Pedal Steel! 1.9

***Pedal Steel*** it out in action. This App Includes:~2 10-string pedal steel guitars in E9 and C6 tunings~1 6-string dobro slide guitar in 4 different tunings~Pedals and Knee Levers to raise and ...

Pedal Steel! 1.9

***Pedal Steel***
Check it out in action.

This App Includes:
~2 10-string pedal steel guitars in E9 and C6 tunings
~1 6-string dobro slide guitar in 4 different tunings
~Pedals and Knee Levers to raise and lower strings like a classic pedal steel
~A dual action slide to control the instruments pitch and volume
~Various backgrounds and steel bodies for added visual interest

The Pedal Steel Guitar is found most frequently in country and western music but can also be found in jazz and R&B, thanks to Robert Randolph. Its ability to melt between chords makes the pedal steel a truly one-of-a-kind instrument. The layout and functionality of the **Pedal Steel** app exactly replicates the setup of a real steel guitar. Using the OpenAL sound engine of the iPhone, **Pedal Steel** is designed to give you, the player, a truly seamless interactive experience.

NOTE: No Sound?
Go into the settings on your device, select "sounds" and toggle your sound ON then OFF then ON again. Try this even if you don't think your device is currently muted. Click the "Developer Website" link below for a great article explaining how your device could be partially muted.

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Added in v 1.1:
Thanks so much for the feedback guys! I think this app can get better and better with your ideas and suggestions.

New to this Version:

**for user DJ Fonzi**

-Mute and Vibrato behind the slide added. (Great Idea!)

At this time I'm going to stick with the right hand tapping to play strings because sliding over the strings seems to cause more errant notes. (I'll revisit the idea for future updates)

**for user Shobud01**

-Left handed setup added (iPad only).

"Also would be great if the pedal/lever positions could be shifted by the user... and possibly change the function of the pedals/levers so we could alter the copedents."

This will definitely be in the next update!

**for user Naktl**

-Audio engine improved to include more devices. (I hope this gets it working for you).

**for user fleahead**

-Tutorial link added in the about section.

"the pedals are still what I'd consider a bit slow to respond."
The slider on the bottom left of the steel itself controls the string bend rate.

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