Data File Manipulation

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1. Data File Recovery Services by... Data File Recovery Services to get malfunctioned, corrupted, damaged file data back to original or format converted to some other format files by SysTools group. Dealing with variety of mail client application and mail servers SysTools services... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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2. Remote Data File Recovery Services 2.0 Remote Data File Recovery Services by SysTools software preventing you from purchase of expensive data recovery software utilities. Free data recovery services to choose from, pay as per file is recovered for some of the data recovery services and... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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3. Q-Eye QlikView Data File Viewer... Q-Eye QlikView Data File Viewer is a handy application that was especially designed to help users load and view QlikView files in both QVD and QVX formats. The program has searching, filtering and sorting capabilities, can export output to... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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4. Split Outlook PST Data File 2.2 If you are getting trouble during usual growing the size of Outlook PST file. Just try PCVITA Split Magic software which is one of best application for split Outlook PST data file into few easy clicks. This application can easily split large... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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5. Kernel File Shredder 11.04.01 Do you think that deleting a document by clearing the recycle bin or using the Shift + Delete option provided by the Windows OS permanently removes it from the computer’s memory? No not at all. The information can be easily recovered using even... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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"Data File Manipulation" in Software Keywords

1. Ferrite Platform 1.2 Ferrite is a tool for automating text processing, manipulation, conversion and extraction tasks, with a wide range of applications including: website updates, log analysis, automated text cleanup, data import and export, conversion of tabular data... DetailsDownload 

Tags: desired text manipulation , field data , text manipulation , technology based , select files , regular expression , processing filters , desired text , files , filters , data

2. Swap Columns In Multiple Text Files... Randomly swap or manually swap columns in text files. Column swaps will move text left and right. This software will not move text up and down (row swaps). You specify how columns are divided: space, comma-space, comma, tab or another... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: random swaps , arrays , matrix , swapping two columns , cols , up and down , left and right , line , rank , queue , string , switch record data , grid , values , position , headers , tab space separated , seperated , moving characters with a txt file , manipulation

3. CONVERT (Deutsch) 1.03 The freeware program CONVERT converts any dBase formatted data base tables and special the Geo Data supplied by KilletSoft GbR as dBase tables into different data formats. Thus the import of the data in any data base management system or file... DetailsDownload 

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4. CONVERT (English) 1.03 The freeware program CONVERT converts any dBase formatted data base tables and special the Geo Data supplied by KilletSoft GbR as dBase tables into different data formats. Thus the import of the data in any data base management system or file... DetailsDownload 

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5. Stellar Phoenix CDRom - Data Recovery... Stellar Phoenix - CD Data Recovery Software is a powerful, easy to use cd file recovery tool which provides data recovery from damaged or defective CDROM, CD-R, CD-RW. Provides recovery of data and file, lost due to unreadable, scratched, corrupt... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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"Data File Manipulation" in Software Short Description

1. BPUtils 0.5 BPUtils is a Sterling Integrator BP file manipulation program. It features : - XPath expressions control : BPUtils checks that the XPath expressions defined in the BP file are correct - Consistency control : Controls that the sequences and the... DetailsDownload 

2. TrikeND 1.0 A modular framework build upon OSGi supporting scientific data interrogation, manipulation and visualisation. DetailsDownload 

3. pyCSVDB 1.0 This application is a Python Tkinter application designed to enable easy SQLite database file manipulation, and an easy method to run SQL styled queries on CSV files. To run this you will need Python 2.6 or later, but preferably Python 3.0 or... DetailsDownload 

4. FileToolbox 1.0 A plug-in for FileMaker products that provides low-level file manipulation routines, including, create, read, write, delete, directory listings, encoding, encrypting and message digests. DetailsDownload 

5. InFASTA 1.0 InFASTA - cross-platform software for FASTA file manipulation DetailsDownload 

"Data File Manipulation" in Software Long Description

1. Xceed Components 4.1 Provides a full set of full-featured data manipulation components for less than the price of two. For development with .NET , ASP.NET , .NET CF , Active X and COM. Get efficient, time-tested code for zip file manipulation, secure FTP transfers,... DetailsDownload 

2. DataMate Connect 1.0 DataMate Connect is a powerful and feature rich database exploration, manipulation and automation tool.With DataMate Connect, the user has the finest data exploration, manipulation and automation tool available. There are many many database tools... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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3. Convert XLS 11.40 Fast, accurate & powerful, 'Convert XLS' is the comprehensive Excel/CSV/TXT conversion tool. Convert to/from Excel, CSV, TXT etc. Batch able. Automate all your Excel processes easily. Repeat complex conversion tasks by restoring prior... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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4. Xceed Zip for .NET Compact Frameworks... Xceed Zip for .NET Compact Framework is a data compression and all-purpose file manipulation class library for creating mobile apps. It provides flexible zip, gzip and streaming data compression capabilities for compact applications created with... DetailsDownload 

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5. ECMWF Parser 1.0 Due to participation from research centre CERENA in the international desertwatch project (homepage software needed to be made to handle the extensive databases necessary to this project successfull completion. ECMWF Parser was one such case... DetailsDownload 

Tags: view ECMWF data , parse ECMWF data , ECMWF data parser , view , viewer , parse

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