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1. Economic Freedom of the World 10.0 This software incorporates the database of the Economic Freedom of the World report and all statistics in the World Bank Development Indicators. Together they form a powerful database allowing comparison of economic freedom with statistics that... DetailsDownload 


2. Zelda : Fates of the world 1.0 Zelda Fates of the World is intended as an UNOFFICIAL 3D sequel to the events in Majora's Mask and Ocarina of time. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo or any third parties. DetailsDownload 

3. Volcanoes of the world 1.0 Volcanoes of the world Encyclopedia : The content of this encyclopedia shows how the Volcanoes are the ultimate expression of the activity earth. inner Earth has more than 800 active volcanoes. Most of them can not see them because their assets... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. Edge of the World 1.0.247 Welcome to the EDGE OF THE WORLD! The 1st and only Award Winning ship shuffle board game in the world! Take turns launching your ships to the Edge of the World! Challenge your friends to a local or online game, and see who can score the most... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

5. Flags Quiz of the world 1.0 Do you know how many nations in the world? Test your knowledge of the flags and capitals of the world with Flag Quiz! Flags Quiz is a fun way to learn all the flags of the world! Features: - Amazing Story Mode - Training Mode - Great... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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1. BLM - Shipping Advanced shipping database Include real-time ship positions, graphical ship details, details of ports and terminals all over the world, shipping companies and contacts, on-line tide and short-term tidal prediction etc. Multiple e-maps You can... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Sea port of the world , ship directory , companies directory , AIS , Marine distance tables , marine voyage , marine weather , sailling tools , BLM , BoLooMo , BLM - Shipping

2. Catfood WebCamSaver 2.02.0008 Catfood WebCamSaver displays live webcam images from around the world as a captivating screensaver. You can choose to watch a single view or split the screen and watch four or sixteen webcams simultaneously. Time zone information is stored for... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: web cams , time zone , catfood software , webcam , webcams , web , time , display , catfood , zone , webcamsaver

3. Virus Cleaner Virus Cleaner is powered by McAfee - the powerful anti virus engine in the world - protecting your phone from any of extortion virus, malware, Trojans. We have official partnership with McAfee that is a part of Intel Security, so Hi Security is... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Mobile Risks , harmful , safe , viruses , privacy Snoopers , wifi Spy , hi Security , the World-class , Mobile Protection , antivirus Engine , anti-spy Application , Security Solution , Android phones , personal data , dangerous , privacy , threat , wifi Safety Concerns

4. Show Multiple Time Zone Clocks... This software is a solution for users working in an international environment. Up to 6 clocks from different time zones can be displayed simultaneously. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: displaying , world zone , clocks , chart , current time around the world , standard time zone map , official us , united states , america , local , utc , greenwich mean time , daylight savings , gmt , prime median , atomic , different countries , country , conversions

5. Around the World: India 1.0 Embark on a fascinating journey to India, one of the most mysterious and multifaceted countries in the world. Marvel at the exotic beauty and grandeur of an Indian temple with an imposing statue of Shiva in front of it. Let the meditative music... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Around the World India Screensaver , Around the World India , Around The World , India screensaver , Around The World Screensaver , screen saver

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1. WSAI 1.0 *** Project has been DEACTIVATED *** WSAI (Web Services and Agents Integration) wants to enable easy integration of Web Services in the world of FIPA software agent services (and vice versa). One result of WSAI is the Web Services - Agent Gateway... DetailsDownload 

2. Golf Envi 3.2 Visit the great golf courses of the world, without ever leaving your seat! Golf Envi brings top golf course photos straight from the worldwide web to your iPhone. It's a visual tour of beautiful fairways and roughs, challenging hazards, graceful... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

3. Battle Tic Tac: Multiplayer 1.0 Challenge yourself, and play tictac with best of the world wide web. DetailsDownload - Screenshot

4. Web Swinger Lite 1.0 You've always known that you could reach incredible heights, defeat your enemies and be at the top of the world, so you're got going to let the fact that your a spider hold you back. In this limited vision of Web Swinger, you enter a whole new... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

5. Game Of Nerds for iPhone 1.0.1 The popular web game which was played 1,000,000+ times last year - now on the iPhone and iPod Touch! Game Of Nerds is an intense, gameshow-like quiz celebration of nerd culture that pits the nerds of the world against each other. Compete in... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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1. AdminPro 2.6 AdminPro is the only web application in the world that empowers users to upload, download, rename, chmod, delete, open, edit and save files, create, rename and remove directories - plus two-click CGI debugging - No need for shell access. No... DetailsDownload 

2. Wujie 11.04 Privacy, Security and Freedom <em>UltraSurf:</em> * enables users inside countries with heavy Internet censorship to visit any public web sites in the world safely and freely * works together with the GIFT (a dynamic node-proxy... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

Tags: Secure Navigation , Secure Surf , internet navigation , secure , surf , navigate , UltraSurf , Ultra Sufr , UltraSurf 9 7 , Wujie

3. World Tic Tac Toe 1.0 The World TTT project will allow anyone in any part of the world play "head to head" multi-player Tic Tac Toe over the Internet using a web browser. DetailsDownload 

4. WSAI 1.0 *** Project has been DEACTIVATED *** WSAI (Web Services and Agents Integration) wants to enable easy integration of Web Services in the world of FIPA software agent services (and vice versa). One result of WSAI is the Web Services - Agent Gateway... DetailsDownload 

5. Identacor Mobile 1.0 Your number one cloud partner, Identacor is a cloud based Identity and Access Management solution that aims to make user access to web applications secure and convenient. Users have a single sign on, regardless of where you are in the world or... DetailsDownload - Screenshot

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