PsPsClock "Rect" 1.0.131

Main Features-Time: Always-Date: Show / Hide-Alarm: Show / Hide-Second: Show / Hide-Calendar: Show / Hide (Only Portrait orientation.)-Hour Format: 12h(1-12+AM/PM) / 12h(0-11+AM/PM) / 24h(0-23) / 24h(5-28)-Status Bar: Show / Hide-Disable ...

PsPsClock "Rect" 1.0.131

Main Features

-Time: Always
-Date: Show / Hide
-Alarm: Show / Hide
-Second: Show / Hide
-Calendar: Show / Hide (Only Portrait orientation.)
-Hour Format: 12h(1-12+AM/PM) / 12h(0-11+AM/PM) / 24h(0-23) / 24h(5-28)
-Status Bar: Show / Hide
-Disable Auto-Lock: Enable / Disable

Alarm Details

-Alarm: Enable / Disable (Stop at single-tapping on the screen.)
-Snooze: Enable / Disable
-Sound: Default Sound or Installed songs.
-Repeat: Each day of the week. Enable / Disable
-Snooze Interval: 2-30 Minute
-Blink Screen: Enable / Disable
-Notification: Enable / Disable

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