBES.... DetailsDownload 

8. Zero-Flight-1-1024x768 1.0 The Zero Flight wallpaper is a nice and easy to install program. This software can put on your desktop an interesting image. Beautiful colors, flying dragons, planets, all on your PC or laptop. Is a picture of an imaginary world, with fantastic... DetailsDownload 

9. Halo Zero 1.8 Halo Zero is a 2D platform shooter game featuring the Master Chief from Halo: Combat Evolved. It relates his story before the first Bungie's Halo game title. This game use graphics from the orignal Halo: Blood Covenant project made by the... DetailsDownload 

10. Zero-K 2.8 Zero-K is a FREE, multiplatform, open-source RTS game. It aims to be dynamic, action-packed and hassle-free, full of clever strategies and constantly moving combat with games lasting an average 20-30 minutes. Epic Scale from tiny fleas to huge... DetailsDownload 

11. Zero Sight Flight Simulator Demo 1.0 Zero Sight is a flight simulator audiogame specifically developed to be played without the use of eyesight. The player will be flying the LB-1117, a fictional airplane modelled to be similar to the modern airplanes like F-22 etc, through a... DetailsDownload 

12. Generals Zero Hour NavalWars 3.0 Command Battleships, Amphibious vehicles, and PT Boats in Zero Hour. Use your favorite Zero Hour water map and build your navy with this special mod created by Aaardvark. Just one file to use and your set to go. Full instructions included with the... DetailsDownload 

13. Zero Install Portable 1.14 Zero Install is a decentralised cross-distribution software installation system. Other features include full support for shared libraries, sharing between users, and integration with native platform package managers. It supports both binary and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

14. Zero Install for Mac OS X 1.14 Zero Install is a decentralised cross-distribution software installation system. Other features include full support for shared libraries, sharing between users, and integration with native platform package managers. It supports both binary and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

15. Zero Install for Linux 1.14 Zero Install is a decentralised cross-distribution software installation system. Other features include full support for shared libraries, sharing between users, and integration with native platform package managers. It supports both binary and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

16. zero DataBase Application FrontEnd 1.0 zero DataBase Application Front End is an abstract data-base driven web application framework. It handles for you data tables, documents, reports, data editing. You can customize the data structures and application flow by DataBase Metadatas DetailsDownload 

17. Zero Ballistics 1.0 Zero Ballistics is a unique blend of first person shooter and tank combat, focusing on multiplayer gaming exclusively. DetailsDownload 

18. engine|zero 0.3 engine|zero is a "universal source port" - a 3D game engine aiming to be able to work with as many different game data types as possible. DetailsDownload 

19. Sector Zero Protocol Library 1.0 Sector Zero is an Internet game inspired by TradeWars 2002. It uses an open protocol to communicate with custom clients. This project is the reference implementation of that protocol. DetailsDownload 

20. Pang Zero 1.3 Pang Zero is a reimplementation and extension of an old arcade game, Super Pang. The intention is to make it cross-platform (at least, as cross-platform as SDL and Perl are), multiplayer (up to 6-8 players), fast and fun. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

21. Project Zero Cool 1.0 This project is built around project "Zero Cool", an arcade-style first attempt for our group of developers. The game will be a fast-paced futuristic hovercraft deathmatch. DetailsDownload 

22. Zero Linux 1.0 Zero is a secure, fast, desktop Linux distribution for advanced users with Athlon XPs. DetailsDownload 

23. Near Zero Administration Captive... The Near Zero Administration Captive Portal allows for hassle free provisioning of a free Hotspot whilst providing some failsafes from rouge usage. DetailsDownload 

24. Zero Apps Applications for Zero Install DetailsDownload - Screenshot

25. Zero Bruta 1.0 Zero is a program that create macro in windows.The program repeat our movements of mouse or click on the keyboard, we can save our configuration and repeat when we want (the program have a timer for set preferred hour to go).Contains Easter eggs DetailsDownload - Screenshot

26. Zero Live 64 Live distribution for Zero Install DetailsDownload - Screenshot

27. Zero Compiler The Zero Compiler is a hybrid of many computer languages incorporated into one. Push of the project is to move away from the over bloated size of .NET & other traditional compilers. Zero pushes to provide minimalism, speed &... DetailsDownload 

28. Zero Button Testing 1.0 Zero Button Testing: a Pythonesque programming language with integrated unit testing and an editor that takes advantage thereof, with correctness and coverage highlighting. Written in C# on Windows' .NET platform. DetailsDownload 

29. Escape the room ZERO 1.0.0 Hello to all of I-phone/I-Pod Touch users who have been very favorable towards "escape the room" series.
The latest masterpiece, Escape the Room zero, reveals the secret of its birth.
A scientist and the patterns of behavior of... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

30. Game Ender - Zero Gravity Hero... Your playing as the Game Ender, so named because of your destiny to end the war games and bring peace to your planet.

- Zero Gravity Warp Holes
- Addictive gameplay
- 5 Stunning outer space arenas
- 35... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

31. Mabao Zero 1.0 Slide & Match! Re-imagine the fun of Shanghai Mahjong and puzzle games! More than 72 levels of unique gameplay All FREE!

The super hit game Mabao ZERO is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! Download Now!Details - Download - Screenshot

32. Zero Harm Healthcare 2.0.0 This app is a self-starter kit for those in the field of Healthcare who want to get going on the pathway to delivering Zero Harm Healthcare to their patients.

Three ways in which this Zero Harm Healthcare app will benefit you:-
Details - Download - Screenshot

33. Coca-Cola Zero Wild Health Challenge... App that lets you catch the TV commercial with your smartphone

Challenge the game by watching the Coca-Cola Zero TV commercial!
Play and recieve your ticket to apply for presents.

Win 1 year worth of Coca-Cola Zero... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

34. In Search of Captain Zero (by Allan... IN SEARCH OF CAPTAIN ZERO by Allan C. Weisbecker (unabridged) is presented by Blackstone Audio and comes with what is perhaps the best audiobook app available (see FEATURES, below).

œWeisbecker clearly delights in storytelling as much... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

35. Zero to Sixty Times 1 Zero to Sixty Times (0-60 Times) offers an up-to-date list of 0-60 acceleration and quarter mile times for most car brands such as: BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Chevy, and others! DetailsDownload - Screenshot

36. Beer Below Zero App 1.2 The Beer Below Zero App

Beer Below Zero, the coldest way to drink beer is now providing this iPhone app for all of you for free. This app is the easiest, most fun and most intuitive way for all of you to discover Beer Below Zero.Details - Download - Screenshot

37. Earth zero - Defense of the Lost... Earth zero: are you as big of a fan of retro gaming as we are? Prove it and help save the world for impending doom! We"ve put together two exciting modes to challenge player with fast paced arcade action.


Two... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

38. TRUE ZERO ! 1.0 Brought to you by Marksmen for Marksmen True Zero is a simple tool that will help you score better during competition or when just out having fun. Originally designed for 1000 yard F-Class matches but good for any accurate target shooting. The... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

39. Calc Zero, a nice unit-converting... Calc Zero is one of the "best of breed [calculators] for the iPhone," says "If you're in a technical field and need a scientific calculator for your iPhone, Calc Zero is a terrific choice." 4.5 points out of 5.... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

40. Hotel Zero 1 3.1.7 At the heart of Montry©al"s Quartier des spectacles district, in an inspiring, modern, urban environment, Zero 1 reinvents with casual chic the concept of the downtown hotel reflected in the design and comfort of its 164 rooms and suites.... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

41. Wing Zero 1.0.2 Bullet Hell Power Up Shooter mixed with RPG elements. Wing Zero features Level Up & Damage Systems, 1 Finger Touch Controls, unlockable Weapons, Skills, Screen FX and more. You have 3 different Wings to select with a 100 point Skilltree to... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

42. Project Zero Ent 1.3 About Us
Project Zero Entertainment is committed to adding value to our client relationships through a dynamic and synergistic mix of strategy, creativity and innovative execution. We appreciate you visiting our site!

Details - Download - Screenshot

43. Calc Zero Lite, a free... Calc Zero Lite is a free version of Calc Zero, a nice unit converting calculator.


** enter numbers confidently and accurately thanks to custom key pop-up feedback;

** rapidly convert common US and metric... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

44. 10K Pro - Run Your First 10K from... The Best Selling Fitness App in 30 Markets?

* Featured in AppsGoneFree. ?

10K Pro is an ultimate coach to 10K run training for new runners or 5K experienced runners. It will assist you to accomplish 10K from zero in 12... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

45. Zero Gravity Sports 1.3 Zero Gravity Sports is a set of small games performed in space. Boxing and football is the games currently available in the game. This game features possibility for 4 players on the same device.
Press the circle area to give the avatar a... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

46. MARS ZERO 1.1
: Sorry, Japanese Only.
: iPod touch4G,iPhone4,iPhone4S
OS: iOS 5.0

MARS ZERO 3D DetailsDownload - Screenshot

47. Fleet Combat Zero : Rise of the... *** Fleet Combat Zero : Rise of the Empire HD is FREE for a limited time! ***

It is the expansion pack of the acclaimed naval war games "Fleet Combat HD", Fleet Combat Zero : Rise of the Empire HD!

Throw away the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

48. lyteRAD CE 4.0 Build a wide variety of database applications from simple expense trackers to complete ERP solutions. The NoSQL database runs in memory and is lightning fast for searching information. A super simple wizard allows complex table and schema creation... DetailsDownload 

49. Visual ELearning Design Studio 8 Rapidly create CD Autorun Menus, Zero-Install Windows Applications, or ELearning front-end menus for packages created with Atrixware Test Pro Developer. Full Graphical Design Environment and code wizards to eliminate the need to write code. Add... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

50. Match n Freq 6.11 'Match-n-Freq' is a pulse shaping filter program that finds the pole-zero locations of a transfer function, H(s), for a matched filter. H(s) equals a -desired- signal (Yout) divided by a given input signal (Yin). Both Yout and Yin are functions... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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