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1. blue image InterCafe 2004 2004.0.60 The Software InterCafe allows you to centrally manage any number of Clients from a Server. Billing is possible through coin insertion, MemberLogin, LoginCode or by the Server. Choose between several tariffs with scale pricing and Happy Hour. Also... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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2. PitchFunk 1.02 Science has officially gone too far. DMGAudio PitchFunk is an audio manipulating colossus that puts into your hands a laboratory-full of sound crunching effects. Don't let the crafted UI fool you, PitchFunk makes the filthiest noises you've... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Modulation Plugin , audio modulation , Sound Modulation , modulation , plugin , Modulate

3. AshSofDev Image Mapper 'AshSofDev Image Mapper' is a client side image map editor. It can create rectangular, circular, and polygon clickable areas as well as a default area. Requirements: .net 3.5 DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Client Side Image Map , hotspot , editor , html

4. orchidmedia 1.7 orchidmedia provides a richly featured Email Client with an integrated browser, instant messaging client, media player, and image viewer, in one package. Each member of the family can have their own User account to choose skins, to create email... DetailsDownload 

Tags: email , client , browser , player , viewer , music , video , image

5. Imagination Image Map Editor 6.2 Easily make client-side HTML image maps for your website using the popular, award-winning Imagination Image Map Editor. Image maps are photos or graphics on webpages that contain clickable hyperlink-enabled areas. The Imagination Image Map Editor... DetailsDownload 

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1. AshSofDev Image Mapper 'AshSofDev Image Mapper' is a client side image map editor. It can create rectangular, circular, and polygon clickable areas as well as a default area. Requirements: .net 3.5 DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Client Side Image Map , hotspot , editor , html

2. ASP.NET Mobile Barcode Professional 2.0 Barcode Professional is a server control which can generate the most popular Linear and 2D Barcode Symbologies. After specifying a Value to encode, choosing a Barcode Symbology, and setting its properties, Barcode Professional will render the... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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3. PC Image Clone 5.0 PC Image Clone Server 5.0 is designed to manage hundreds of hard drive backup images, backup and recover Systems of computers, laptops and other hard drive images over a centralized server control software. In large organizations that have... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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4. Image Filter Pro 100 1.0 Today, one simple application will instantly streamline your workflow when it comes to acquiring and editing digital images. Image Filter Pro 100, the latest in a great series of applications from Iconico, lets you save all of the images off of... DetailsDownload 

Tags: image , filter , filter groups , system filter , User Filter , image statistics , browser image , filter image , 32BPP , 24BPP , 8bpp , Grayscale filter , batch processing , Replace Channel , Fish Eye , blue , convolution , threshold

5. Flash Flip Book Theme of Blue 1.0 Hello, today we prepare blue style with three different templates for your fashionable flip book. They are all free for you. Do you like blue color? Would you like to own blue templates to decorate your digital magazine? Do you want to design... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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1. Blue Water Chairs 1.0 This is your connection to the Blue Water Chairs. We are pleased to be able to offer this app to you. Contact Blue Water Chairs, view our Image Gallery, connect on Social Media and even receive QR Coupons straight from within the app. We hope you... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

2. ROMmeasurer 1.0 This App is to measure a joint range of motion from camera image or saved image. 1. Take a photo or select an image from library by "camera" button. 2. Point the center of a circle by "center" button. 3. Move a small purple... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. Anaglyph Maker 1.0 This program 'Anaglyph Maker' creates anaglyph image that is 3D image for reb-blue glasses, and creates interleave image that is 3D image for LC-shutter glasses, from your stereo photograph pair. Features: -This program is for Windows... DetailsDownload 

4. popVideo Converter 2.0 Reallusion popVideo Converter turns any green/blue screen video or image sequence into an encoded video with a transparent background. The intelligent Auto-Chromakey button simplifies the background removal process allowing more users to enjoy the... DetailsDownload 

5. Chroma key Studio 1.2 Chroma key Studio is a green screen (pink and blue too) application that allows the user to change a monochromatic background into any image they wish. Chroma key is a technique for mixing two images or frames together, in which a color from one... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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1. Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro 5.06 Fully skin-configurable, Cybercafe SurfShop Pro is a high-value, high-quality, affordable cybercafe software. It offers an intuitive interface, powerful security, centralised management and reporting tools. Get your Internet, games / cyber cafe up... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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2. SalonBook 1.8.2 A unique app that allows salon owners to manage their clients and appointments in a efficient manner, with notes, images and client information. (Please excuse our translation; we used Google). Features include: - app opens to a calendar page,... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. Blue Route iPhone to iPad Web Share 1.03 Use your iPhones cellular connection to browse the web on your iPad! No wireless network for your iPad? No problem! Download web pages using your iPhone, and view them on your iPad! Easy and seamless - just browse on your iPhone and the pages... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. Eficium Cybercafe SurfShop Pro 4.05 Fully skin-configurable, Cybercafe SurfShop Pro is the latest generation of cybercafe software that offers an intuitive interface and powerful security, centralised management and reporting features. Get your Internet, games or cyber cafe up and... DetailsDownload 

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5. Blue HttpMail 0.5.6 Blue HttpMailProxy Blue HttpMailProxy is an application that acts as a POP, IMAP and SMTP proxy to provide access to HTTPMail email servers (such as Hotmail, MSN, and Lycos). Blue HttpMailProxy allows you to read mail from your HTTPMail... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: pop , Imap , smtp , email , server , webmail , hotmail , MSN webmail , pop3

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