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1. csbFTP 1.0 Easy and quick FTP upload from Windows explorer DetailsDownload 


2. Quick FTP Client Software 7.0 Quickly upload and download files with your FTP site. Download files from your FTP server to your hard drive. Upload files from your hard drive to your FTP server. Fill in your FTP login information and then select files to send and retrieve. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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3. Sherrod FTP Client 1.1 Free FTP Client for home and business with multiple connections, scheduled jobs , command line options, quick history connect, log viewer, optional automatic PGP encryption/decryption, Secure FTP connections and much more! Scheduled jobs allow... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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4. HTML Quick Edit Bar 1.0 HTML Quick Edit Bar is a freeware toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer that enables to put the browser into a mode where you can edit the current HTML page. Once edited, you can upload the modified page to your web-site via FTP. HTML Quick Edit... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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5. Core FTP Server 1.2.423 Core FTP Server - secure FTP server with SSL/TLS/FTPS, SSH/SFTP, HTTPS support virtual paths, access rules, certificate authentication and much more... Easy, quick setup allows you to start sharing your files in minutes! Includes features you... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: ftp server , Ftps Server , Https Server

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1. Fresh FTP 5.43 Fresh FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a useful tool for webmaster or website owner to upload or download web content (html, graphic, sql backup file, website statistic, etc) from the server. It supports ability to resume broken uploads, file and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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2. Classic FTP for Mac 2.25 Classic FTP for Mac is an easy to use ftp client to view, manage, edit, upload, download and delete files from a remote server or network. As the name suggests, Classic FTP has been specifically designed to look and feel like a typical ftp... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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3. Batch FTP Upload Synchronizer 2008.0.121 Batch FTP Upload Synchronizer is an Incremental FTP Uploader/Synchronizer can upload/synchronize incremental files easily and speedily. Batch FTP Upload Synchronizer upload modified files only to save your time to upload. A easy-use web publisher.... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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4. Auto FTP Manager 6.15 Auto FTP Manager is a powerful FTP client with support for FTP, SFTP/SSH, and FTP/SSL. Use it for web site publishing and maintenance, uploading and downloading files and backing up servers. With Auto FTP Manager file transfer tasks take less... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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5. FTP Client Engine for Xbase++ 3.3 The MarshallSoft FTP client component Xbase library (FCE4XB) provides direct control of the FTP protocol from any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows application program. The FTP Client Library uses a simple API to easily write programs that: - Connect to... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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"Antechinus Quick Ftp" in Software Short Description

1. csbFTP 1.0 Easy and quick FTP upload from Windows explorer DetailsDownload 

2. Web Site Publisher 1.5 Web Site Publisher is a free intelligent FTP tool designed specifically to make publishing and updating a web site as quick, easy and effortless as possible. Key features: only uploads what it needs to, removes old files and can be used with more... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: web site , web , site , tool

3. Web Video Encoder 1.0 Web Video Encoder makes it quick and easy to generate flv then upload via ftp and output HTML Script. It can be used as a web based app (php) or a win32 (python). DetailsDownload 

4. Python Web Consortium 1.0 a Project with All the bells and whistles to allow the average user to fully benefit from HTTP,DNS,FTP,SSH through python, allowing quick and easy deploying of servers without compiling, or installing anything but our favorite language. DetailsDownload 

5. MochaPanel 1.0 MochaPanel gives you quick access to the common control panel functions utilized in our web based control panel. Create and Manage the following from the app: - FTP Accounts - Email Accounts - DNS Records - Databases (including db users) - DSN's... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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1. csbFTP 1.0 Easy and quick FTP upload from Windows explorer DetailsDownload 

2. Antechinus Animator 5.5 Antechinus Animator: the easiest way to create AVI videos. Import images, sort them, add sounds and your logos and create AVI-s. Extract images from AVIs. Merge AVIs and WAVs. Convert AVI to MPEG. Perform morphing. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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3. Antechinus Draw Magic 2.2 Easily visualize all your flowcharts, diagrams, organizational charts, mind maps and business plans with Draw Magic. Speed up your work with the ready-made solutions and extensible libraries of drawing objects. Creating your own libraries is a... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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4. Automated Schedule FTP Backup 2.7.0 This program was designed to enable quick and easy online backup of multiple files with version control. The program automatically zips and uploads your backup files at a daily scheduled interval to an FTP server of your choice, FTP space is cheap... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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5. Sentry-go Quick IIS Web Monitor 4.3 The best way to check your web or FTP site is running correctly is to access a web page or file - just like a user would do. The Sentry-go Quick Web Monitor allows just that! With it you can quickly, easily & cost effectively monitor your... DetailsDownload 

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